Insane In The Membrane.

Last week, the addition of Dean Ambrose into the triple threat match at Payback changed it into a fatal four-way.

This week, all four participants stood toe to toe with each other.

I have to admit that I was a little unsure of the addition of a fourth man to the match but I’m so excited for this match. That being said, there’s still some questions and concerns going into the match. Before I go into that can of worms, I wanted to do something a little different and take a look at the competitors and sum them up using a single word…

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.


Photo Courtesy of WWE.

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Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.


Initially, I thought that adding Dean to the match was just to add some sort of spice to the match and I thought that he seemed a little out-of-place. Before everyone blows their top, I’ve gotten over that haha! Now, I think that Randy is the one that feels out-of-place in that match.

Between Seth, Roman, and Dean, there is so much unfinished business. All three of those men absolutely dominated the WWE for the better part of two years, and that’s putting it lightly. The Shield were an unbreakable unit, one of the strongest factions that I’ve ever seen but that came crumbling down when Seth turned on his teammates. With each man having a very successful singles career since the destruction of the Shield (See what I did there?), I’ve always been mildly curious as to how they would all interact now. Is there still bad blood between all three of them, will they let bygones be bygones, will Dean and Roman work together to eliminate Seth? I would hate to sound cliché but the possibilities are endless, I think a single tear just rolled down my cheek as I am typing this.

Roman needs to beat Seth for taking his title opportunity at Wrestlemania. Seth needs to hang on to the title to prove that he is worthy of being the future of the WWE. Dean, well Dean is fucking insane, and will certainly bring a new energy to the title.

Since I’m so pro-Shield, the next thing on my mind is if Randy being in this match is even a necessity. He’s an established superstar with more title runs then you can shake a stick at, does he REALLY need another crack at the title? Randy is good but I would be far more interested in seeing what Dean, Roman, and Seth are going to offer fans than what Randy brings to the table. He has nothing left to prove to the WWE Universe, he’s one of the top guys in the company and he can really do whatever he wanted. If Randy is going to go for a belt, I’d like to see him in the Intercontinental Championship race. Personally, it’s all in how a champion carries themselves while holding the belt, not what belt they are holding.

(Let’s all take a moment for that gem….annnnnd we’re done.)

The go-home show for Raw threw another curveball into the mix with Triple H basically telling Kane he is done if Seth doesn’t walk out champion on Sunday. I would love to see any one of the former Shield members walk away with the title, I’m not so crazy about Randy getting it though. We need to someone new(ish) get the belt, there needs to be variety, new faces need to start breaking through.

I’m always the WWE optimist and I know that the match will be intriguing and entertaining. I’ve said this next sentence a million times over….

At least it isn’t Cena.

Reign Over Me.

Roman Reigns is going to the main event of Wrestlemania and I couldn’t be more happy with that decision.

That’s right, I am happy with the decision that the WWE made. Most of the internet seems to disagree with me, as I have seen on all forms of social media and even heard some dissention from my own friends. I did say on Twitter that I don’t have to justify my happiness with Roman winning to anyone but I feel like I have to say something about it, so here goes nothing…

I didn’t just pick Roman to win because I wanted to beat my dad in our annual Rumble bet. I thought for a few weeks about who I thought had the strongest chance of winning and Roman was a name that kept popping into my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that Daniel is back and Dolph is one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen, anyone who knows me knows that I have the utmost respect for both of those superstars. Before I continue this post, I feel the need to stress that anything I say in this post is nothing against any other superstar, these opinions are my own.

(I already had to defend my thoughts to someone who couldn’t grasp the fact that a woman can like Roman Reigns for something other than his looks so I am NOT in the mood)

Daniel Bryan just returned from a potentially career-ending injury. Sure, he had a built-in storyline with the Authority from before he left but he was not their focus anymore. Dolph Ziggler JUST got ‘rehired’ so to have him win didn’t seem to fit right at this time. I laughed so hard at how quickly people dismissed Roman’s win like it didn’t matter but they quickly forget that they were cheering him not too long ago. Looking at all of the entrants that were in that Rumble, Roman simply made the most sense in my opinion. I think that each of the superstars that people thought should win, are just meant for another story, another opponent, and another moment. Fans react, that’s one of the best parts about being a wrestling fan is the reaction that certain superstars and moments can bring out in people. In my many years of watching WWE (both live and at home) I have laughed, cried, cheered, booed, and been left speechless.

People are acting like Roman Reigns is just some schmuck jobber they pulled off the streets or some guy they found in the parking lot. He may not have been around as long as some of the superstars on that roster but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work as hard. He travels, goes to shows, interacts with fans, which is a lot more than I can say for some people *cough* Brock Lesnar *cough*. Even if you don’t necessarily like Roman, you should still be happy that a guy who shows up every week won instead of a part timer.

Nobody is ever 100% ready to be in a main event spot at an event like Wrestlemania, I don’t care who you are. Seeing the look on Roman’s face as he knelt in front of that Mania sign was assurance enough for me that he will do well.

And hey, it could have been Cena…

The Icon.

It finally happened.

A couple of weeks ago, the WWE Universe finally got what they wanted. They got to see Sting on WWE programming, not quite in the way they wanted but it was good enough for me.

What I’m talking about is the appearance of Sting in a vignette that announced him as a character in the upcoming WWE 2K15. I have to say that the WWE games are among some of the best games I have ever played in my history of being a gamer. (Yes, you can add gamer to my long list of awesome qualities!). It was always thought that there would be no chance in hell that Sting would ever be seen, in any capacity, in the WWE. Many fans, including myself, had believed that to be true. It wasn’t just us being skeptical and cynical, but it had been dangled in front of us like a cupcake on a stick. Knowing that you could reach it but it was always just out of reach.

There have been rumours that Sting was defecting to the one company that he had never been in for about, I don’t know, almost a decade. What made them start was that TNA would take him off the roster page and the internet would blow up. Speculation would start flying around and people would find Sting references in anything that they could. Even those famous 2/21/11 videos had people analyzing everything, right down to the smoke puffs in the very last seconds of the video. I was also guilty of that, not because I was a smart ass fan, but because I’d like to see him get the finish to his career that he deserves. The WWE is the top of the wrestling mountain (in my opinion) and that’s where someone the caliber of Sting should be. I still get crazy when I’m watching things on YouTube or the WWE Network and he locks on that scorpion death lock. I damn near lose my mind. That’s one of my favourite parts of being a wrestling fan.

And to see that he appeared at San Diego Comi-con made the reality that Sting is in WWE all the more real. There’s no denying it when he makes an appearance at an event of that grandeur. Think of it as Wrestlemania for the nerd set, I have yet to go but it is definitely on my list.

While I’m happy he’s here, you can’t stop thinking about what kind of deal he has signed with Vince. Sure, he’s a character in their upcoming game and has some merchandise being released but does it stop there? I sure hope not. What I’m thinking is that he signed some sort of deal that is similar to what Warrior signed before he sadly passed away. He’s been doing an increasing amount of work for the company, he’s getting more exposure, merchandise is coming out, so that leads me to believe that we are so close to seeing him in the ring again. That is the one thing on every wrestling fan’s bucket list. I’d ideally like to see him take on the Undertaker but that may not happen. My only hope is that they put him with someone who can match his status in the wrestling business and someone who has the balls to take on someone like him (and for the love of god it better not be John Cena).

They don’t call him the Icon for nothing…



If I Ran The WWE…

I don’t know what has been going on internally with the WWE, but the last few weeks have been absolutely insane.

Wrestling fans are among the most passionate people I’ve ever met in my entire life. When we love something, we cheer with all our heart and soul. When we hate something, we yell and throw our beer. That’s the beauty of sports entertainment, you get to have those knee jerk reactions and opinions can change on a whim. Let’s face it, if you aren’t a fan complaining about wrestling, you’re doing it wrong. Sometimes I don’t always agree with the decisions that are made with creative or in the office. I often think, ‘If I ran the WWE, I would…’ and then I wander off in a wonderful daydream. Well, here are a few things that I would do…

First of all, the biggest story of the last two weeks is the abrupt departure of CM Punk. I thought he had a fantastic showing at the Royal Rumble, my pick to get the main event spot at Wrestlemania. He didn’t win and I was a little puzzled as to why he wasn’t on Raw to confront Dave or challenge him or whatever else he had planned. To be honest, I was let down a bit. After I heard what had happened, that he took his ball and went home, I was even more disappointed. Being a wrestler is tough, gruelling work and I get that but what I don’t get is why he turned his back on fans. Initially, I thought that they should have issued a statement right away, addressing the absence and at least giving a reason for it such as injury or something personal. Having sometime to think about it made me realize that I would have done exactly what the WWE is doing.

To deal with a talent that disgruntled, I would first give him time to cool off and get his shit together. There could be a pressing issue that needs to be sorted out, or it could just be burnout. I would let it go for another two weeks and then issue some sort of statement to the fans. The people who buy his gear, cheer his name, and spend their money to see him deserve to know why he walked away from them. If I was a real asshole, I’d make him issue a statement seeing as he is still under contract. By walking out, he not only left fan in limbo, he left his fellow superstars in a similar position. This would work in their favor, giving some of them the biggest opportunity of their lives to show what they are truly made of. Wrestlers aren’t interchangeable but absence breeds opportunity for some.

Another thing that I would do is make defending titles mandatory, not allowing people to go months without defending their belt. A perfect example of this being Dean Ambrose and his United States Championship, there are a few other examples but he has gone the longest without a title defense. I had almost forgotten that he had the belt until he came out with it around his waist on Raw this past week. To keep the title fresh in the minds of fans, I would make them defend it at least two or three times within a month or so. That may seem a little excessive but it would allow for more people to get in-ring time and it would keep interest.

Currently, the only titles we ever see defended on a regular basis are the tag team belts and the WWE World Heavyweight belt. The United States and Intercontinental titles may not be as ‘prestigious’ in the eyes of some people but every title is important. I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what title a superstar holds, it’s how they carry the title that they have. The focus shouldn’t just be on the WWE World Heavyweight title, as important as that belt is to the WWE.

I would also make sure that John Cena and Randy Orton weren’t in the title race for at least 6 months. The other superstars need their time to shine and to show the audience what they can do. I get that those two guys are on the top of the mountain but that should enable them to be at any level of the card and still shine. New people need to be given chances because it is becoming more and more obvious that the audience is getting tired of seeing the same two superstars. I use the incessant booing and jeering that the two were subject to at the Royal Rumble as my strongest evidence. If that doesn’t say that fans are unhappy with those two being at the centre of everything, I don’t know what does. Variety is the spice of life and it’s not that the fans don’t like them but they don’t like them all the time. They want options as to who is going to be the top guy in the company, even if that person doesn’t fit the mould. A little cliché but I think I got my point across.

My final decision would be to no longer allow part-timers to come in and scoop the spotlight out from under the guys who work all year. Not that they shouldn’t be on television because they are obviously good for ratings and to get a strong reaction out of the fans, good or bad. However, I would make sure that if they wanted to be in  title position, that they would have to work for it. There would be no more appearing once in a while, no more via satellite, and no more coming and going when you want. If you want to be in the WWE, for any period of time, you are there 100% with the other superstars (for however long their run is).

I generally am really happy with whatever the WWE puts out there for my viewing pleasure but a few things need to change or at least be considered. The biggest event of the entire year is just two months away and they can’t afford to have this many fans this unhappy with the product. Hopefully our cheers and chants are not falling on deaf ears.

Fighting To Survive.

Monday Night Raw kicked off with a match that saw CM Punk take on Luke Harper, a member of the always creepy Wyatt Family. I especially enjoy when Raw kicks off with a match and this one was fantastic.

The Wyatt Family are unique individuals. They are all creepy, don’t really say much, and nobody really knows much (if anything) about them. What we can deduce from Luke’s match with Punk is that Luke is a powerhouse. He seemed like a literal brick wall that CM Punk just couldn’t seem to break through in the early moments of the match. This match signified that Punk is starting to move on from his feud with Heyman and into something else. Don’t get me wrong, I thought that their story line was beautiful and some of the best moments of this year for the WWE, I just was feeling ready to see something else.

At the end of the match, which Punk won, brought about the usual attack from the Wyatt Family but this one had an interesting twist. Daniel Bryan barreled down that ramp with a steel chair and swung the shit out of it. A lot of people seem upset that Daniel Bryan is seemingly no longer on the path to the title but his time is coming. I like the idea of seeing Punk and Daniel Bryan in the same ring, even if they have to be on a team. I especially love the emphasis that is being put on tag team wrestling in the WWE currently. Tag team wrestling is something that I have always enjoyed because it gives you a chance to see some of your favourite superstars in a whole different way. You can find out very quickly who is a team player and who takes their ball and just walks on home with it.

We also got to see the return of Tyson Kidd in a mixed tag team match. He teamed with his wife, Natalya, to take on Fandango and Summer Rae. It was the first match that Kidd had in almost a full year, he was home recovering from a nasty injury and came back swinging. Natalya was fabulous, as always, and really made her mark in this match. She is probably one of the most talented female wrestlers that the WWE has had in the last few decades. She has unrivaled technical ability and mopped the floor with Summer Rae. Tyson also had a very worthy opponent in Fandango. When Tyson caught Fandango from the leg drop and turned it into the sharpshooter, I damn near shed a tear. I’ve missed Tyson in the ring. He reminds me so much of Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid, with a little bit of Owen Hart thrown in. The victory that he gained with his wife was well deserved.

A second tag match that we got treated to saw John Cena/Cody Rhodes/Goldust take on Damien Sandow and the Real Americans.

The WWE universe witnessed a truly touch moment when John Cena took a few moments before the match started to talk about the Rise Above Cancer campaign. I think it is so inspirational to everyone to see their favorite superstars devote so much to such a worthy cause. I’ve said this many times before but it makes me very proud to be a fan of such a wonderful organization that supports such worthwhile causes.

The match was probably my favourite of the night, it had a lot of energy and a lot of very interesting moments. Del Rio and Zeb were ringside on commentary and that added a little spice to the normal banter. I don’t really think it added much to their respective story lines but it was funny to listen to. Another unique moment was when Cena took on Cesaro, a man who equals Cena in terms of power. Seeing those two square off makes me want to see them in a future angle, they are two very powerful individuals and I’d like to see them fight for a title down the road. I may not have always liked Cesaro but no one can deny his power and strength in the ring. When he delivered that uppercut to Cena, I cringed because it was like I felt it. That must have felt like an eighteen wheeler hitting John right in the face. There was so much energy just flying around that ring, story lines were developing and the fans got treated to some fantastic wrestling. I just wish that the Rhodes brothers didn’t have those titles, I still don’t think that they deserve to have them. I especially think that seeing as The Usos earned a shot at those titles but didn’t even have the chance to fight for them. Maybe I’m bitter but I really like Jimmy and Jey and think that they are worthy of carrying those belts.

The biggest thing that happened that night concerned Big Show, Stephanie, and Triple H. In an interview that aired fairly early in the show, Triple H banned the Big Show from the WWE for life. Much to the surprise of Stephanie, Hunter, and Vickie, Show was walking around the back with a huge grin on his face. Turns out that the Board of Directors wants the lawsuit settled with no lawyers involved so that their risk is minimal, with a company worth as much as the WWE it is completely understandable. After trading barbs with each other, however brief, Hunter reluctantly agreed to meet Show in the ring and try to settle this.

I just love the Big Show when he is all smiling and joking around, that’s the giant that I know and love. All he wanted was his job back and he makes that very clear to his former bosses, he just wants to entertain the fans that spend their money to come to the show. Reluctantly, and with sound advice from his wife, Triple H gives the gentle giant his job back but that wasn’t the end of it. Show demanded a title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series and gets it. Amazing what a little leverage can get a person when they’ve been wronged, especially when there are tens of thousands of fans watching and the Board of DIrectors breathing down the other person’s neck. I’ve never seen Show be so hilarious and lovable in one segment before. He actually had me in stitches.

Show got his job back and was instantly placed in a handicap match against all three members of The Shield and Randy Orton. The Usual back and forth happened but it ended up with Big Show cleaning house, he just bowled through all four of those guys until Kane came out and distracted him. I was most puzzled by the fact that Kane was wearing a suit, I’ve NEVER seen him like that in all the years that I’ve been watching him on WWE television.

If anything seemed bizarre with Raw, it was that. He walked down that ramp, threw steel chairs in the ring, and oversaw Show being put through the announce table. Say what you want about it, it was an efficient and tightly run operation during that last segment. Kane reminded me of a really big and really scary version of Johnny Ace, only Kane actually gets things done.

If you need a corporate monster to oversee your takeover or orchestrate a beat down, call Kane at 1-800-666-HELL.

Summerslam 2013: Feeling The Heat.

Monday night was the final push, the final chance to get your voice heard and put the fear of god into your opponent. Words were exchanged, slaps were dished out, people got thrown around, and a camera got destroyed on Raw. Some established their place as the dominant superstar going into their respective matches and some got knocked down a few pegs. Summerslam is just five short days away and then we will see who really put their money where their mouth is.

Who do I think will emerge victorious? Well, grab a beer and pull up a chair!

Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. Christian (World Heavyweight Championship match):

Winner: Christian

I just love Christian. All he wants is one more match and he won that right a few weeks ago by, yet again, defeating Alberto Del Rio. I really like the dynamic between these two wrestlers. Christian has the people behind him, he is the good guy, the one you want to win. Del Rio is the one you wish would take a face plant into the steel steps going into the ring.

I have one hope for this match. My hope is that Christian wins the title and gets to hoist that belt above his head and he enjoys every second of his title reign. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he has had his share of success, he has also had a lot of hardship. Whether it was backstage heat, various injuries, or just bad luck, Christian has persevered through it all. If that video package on Raw wasn’t enough to convince people that he will take home the title on Sunday, then they need their head examined. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long he has the title or if this is his ‘retirement match’. He will have earned this title reign and be proud of the fact that his fans have cheered him on for his entire career. This wrestling fan will be one of those people.

John Cena (Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship match):

Winner; Daniel Bryan

I think it’s pretty set in stone that Bryan is going to take this one. I don’t dislike Cena, I just think he shouldn’t be champion right now. SUre, Daniel Bryan may not be the typical person that you picture when someone says ‘WWE Champion’. He is different, he marches to the beat of his own drum, and he is the underdog. Daniel Bryan is the person that no one expected to got his far in an industry like professional wrestling.

I think the most interesting point of his feud is the angle that Daniel is working. He said, in similar words, that John Cena is an entertainer and he is a wrestler. I have mentioned before that I do agree with some of what he said but not everything. To sum it up, they’re both wrestlers and they’re both entertainers, they just entertain in different ways. What makes this match exciting for me is that I think it is something that the WWE Universe wants to see. They want to see King Cena taken down. I don’t really think that a guest referee, HHH, is going to add anything to this match in any way. I would also just like to say that I am OVERJOYED that it isn’t Brad Maddox. Generally, I don’t really feel like guest referees add very much to a main event. Something of this magnitude should be left to the professionals, mainly Charles Robinson. Why him? Because I like him, that’s why!

Natalya vs. Brie:

Winner: Natalya

The women’s division got a little shot of adrenaline because of the Total Divas reality show, but it is still not where it needs to be. What I’d like to see is Natalya beat Brie with a clean finish. Not anything like that ref botch that happened on Raw. Man, that was as much embarrassing as it was completely confusing.

I want this division to do well. I want to see these women be taken as seriously as their male counterparts are.

This division is desperate for a turnaround. It isn’t going to happen overnight, it isn’t going to be easy, but it can be done. Having someone like Natalya (a female wrestler who can actually wrestle) win on Sunday could be the first step in the right direction.

Dean Ambrose (Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam (United States Championship match):

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This is a match that is taking place on the kick-off show. It had little build up other than a 20 man battle royal on Raw this week. I do think that it will be good but probably not a particularly strong match-up. I know I will have more to say after the actual match happens but I can’t think of anything to really say about it right now.

I guess it will be interesting to see how someone like Dean Ambrose does with a high flyer like RVD. Who knows, this match may surprise us and be amazing. I think the entire Summerslam card is great but I’m a little on the fence about this match. The one outcome I do want to see is for Dean to retain, especially since RVD isn’t around for the long run and Night of Champions is right around the corner.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar:

Winner: CM Punk

The Beast versus the Best.

I don’t like Brock Lesnar. Never have and never will. He can’t wrestle, can’t do a promo, and just generally annoys the hell out of me. I was kind of on the fence when he showed back up (I don’t believe in part-time guys getting top spots). When it was revealed that Punk was his opponent, I was ecstatic. I love Punk and his presence in this match makes it feel like it belongs in the main event slot at Wrestlemania. Adding to the dynamic even more, is the now hostile and damaged relationship that CM Punk has with Paul Heyman. Paul turned on Punk when he was told he was no longer needed in the manager/ringside capacity. A long-standing friendship ended and one of the hottest rivalries of the year began to heat up.

I don’t think that Paul or any of the ‘Paul Heyman Guys’ are going to sit this match out. I 150% expect some form of interference. I also expect Punk to take out whoever chooses to interfere with a GTS.

This won’t be a clean or fair fight by any means and this fan is looking forward to a fight.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire match):

Winner: Kane

Inferno match. Do I really need to say anymore?

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow:

Winner: Cody Rhodes

It was hard for me to pick a winner in this match because I like them both. This is going to be a fantastic match from both sides and really enjoyable for all of the fans. This is one feud that I hope goes on for a while because Cody and Damien are just two really likeable superstars, the addition of the MITB briefcase just adds to the tension.

I see one ending for this storyline is the two hugging it out in the ring and resuming their team dynamic. Can you imagine them in the middle of the ring after a long bout, exhausted, teary eyed, and hugging? That would be epic, it would give the fans hope that the bromance could live on.

Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee/Big E. Langston:

Winner: Dolph/Kaitlyn

Out of all the matches, this is the one I am the least interested in. I don’t really care who wins, as I think that Dolph has moved past needing AJ in his life (not that he ever needed her). I want to see everyone involved in this match just move on and find something else to be involved in. Hopefully, this match on Sunday will be the catalyst in that. Let’s get this straight, I think this match will be good but it just isn’t really doing anything for me.

I just don’t care for the female division right now and I think that is what is contributing to my apathy towards this match. I can’t remember the last time I saw a decent mixed tag team bout.

Even though I may not have a vested interest in a few of the matches, it is still an incredibly strong card to the WWE to put on for the fans. It will be entertaining and engaging, with more than a few surprises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

I mean, come on…this is the WWE we’re talking about here!

Bret Hart Appreciation Night.

This past Monday was declared Bret Hart Day in the lovely city of Calgary, Alberta.

It was also Bret Hart Appreciation Night on Monday Night Raw and it was something to behold.

I always try to make it to wrestling when it comes to Calgary, which is seldom. It was two years ago that the WWE was in the great city and I had to go. The last few times that Bret was in attendance, I missed it. He was the reason I was at Monday Night Raw in the first place. The rest of the show was awesome but Bret was what I was waiting for.

The three-hour broadcast seemed to take forever and when it was over, it was finally time to celebrate one of the greatest sports entertainers in history. I got up by the barricade, ready with my sign, and anxiously waiting. They showed a very touching tribute video that highlighted the journey that Bret had during his career. It brought me to tears. Here I was, a kid who grew up on the Hart’s, finally getting to see the man who I idolized. Bret Hart may just be a wrestler to some, but to his fans he truly is a special individual. I love him because he is someone who represents the greatness of the wrestling business, sportsmanship, and taking pride in what you do.

Some (okay, most) of my wrestling memories involve the Hitman in some way. When he shook the hand of the 1-2-3 Kid after their match, the iron man match at Wrestlemania XII, wrestling Owen at Wrestlemania X, I can’t even go on because I will be here all day typing away. He has been such an integral part of my life and the fact that I got to even be in the same building as him still blows my mind. When his music hit and he came down that ramp, you couldn’t hear yourself think. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and holding my sign high in the air. It makes me proud as a wrestling fan, as an Albertan, as a Canadian, to cheer for someone like Bret.

The sentiment extended to the people who interacted with Bret along his journey in the WWE, they admire and respect him as much as the fans do. It was so touching and hilarious to hear the stories they told about him, but the best moment came when the crowd started to chant ‘Owen’. You could see that Bret was so appreciative that the fans did not forget his brother and he wished so badly that he could share that moment with him. Same with Stu and Davey. Canadian wrestling fans are some of the most fiercely loyal fans in the world, they stand by their heroes through anything. Did I mention that we are also a tad bit crazy? It was such a great experience to be with all of those people, showing our love.

The appreciation night will never pay back the debt that the fans owe to him for all of the years of entertainment and awesome memories that he has given us but it was a nice start.

Thank you Hitman.