Dead Man Walking.

The main event of Wrestlemania 33 was the Undertaker’s last match…ever.

I was in tears as he laid his gear down and stepped out of the ring. I had always thought about what the wrestling world would be like without the Undertaker but it was one of those things that I didn’t think would ever happen. To me, he was larger than life, he was immortal and would be around forever. That is no longer my reality and it breaks my heart but I am SO incredibly grateful that I got to watch the greatest of all time go out in style.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when he doesn’t appear at Wrestlemania. I will never get to hear that gong hit, see the lights go down, or get that chill run down my spine ever again. The Undertaker was the last wrestler that was still competing from my childhood, I’m talking from the time I was a baby. I’m almost 29 but that’s how long I’ve been watching wrestling, and I have my dad to thank for getting me hooked when I came home from the hospital. There has been no greater thrill in my life than watching wrestling. I’ve written about this multiple times before but I don’t care, wrestling is literally my life.

I was just over two years old when I first saw the Undertaker and that is one memory that has stuck with me over my entire life. Any wrestling memory I have, I’m usually with my dad eating snacks and this one was no different. There has been no character that has transformed so much over his entire career and still commanded the same respect and authority that he has. Even now, I’m struggling to find the words to describe how important he is to me. I couldn’t even name my favourite moment of his because he’s provided me with so many and for that, I am truly grateful.

There’s not much left I can say that can describe how he made me feel as a fan or how much joy he brought other than thank you.


Passing Lane.

For the first time in WEEKS, Monday Night Raw was actually watchable. There were some moments that dragged but overall it was a good show. Compared to Fastlane, they didn’t have to try that hard to do better.

Can we talk about Fastlane for a moment? For the last event before Wrestlemania, it was awful. There was just nothing really special about it at all. There were no surprises, no real builds to anything, it was just mediocre. I always felt that from the time that the Royal Rumble happens until the final moments of Wrestlemania, everything has to be special in some way. With the brand split, there is only a limited amount of time for them to finish of current storylines and build to the matches. At Fastlane, they didn’t really utilize what time they did have and it felt like a regular show. And don’t even get me started on Goldberg taking the title from Kevin Owens, that’s a different post for a different day…

What we got on Monday was the show that we should have gotten on Sunday. It was full of action, built intrigue for the matches at Mania, it had the Undertaker for god sakes. You can’t really ask for much more than that. The standout moments to me were the interactions between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens and, of course, the Undertaker. I’ve been saying for months that if KO and Chris have a Wrestlemania match that it will be amazing. Those two guys have such a great rapport with each other that they could wrestle in the most ridiculous match ever and it would still be main event material. I’m actually really sad about the breakup of their friendship but I’m secretly hoping that it’s just a giant troll on their part.

My absolute favourite moment was when the Undertaker appeared because I was legitimately not expecting it at all.

When Strowman came out to confront Roman, I thought that’s who we would get. Roman’s music would hit, he’d come down the ramp, they’d get into a tussle, and then the show would be over. Instead what we got was the arena going black and the sound of a gong. I got so excited that I threw my phone and scared my dog. That stare down between Braun and Taker was the things that Wrestlemania matches are made of. I thought that they had abandoned the idea of Roman and Taker because we haven’t seen Taker since the Royal Rumble. Braun is a big guy but I didn’t think that a match between the two would go the same as the one with Giant Gonzales at Wrestlemania 9 (I think it was).

As the crowd grew louder, Braun backed out of the ring and the Undertaker was left by himself. Roman’s music then hit and the crowd let out a collective sea of boo’s. Even I turned on him, and I love Roman Reigns. One does not simply just step to the Undertaker and NOT expect an ass whooping. Now, I’m ever the WWE optimist and I want to believe that their match will be great because they both are great wrestlers and I enjoy them both. Like I mentioned before, Raw was everything that Fastlane should have been. There’s not that much time left before Wrestlemania and the build to it has been lacklustre.

They have a little over three weeks to get their asses in gear and actually build something of the biggest event of their calendar year. I hope that they can get it together…

Wrestlemania 32.

Well, another Wrestlemania is in the books. In fact, it was literally the biggest Wrestlemania in the event’s history. Over 101,000 people piled into the AT&T Stadium to experience the biggest night in sports entertainment. I personally loved the event, as I always do, there were the moments that I loved and some that I didn’t particularly like. That’s the gamble that we wrestling fans take while being so immersed in something so wonderful. Now let’s break down some of my least/most favorite moments…

Favorite Moments:

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

Like I had to even say that this match was in my favorite Mania moments. This was the one match on the card that I actually had no inkling of how it would go, especially when Vince added the stipulation that it would be the last Mania for Taker if he lost to Shane. The thought of never seeing the Undertaker at a Wrestlemania again shook me to my core, laugh if you must but I mean that. When Shane made his entrance with his three young sons, I was like ‘That’s it. He’s done, bye-bye Taker’. However, that wasn’t the case.

The match was outstanding and one of my favorite HIAC’s. Shane and Taker brutalized each other to the point that I thought neither man was going to be able to walk out of that arena under their own power. They were literally throwing whatever they could get their hands on at each other. I knew at some point that we were going to get a Shane-O-Mac flying elbow off of something, and everyone was hoping that it would be off the top of the cage. We got our wish and it was amazing, not so much for Shane when Taker moved out of the way right before he came barreling through the table. I thought for sure that Shane was seriously injured. Undertaker won the match and Shane was taken away by the medics, Vince got to retain control of Raw and that was that. What I appreciated most about the match was that there was no fuckery or interference, they got to wrestle a good match and tell a story.

That story left Shane battered and bruised on Monday Night Raw, I couldn’t believe that he was able to walk. He did get his wish when, refusing to be upstaged by Shane’s goodbye, Vince let him have control of WWE’s flagship program for one night.

And it was glorious.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

I thought that this was going to be an easy win for Sami Zayn. He could get the belt from Kevin Owens and they could continue the magic that they had in NXT.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

There was so much going on in the ring that I’m glad I didn’t take notes because I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Kevin Owens put Sami Zayn through a ladder with a splash that would make Bam Bam Bigelow proud. Sin Cara put Stardust through another ladder, probably injuring himself. Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens superkicked each other at the exact same time. Not to be cliché but it was literal pandemonium. My dad and I were on the edge of our seats, shouting our faces off.

When the other competitors were down and the Miz went to grab the belt, my heart sank. He’s a non-factor for me usually, but that moment was actually scary. It’s bad enough that I have to put up with him on television during MizTV, I couldn’t take him as a champion again. Zack Ryder pushing Miz off the ladder to take the belt was like a godsend. My dad and I agree that Zack deserved the belt. It wasn’t because he was the longest tenured guy in that match that made us feel like he deserved it. Zack deserved that belt for coming out and entertaining fans no matter where he was on the card. Every time that I’ve watched him wrestle live or on television, he’s always giving it everything. I still remember the first match I ever saw Zack in, he faced Tommy Dreamer at my very first live Smackdown. He was still wearing those ridiculous one-legged pants/tights combo, but I was entertained.

He lost the belt to the Miz the very next night but I have a feeling that his title run hasn’t been stopped dead in its tracks.

Sasha Banks

There is a reason why this woman is called ‘the boss’.

The triple threat match was important to all three of the competitors but I think that it was most important to Sasha. It was telegraphed in the way she entered the arena, she had a special saunter to the ring, and she paid tribute to the biggest inspiration in her wrestling career. You could see how much she wanted to win the Women’s Championship with every fiber of her being. She was the most entertaining part of the entire match for me. It was her moment, her time to shine, and she did it.

She may not have won the match but she got to live her Wrestlemania dream and made every person feel like anything and every is possible.

Least Favorite Moments:

Street Fight (Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar)

I love Dean Ambrose and was very much looking forward to seeing him beat the holy hell out of Brock Lesnar. You can just imagine the shock on my face and my dad’s when the exact opposite of that happened…

It was the worst match of the entire event for me, which is upsetting considering it was one of the ones that I was crazy excited for. I thought that Dean was going to get to use the gifts that the hardcore legends, Mick Foley and Terry Funk, had given him the previous weeks. It pretty much turned into the Brock Lesnar Variety Hour and further proved my point as to why I can’t stand him. He proved in that match that he’s just there for a paycheck. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about entertaining people, he just wants to show up, get paid, and leave. I was expecting a FIGHT, not a dance.

I really felt bad for Dean because he is a much better wrestler than what he was able to show in that match. I sincerely hope that the WWE rethinks using Brock further. It may be wishful thinking but hey, a girl can dream!

Ric Flair

I respect wrestling legends. I don’t respect Ric Flair.

During the Hall of Fame, Ric was incredibly embarrassing. Usually, people can laugh it off but this time it was impossible to do that. It was quite obvious that the man was intoxicated and I don’t know how he was even allowed on that stage. He rambled on so much that people were joking that he was inducting himself for a third time. Ric Flair lost any respect he had from me that night. It was supposed to be about Sting and his induction. Instead, he rambled on about his rivalry with Ricky Steamboat, and cried incessantly. I hope that they never allow him to induct anyone ever again.

The following night on Wrestlemania, he interjected himself into the triple threat match and cost Sasha the victory that she deserved. I don’t even get why the fuck he was down there because he never seems to add anything to Charlotte’s matches. He just struts, slaps his arms, and woo’s. He is the embarrassing drunk uncle at the family reunion, you just feel sorry for him because he doesn’t know what a fool he is making of himself. Sure, he’s a legend but conduct yourself with decorum and tact. ESPECIALLY at the biggest events on WWE’s calendar, the entire world was literally watching you make an ass out of yourself.

As always, the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania was even more crazy than the event itself! That’s another post for another day!


Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

I’ve been watching wrestling for 27 years, my entire life. I’ve seen superstars come and go for various reasons. Some of them have (sadly) passed away, some have faded into obscurity, some chose different career paths, and some have simply chosen to live out of the spotlight.

In the often fluctuating world of wrestling, a constant is a rare and special thing.

The one constant in the WWE has always been the Undertaker.

I remember being two years old and seeing him for the very first time at Survivor Series. It was this weird mixture of astonishment and thinking he was the creepiest guy I’ve ever seen. From that moment, I was hooked! He wasn’t the biggest guy, or a high flyer, but he was so different from anyone else that my dad and I had ever seen before. In addition to his wrestling abilities and style, his whole aesthetic was (and still is) what drew me to him as a superstar. At two years old I hardly had the vocabulary to describe what I thought he was but dark and ominous are two words I would definitely choose now.

His music was haunting, his manager had a sinister aura, and he was so somber compared to the bright super hero images around him. He had personality but it wasn’t in the same sense as someone like the Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage. I wouldn’t say he was muted, I would say that he was restrained and dignified in a sense. Everything he did was with purpose but he also had the ability to think on his toes and adjust his plan accordingly. Calculated is another description that fits the Undertaker perfectly.

Even with the different manifestations of the Undertaker, his core remained the same.

If anyone were to list of their top wrestling matches of all time, I can guarantee you that there is a sprinkling of matches involving the Phenom in there. The Undertaker possesses this unique combination of being a striker, somewhat acrobatic, and (in recent years) fully utilizing submission holds. I don’t even know if that is a thing but I don’t care, it’s how I am describing him. His matches are this elaborate symphony of movement carried out in the squared circle, I don’t even really care who he faces because I know that I get to see the Undertaker in the ring. The man could wrestle a wet mop and I’d still be just as excited, I think he’s that good.

What is most prolific about this man is his Wrestlemania streak, something that is unparalleled in any sport. Seeing him at the biggest event of the calendar year felt more exciting than Christmas to me. When I plunked down on the couch with my drink and snack to watch him, I knew I was going to get to see something special. It didn’t matter if his matches fell at the beginning or middle of the card to me, his matches were always the main event. When his streak was ended by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX, my heart broke along with the heart of every other wrestling fan. The streak was sacred to fans and Lesnar took that away from us.

I remember feeling my heart drop to the pit of my stomach, I was absolutely crushed. The impact of the Undertaker’s loss was immediately felt by every person that was in attendance and watching at home. It was palpable. With that being said, it was everything that you would want from an Undertaker match. It had this exhilarating, tense, excitement surrounding it. I wasn’t in attendance but you could, without a doubt, hear a pin drop in that place.

Some people just don’t understand why he is held in such high regard and I feel sorry for them. You have to have respect for someone who has selflessly given themselves to fans for a quarter of a century. We’ve seen him fight harder than anyone and be carted out of the arena, literally carted out to receive medical attention. We cheer him when he wins and we cheer even harder when he loses. The Undertaker is the only wrestler that I grew up with (from infancy) that is still around today and actively competing. The day that he hangs up his boots will be a sad day for myself, other fans, and wrestling as a whole.

I am so incredibly appreciative to Mark Callaway for giving me memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life as a wrestling fan. He has provided countless hours of entertainment and sacrificed so much to make sure that every fan, in person and at home, got their money’s worth and enjoyed every single second of it.

He is more than a myth, that man is a legend.

He is a phenom, he is the dead man, he is the Undertaker.

Thank you Taker.

Bringing The Heat.

Many wrestling fans probably rolled their eyes when an extra hour was added on to this year’s Summerslam, this girl was not among that group of fans.

The extra hour was 100% worth it because Summerslam was unbelievable (Monday Night Raw the following night just added to it, but that’s for later on in the post).

The card was solid and my dad and I enjoyed every minute of it, what more can you ask for? I found that there was very little on the card that wasn’t enjoyable but, even then, it was still entertaining in some way. One thing that stands out to me as being a low point was the Randy Orton/Sheamus match but they had that up first so it really wasn’t that much trouble to sit through. It was okay but the match overall was quite boring for me as I think Sheamus has the presence of a stick of butter. Okay, it wasn’t that funny but I think that you get my drift…

Another thing that bugged me was the tag team elimination match that featured Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and Team PCB. It wasn’t the wrestling that I am complaining about but rather the way in which the eliminations happened. I don’t know if I missed something in the rules but I just assumed that it would be a Survivor Series style elimination match. It wasn’t and this girl was most definitely a little disappointed in that. See what I mean about the so-called low points not really being all that bad? It sure was tough to pick even those two things because they didn’t really bother me that much. I wasn’t even mad when the Primetime Players lost the tag titles or when Kevin Owens went over Cesaro.

Maybe I’m just the eternal WWE optimist, maybe I just love wrestling so much I overlook some of the not so great moments. You get the smart asses who act like they’re in creative or in charge of booking the shows because they think it should be a certain way, I respectfully disagree. As long as it entertains, great or not so great, be happy that we get to enjoy something so universally loved and that bonds fans all over the world.

Enough of that philosophical stuff, let’s get down to my two favorite moments of Summerslam. Both are rife with controversy and deliciously entertaining. First, it’s Seth Rollins retaining his title while simultaneously acquiring John Cena’s precious United States belt.


I was pulling for Seth to win from the second that John Cena injected himself into the title picture. Cena has my utmost respect and I give credit where it is due, but that doesn’t mean that I think he should be champion.

In fact, I think there’s no added value to his career if he gets the title another 10 times before he retires. People FREAKED out on me for that comment but I don’t give a shit. Before anyone rips me a new one, I used to be a massive Cena fan and I still am a fan of his. I don’t think it adds very much to his career if he ties or breaks Flair’s impressive record. Cena has already done more in his career than some people on the roster and in other companies can even dream of. Fans don’t want him to break or tie the record because he comes out every single week, does the same pandering promo, builds up a wrestler, cuts them down, and then yells one of his trademark slogans.

He isn’t some holier than thou being who can do no wrong, fans (for the most part I think) are sick of his shit. Seth is the opposite of what Cena represents and is the best heel that the WWE has right now, that’s why fans love and hate him. Jon Stewart jumped on the ‘John Cena Sucks’ train and delivered a chair shot to the midsection of Cena that brought him to his knees and the fans to their feet. Seth got the 1-2-3 and took the belt away from his opponent. We got all of that excitement in a match that didn’t even main event the pay-per-view!

For the first time, in god knows how long, a non-title match main evented a major show. It was the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and it was glorious. I’m not going to be getting into the finer details of their feud or how I feel about each competitor because everyone knows that I am a HUGE Taker fan and wish that Lesnar would just not appear on my tv. What I am going to talk about is the finish to the match, which I think was brilliant!

People are still losing their damn minds over Taker tapping to Lesnar’s submission move but it not being called. The ref can’t call what he does not see and the time-keeper was in NO position to see Taker tap anyways. I could have given two shits because Taker won and that is what I wanted to happen but it worked well with the attitude that Taker had going into this match.

He was straddling the line between face and heel, it was masterful to watch. I didn’t really understand the initial freaking out because Lesnar would have done the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. Brock Lesnar doesn’t strike me as a moral beacon so everyone can calm down.

On Monday Night Raw, we got treated to even more entertainment. It was a show that was post-Wrestlemania quality, I marked out on more than one occasion. We got the Dudley Boyz (I almost flipped my damn TV tray over!), Jon Stewart, Flair, and a very surprising appearance by the Icon.

The only segment that really lagged for me was the Miz TV segment with Team PCB but, you can’t win all the time. We also got to hear what Jon Stewart had to say about why he gut checked Cena with a chair and I agreed with him 100%. Stewart played his role marvellously and we even got to see the smatterings of a pissed off Cena. I would say that this was the spark of a heel turn but we call know that it will last until next week and then he’ll go back to pandering to the crowd and inspiring some witty remarks on my part.

Now I can move on to the most important moment of Monday Night Raw…


Man, I could have peed my pants I was so excited. People bitch and complain about the WWE all the time but it is little moments like that which keep me glued to my television each and every week. He was the LAST person I expected to be under the shroud. Maybe the statue was dressed up or destroyed in some way, maybe Cena found his way back into the arena and was going to ambush Seth, it could have been anything or anyone. I was so excited that my parents heard me screaming from the basement and they were outside in the garage.

(People tried to spoil it for me and what not but I don’t believe anything until I see it on television or the WWE reports it officially.)

Sting made it very clear that he was after the Authority and Seth’s title belt (the one he retained the night before), I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face. Sure, the odds of Sting actually winning the title at Night of Champions may be slim but I never thought I’d get to see the day he would compete for the belt. Hell, I never thought I’d get to see him in a WWE ring but here we are!

The rest of the Night of Champions card will be revealed in the coming weeks and if it is even half as intriguing and exhilarating as the WWE title match, this girl is going to be one happy camper!

Bring. It. On.

Concrete Jungle.

Summerslam is the second biggest event that the WWE puts on and this year it is literally going to be bigger than ever. Not only do we get an extra hour of beer drinking and nacho eating, we get an extra hour for more wrestling.

One can never have too much of any of those things!

Overall, the card looks amazing and each match looks better than the one before it. The WWE has been on the top of their game with their events for the last little while and I am enjoying every second of it. I’ve probably said it a billion times before but this really is an exciting time for wrestling fans, the caliber of matches that we are getting to watch is just out of this world. They may not all be perfect but they are damn entertaining!

The matches that I’m most looking forward to are Cesaro versus Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins versus John Cena, and (obviously) Lesnar versus Undertaker. Every match is going to be good but those three are going to be the standouts for this girl.

Cesaro has always been one of my favorites and he is getting his time to shine. I really enjoy Cesaro and Tyson Kidd as a tag team and I am so glad that he isn’t losing any momentum with Kidd being sidelined with a very serious injury. He is superhuman and if I didn’t know any better I would swear that he was a robot or something. The moves that he does in the ring just make your jaw drop and don’t even get me started on his strength. I feel the same way about the in-ring ability of Kevin Owens but it’s different. Kevin Owens is just out to wreck you, Cesaro takes you down with finesse.

The contrasting styles of both men is what is going to make this match riveting. I picked Cesaro to win from the beginning (and because the more frustrated Kevin Owens gets, the angrier he gets and I like that!) but I’d be happy if either of them won.

I’m much less diplomatic about Taker versus Lesnar.

Taker has to win this, there is NO way he can lose. My feelings about Lesnar are known, as are my feelings about Taker. I’m not saying he should win simply because he is who he is but COME ON! He is by and large a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever could be. What would the point be in bringing Taker back to just have him lose? I can’t take two losses to that block head (I mean that literally, his head is the same shape as a Lego man’s). When I saw Taker at Battleground I could have cried I was so happy, I knew that he meant business and there was no messing around.

He looked borderline crazy when he came back over a year after his loss to Lesnar. He was a changed man and he wasn’t going to take any shit off of Lesnar, or Heyman for that matter. For me, this match is the main event of the year.

Speaking of main events (nice segway right?), Seth Rollins versus John Cena should be one hell of a fight. It is title versus title, winner takes all. This match, more than any other, will polarize the audience more than any other. I want Seth to win so bad because I just don’t know if I can make it through another John Cena title run right now, especially if he has two titles. A lot of fans have been making their views known, myself included, and it really is dividing fans. My view on it is that John Cena doesn’t need this win for his career. Sure, he’ll tie Ric Flair for number of reigns but is he really gaining much more than that?

I respect John Cena but I’m not such a huge fan anymore. More often than not, he just seems to kill the momentum of a lot of his opponents. You guys can think what you want and I respect your opinions but Cena does not need this win.

With the big event just a few hours away, this girl is going to get her beer and snacks and settle in for one hell of a ride!



Wrestlemania XXXI.

Undertaker celebrating his win against Bray Wyatt. Photo courtesy of WWE.

Undertaker celebrating his win against Bray Wyatt.
Photo courtesy of WWE.

Wrestlemania XXXI.

In my personal opinion, this was the best Wrestlemania in recent years.

This year’s Showcase of the Immortals really lived up to the grandeur and prestige that surrounds Wrestlemania. I couldn’t even pick a single moment that stood out in my mind but I suppose I can pick a few!

Undertaker Returns

I could have just written Undertaker and I’m sure that my message would have been conveyed quite well. After what happened at Wrestlemania XXX, I was honestly nervous that was his final walk down the ramp and that we’d never see him again.

Nervous actually isn’t even the right word to describe how I was feeling. I think ‘damn near shitting my pants’ about covers it. People laugh all the time when I tell them that but very few people know what the Undertaker actually means both to me and professional wrestling as a whole. Not meaning to sound cliché here but they call him ‘Phenom’ for a reason.

The gong hit and his music started, I had goosebumps. He walked out from behind that screen in his trademark hat and jacket, he commanded that arena. Watching him walk down to the ring just made my heart swell and I just watched in awe. Every time he graces us with his presence it is a breathtaking moment. He looked fantastic and I hope that he’s got a few more Mania’s left in him

Sting Wrestles at Wrestlemania

This was something that I (among millions of others) had been waiting over a decade for, Sting FINALLY had a match in a WWE ring. Sting showed incredible loyalty to WCW throughout the Monday Night Wars and that’s a feat. I just think that the WWE would have provided a better platform for him but I wouldn’t be writing this if he jumped the ship to WWE all those years ago.

I really liked the way that his match was built, shrouded in mystery and suspense (much like Sting himself). The match may not have turned out how I would have preferred, I still was entertained from beginning to end. Hopefully, the Icon will return for that ever elusive Undertaker/Sting match.

Seth Rollins Cashes in…FINALLY!

I was beginning to think that he would NEVER cash that damn thing in.

I will have to admit that during the main event, I was so nervous that Roman wouldn’t take the victory. As his match progressed, it didn’t seem like he could take much more of Brock’s abuse. Sure, he got a few great superman punches in but Brock kept killing any momentum that he had. It wasn’t looking good for Roman and then it got worse…Seth’s music hit and he brought the briefcase to the ring. He FINALLY cashed that in.

At first I was angry about it (a ginger kid angry…imagine that!) because of how badly I wanted Roman to win. One thing that didn’t make sense to me was how it was declared a triple threat match, I can’t recall a time when that was ever done. I didn’t really think it was fair to do that to Roman, as he wasn’t the champion and had been under so much criticism since he had won the Royal Rumble in January.

With all that being said, I still thought the outcome of the match was great.

Roman got to have his Wrestlemania match, Seth finally cashed in that damn briefcase, and (most importantly) Brock didn’t walk out with the belt.

Everything about it was just fantastic. The matches may not have all turned out how I would have liked (I was legitimately PRAYING for a Sting victory) but I was 100% satisfied with the show. How many times do I say that? I even enjoyed the women’s match for god sakes.

Wrestlemania 31 brought out the best parts of being a wrestling fan. My dad and I laughed, gasped, and lost our breath at the amazing moments that the superstars gave us. I could thank the WWE all I want for giving us such a great event but it will NEVER be enough.

I’m already looking forward to Wrestlemania 32!