Bringing The Heat.

Many wrestling fans probably rolled their eyes when an extra hour was added on to this year’s Summerslam, this girl was not among that group of fans.

The extra hour was 100% worth it because Summerslam was unbelievable (Monday Night Raw the following night just added to it, but that’s for later on in the post).

The card was solid and my dad and I enjoyed every minute of it, what more can you ask for? I found that there was very little on the card that wasn’t enjoyable but, even then, it was still entertaining in some way. One thing that stands out to me as being a low point was the Randy Orton/Sheamus match but they had that up first so it really wasn’t that much trouble to sit through. It was okay but the match overall was quite boring for me as I think Sheamus has the presence of a stick of butter. Okay, it wasn’t that funny but I think that you get my drift…

Another thing that bugged me was the tag team elimination match that featured Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and Team PCB. It wasn’t the wrestling that I am complaining about but rather the way in which the eliminations happened. I don’t know if I missed something in the rules but I just assumed that it would be a Survivor Series style elimination match. It wasn’t and this girl was most definitely a little disappointed in that. See what I mean about the so-called low points not really being all that bad? It sure was tough to pick even those two things because they didn’t really bother me that much. I wasn’t even mad when the Primetime Players lost the tag titles or when Kevin Owens went over Cesaro.

Maybe I’m just the eternal WWE optimist, maybe I just love wrestling so much I overlook some of the not so great moments. You get the smart asses who act like they’re in creative or in charge of booking the shows because they think it should be a certain way, I respectfully disagree. As long as it entertains, great or not so great, be happy that we get to enjoy something so universally loved and that bonds fans all over the world.

Enough of that philosophical stuff, let’s get down to my two favorite moments of Summerslam. Both are rife with controversy and deliciously entertaining. First, it’s Seth Rollins retaining his title while simultaneously acquiring John Cena’s precious United States belt.


I was pulling for Seth to win from the second that John Cena injected himself into the title picture. Cena has my utmost respect and I give credit where it is due, but that doesn’t mean that I think he should be champion.

In fact, I think there’s no added value to his career if he gets the title another 10 times before he retires. People FREAKED out on me for that comment but I don’t give a shit. Before anyone rips me a new one, I used to be a massive Cena fan and I still am a fan of his. I don’t think it adds very much to his career if he ties or breaks Flair’s impressive record. Cena has already done more in his career than some people on the roster and in other companies can even dream of. Fans don’t want him to break or tie the record because he comes out every single week, does the same pandering promo, builds up a wrestler, cuts them down, and then yells one of his trademark slogans.

He isn’t some holier than thou being who can do no wrong, fans (for the most part I think) are sick of his shit. Seth is the opposite of what Cena represents and is the best heel that the WWE has right now, that’s why fans love and hate him. Jon Stewart jumped on the ‘John Cena Sucks’ train and delivered a chair shot to the midsection of Cena that brought him to his knees and the fans to their feet. Seth got the 1-2-3 and took the belt away from his opponent. We got all of that excitement in a match that didn’t even main event the pay-per-view!

For the first time, in god knows how long, a non-title match main evented a major show. It was the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and it was glorious. I’m not going to be getting into the finer details of their feud or how I feel about each competitor because everyone knows that I am a HUGE Taker fan and wish that Lesnar would just not appear on my tv. What I am going to talk about is the finish to the match, which I think was brilliant!

People are still losing their damn minds over Taker tapping to Lesnar’s submission move but it not being called. The ref can’t call what he does not see and the time-keeper was in NO position to see Taker tap anyways. I could have given two shits because Taker won and that is what I wanted to happen but it worked well with the attitude that Taker had going into this match.

He was straddling the line between face and heel, it was masterful to watch. I didn’t really understand the initial freaking out because Lesnar would have done the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. Brock Lesnar doesn’t strike me as a moral beacon so everyone can calm down.

On Monday Night Raw, we got treated to even more entertainment. It was a show that was post-Wrestlemania quality, I marked out on more than one occasion. We got the Dudley Boyz (I almost flipped my damn TV tray over!), Jon Stewart, Flair, and a very surprising appearance by the Icon.

The only segment that really lagged for me was the Miz TV segment with Team PCB but, you can’t win all the time. We also got to hear what Jon Stewart had to say about why he gut checked Cena with a chair and I agreed with him 100%. Stewart played his role marvellously and we even got to see the smatterings of a pissed off Cena. I would say that this was the spark of a heel turn but we call know that it will last until next week and then he’ll go back to pandering to the crowd and inspiring some witty remarks on my part.

Now I can move on to the most important moment of Monday Night Raw…


Man, I could have peed my pants I was so excited. People bitch and complain about the WWE all the time but it is little moments like that which keep me glued to my television each and every week. He was the LAST person I expected to be under the shroud. Maybe the statue was dressed up or destroyed in some way, maybe Cena found his way back into the arena and was going to ambush Seth, it could have been anything or anyone. I was so excited that my parents heard me screaming from the basement and they were outside in the garage.

(People tried to spoil it for me and what not but I don’t believe anything until I see it on television or the WWE reports it officially.)

Sting made it very clear that he was after the Authority and Seth’s title belt (the one he retained the night before), I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face. Sure, the odds of Sting actually winning the title at Night of Champions may be slim but I never thought I’d get to see the day he would compete for the belt. Hell, I never thought I’d get to see him in a WWE ring but here we are!

The rest of the Night of Champions card will be revealed in the coming weeks and if it is even half as intriguing and exhilarating as the WWE title match, this girl is going to be one happy camper!

Bring. It. On.

Concrete Jungle.

Summerslam is the second biggest event that the WWE puts on and this year it is literally going to be bigger than ever. Not only do we get an extra hour of beer drinking and nacho eating, we get an extra hour for more wrestling.

One can never have too much of any of those things!

Overall, the card looks amazing and each match looks better than the one before it. The WWE has been on the top of their game with their events for the last little while and I am enjoying every second of it. I’ve probably said it a billion times before but this really is an exciting time for wrestling fans, the caliber of matches that we are getting to watch is just out of this world. They may not all be perfect but they are damn entertaining!

The matches that I’m most looking forward to are Cesaro versus Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins versus John Cena, and (obviously) Lesnar versus Undertaker. Every match is going to be good but those three are going to be the standouts for this girl.

Cesaro has always been one of my favorites and he is getting his time to shine. I really enjoy Cesaro and Tyson Kidd as a tag team and I am so glad that he isn’t losing any momentum with Kidd being sidelined with a very serious injury. He is superhuman and if I didn’t know any better I would swear that he was a robot or something. The moves that he does in the ring just make your jaw drop and don’t even get me started on his strength. I feel the same way about the in-ring ability of Kevin Owens but it’s different. Kevin Owens is just out to wreck you, Cesaro takes you down with finesse.

The contrasting styles of both men is what is going to make this match riveting. I picked Cesaro to win from the beginning (and because the more frustrated Kevin Owens gets, the angrier he gets and I like that!) but I’d be happy if either of them won.

I’m much less diplomatic about Taker versus Lesnar.

Taker has to win this, there is NO way he can lose. My feelings about Lesnar are known, as are my feelings about Taker. I’m not saying he should win simply because he is who he is but COME ON! He is by and large a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever could be. What would the point be in bringing Taker back to just have him lose? I can’t take two losses to that block head (I mean that literally, his head is the same shape as a Lego man’s). When I saw Taker at Battleground I could have cried I was so happy, I knew that he meant business and there was no messing around.

He looked borderline crazy when he came back over a year after his loss to Lesnar. He was a changed man and he wasn’t going to take any shit off of Lesnar, or Heyman for that matter. For me, this match is the main event of the year.

Speaking of main events (nice segway right?), Seth Rollins versus John Cena should be one hell of a fight. It is title versus title, winner takes all. This match, more than any other, will polarize the audience more than any other. I want Seth to win so bad because I just don’t know if I can make it through another John Cena title run right now, especially if he has two titles. A lot of fans have been making their views known, myself included, and it really is dividing fans. My view on it is that John Cena doesn’t need this win for his career. Sure, he’ll tie Ric Flair for number of reigns but is he really gaining much more than that?

I respect John Cena but I’m not such a huge fan anymore. More often than not, he just seems to kill the momentum of a lot of his opponents. You guys can think what you want and I respect your opinions but Cena does not need this win.

With the big event just a few hours away, this girl is going to get her beer and snacks and settle in for one hell of a ride!



You Don’t Have To Go Home, But…

The biggest party of the summer is over and the excitement is just starting.

Summerslam was the highest quality event that the WWE has put on in the last year or so. I’m not even kidding. Every match was extremely entertaining and things just seemed to click with everyone that was in the crowd and in the ring. It was a beautiful thing and many people were saying that it was even better than WrestleMania XXX, which took place on April 6th of this year. WrestleMania will always hold a special place in my heart but I have to admit that Summerslam was incredible. I have to give the math of the night award to Dolph Ziggler versus the Miz, seeing Dolph finally hoist that title above his head in victory was a great moment. If you didn’t feel proud of him and get off your ass and cheer your heart out for him, you’ve got issues.

The biggest surprise of the night was the lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. It’s not that I thought it wasn’t going to be a good match, I just wasn’t sure about the stipulation. However, that match turned into something beautiful with the lumberjacks being mostly people who Seth had wronged in some way. The match was my second favorite of the night. I have to give it up to everyone that was involved in the match in any capacity. Lumberjack matches can get some competitors lost in the melee of it, but each one of those guys played a role in some way and I loved it.

It didn’t stop there, the crazy train spilled over onto Monday Night Raw the following night. When I say chaos, I’m not even trying to be funny or witty. Nikki Bella turned heel and unleashed her wrath on her sister Brie, I actually found myself liking Nikki. I KNOW RIGHT?! I could barely believe it myself. I think it’s a good move for her, I still think she’s a terrible actress but I like her being mean. She is much more believable as a bitch, I wasn’t buying her as a nice person (I just realized how terrible that sounds but I made my choice!). Miz invoked his rematch clause, won by disqualification, but wasn’t able to win the title. No big shock there, he just gets on my damn nerves. Everything that he does just irritates the bejesus out of me. I find Ryback more entertaining than the Miz, that’s saying a lot considering that I used to despise Ryback with the fire of 1000 suns.

Speaking of despising someone, Brock Lesnar was presented with the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt on Raw by Stephanie and Hunter. I must say, I actually like the belt and I like even more that the champion doesn’t have to carry around two belts. Lesnar didn’t unify them as many have said, they were unified before he won. All he got was a beautiful new belt, something he will hopefully lose very soon. The best moment of the night was the WWE Active match with Seth Rollins and Den Ambrose. I wasn’t expecting another match of that caliber right after that epic lumberjack match, they need to rest for god sakes! Rumor has it that Dean is going to be filming a movie (hopefully a horror movie because he would make an AWESOME serial killer) and he was written off of tv with a curbstomp delivered on a pile of cinder blocks. It looked so painful but a fitting send off for Dean Ambrose. He isn’t the type to go out with a simple shoulder or knee injury. He needed to go out in style.

The craziness continued this week on Raw yet again. We got the official announcement that Cena chose to use his rematch clause at Night of Champions. Yay.

My problem with this is Lesnar (I mean, come on, did you really expect me to say anything else?) and his lack of showing up. According to his schedule, his next appearance isn’t scheduled until the 15th of September. Did anyone tell him that the pay-per-view is that Sunday? Did he not write it down? That isn’t how you build a match. I’m not a Lesnar fan by any means but I’d probably give a shit about what he does if he was there to put in the same amount of effort as other superstars. He comes in, utters an empty threat, pounces on someone, then leaves for a few weeks/months. It’s getting a bit out of hand and I’d really rather watch Dwayne Johnson come back. At least he makes me laugh.

For the pro-Lesnar people, ratings my ass. You want the pay check, you show up to work more than once every three or four weeks. Cena always works hard but I don’t want him to get the belt, he just lost it, he’s hurting, he needs to take some time off. He should nurse his injuries, be silent for a bit, and then come back at Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber ready to kick ass. The only way I will accept a second Lesnar victory is if there is a chance that Roman Reigns will take it from him. Please. For the love of God. I’m thinking that their match at Night of Champions will see Cena win, but by disqualification, allowing Lesnar to keep the belt.

Even more shocking than Stardust and Goldust turning heel on The Usos, was that I actually agreed with something that Hulk Hogan said. Hogan threw his support behind Cena and I nodded my head in agreement. WHOA! Did hell just freeze over?

I think that the build up to Night of Champions will be very interesting because every single title is on the line. A lot of rivalries will come to a boiling point and a whole lot of asses will be kicked. I’m hoping that Brock Lesnar’s will be one of them.

Heat Wave.

The biggest party of the summer is upon us, and some people are going to leave a wee bit disappointed and it won’t be because they got pushed into the pool. Let’s take a look at the card, it’s going to be a good one…

John Cena (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Initially, I could not have been more unenthusiastic towards this match. It’s something that we’ve seen before and I just don’t like Brock at all. I’m not Cena’s biggest fan right now but I dislike Brock Lesnar a hell of a lot more.

Cena has been working to build up this match pretty much by himself, he’s appeared every week and delivers fantastic work. Even if it’s the same thing that we’ve seen a thousand times, the man knows how to get a crowd going and nobody can deny that. What does Brock do? Comes out and hops around on the top of the ramp, throws out a cuss word or two, and we’re expected to shiver in our booties? I don’t think so. Nothing about him scares me, except for the fact that he has no eyebrows. What’s going to happen is Brock will dominate for a bit, see his own blood, start to panic, and then he will scream like a little girl. Happens every time. The man couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. It also doesn’t help his case when he doesn’t show up all the time to promote what he’s in. Sure, he’ll show up this coming Raw but where was he last week? This whole video promo/via satellite business doesn’t make me want to be more invested in this match.

The plus side of this whole thing is that whoever walks out of Summerslam as the champion is essentially just a place holder for the next guy, who I am hoping is Roman Reigns or Cesaro. Cena has nothing to really gain by having the belt any longer and nobody is buying Lesnar as a full-time champion. If you do then you clearly put too much booze in your coffee.

Winner: John Cena

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz (c) (Intercontinental Championship Match)

A movie star versus one of the most talented guys on the roster today. I don’t see a competition here at all.

The Miz does absolutely nothing for me as a wrestling fan. He has no charisma, no spunk, and does a figure four that would make your grandma weep (and not in a good way). I’m not going to say that a wrestler isn’t a hard worker (unless you’re a part timer like Lesnar or Batista) because I know it isn’t easy. Miz just bugs the shit out of me. He just seems like a guy who wants to be famous for anything and thinks it’s cool to be a wrestler.

Then you have Dolph Ziggler, a guy who is just a treat to watch in the ring. Every time he wrestles it is like a ballet. Many see him as mid-card right now, but every single time that he goes out there he wrestles like he is in a title bout. That is what wrestling is about and that is how each guy on the roster should treat every single match they are in. It is about giving your best for yourself and the fans who come out to see a show. Miz can’t hold a candle to Dolph.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

What will make this match interesting is that neither Harper or Rowan will be allowed at ringside to assist Bray, due to victories scored on both Raw and Smackdown by Chris Jericho. Not that Bray can’t hold his own in the ring but his two followers make it a lot easier to secure a victory.

No matter who wins this match, Bray will walk out of it a bigger superstar than he was before he walked down that ramp. If anyone in the WWE can do that, it’s Jericho. He put over Fandango at Wrestlemania for god sakes!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Paige vs. AJ Lee (c) (Divas Championship Match)

I actually was starting to like the whole frenimies angle. I thought it was inventive and interesting, now it’s kind of worn out to me and I could give a shit. It makes me sad because I really thought that the divas division was making a turn around.

Winner: AJ Lee

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

For weeks Randy Orton has been after ROman Reigns for costing him his rematch for the WWE title. I’ve never seen such a grudge held by anyone in my life. I’d say out of all the matches on the card, this is the one I’m the most eager for. Mostly because I will get to see Roman beat the holy hell out of Randy Orton.

Since the break-up of The Shield, Roman has been in some pretty high-profile matches but this will be his time to prove himself truly worthy of being a top guy. The fans love him and that is fantastic but he needs to do something that will one hundred percent assert his dominance over Randy, the Authority, and send a message to every single person on that roster that it is his time to shine. You either move out-of-the-way or get ran over. The victory that Roman gains in this match will propel him to be next in line for a shot at the title belt probably by the next pay-per-view event.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

I have an extremely hard time buying that Brie Bella has a single mean bone in her body, that explains why I have such a hard time with her ‘tough girl’ act. I really want to like her going into this but there is no way that she can take Stephanie, hell I’d be scared to take on Stephanie. The only thing that will save Brie from defeat will be Nikki, something that I hope doesn’t happen because it will cheapen any chance she has at victory. Nikki may have gotten the shitty end of the stick since Brie peaced out, but if she’s such a tough cookie she wouldn’t need the ‘assistance’. I’d like to see a good, clean fight. I think that this match will surprise a lot of people in how good it will actually be, I’m hoping for a lot of big surprises and shocking moments.

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

This match is going to do great things for both of the mean involved in it.

It will establish Rusev as the villain that he should have been from the beginning and it will make people somewhat give a shit about Jack Swagger. He’s never been my favorite but he needs to do something to make people care, he can’t solely rely on Zeb’s fantastic work on the microphone each and every week. He also needs to make sure that his work is clean so nobody else gets injured while working with him. This also works in Rusev’s favor as the anti-American sentiment that he projects establishes him as a bad guy. You can beat up anyone you want but when you’ve got an entire arena of people hating your guts, you’ve made it as a heel.

It’s very Slaughter/Sheik and I’m not upset about it.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Summerslam 2013: Feeling The Heat.

Monday night was the final push, the final chance to get your voice heard and put the fear of god into your opponent. Words were exchanged, slaps were dished out, people got thrown around, and a camera got destroyed on Raw. Some established their place as the dominant superstar going into their respective matches and some got knocked down a few pegs. Summerslam is just five short days away and then we will see who really put their money where their mouth is.

Who do I think will emerge victorious? Well, grab a beer and pull up a chair!

Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. Christian (World Heavyweight Championship match):

Winner: Christian

I just love Christian. All he wants is one more match and he won that right a few weeks ago by, yet again, defeating Alberto Del Rio. I really like the dynamic between these two wrestlers. Christian has the people behind him, he is the good guy, the one you want to win. Del Rio is the one you wish would take a face plant into the steel steps going into the ring.

I have one hope for this match. My hope is that Christian wins the title and gets to hoist that belt above his head and he enjoys every second of his title reign. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he has had his share of success, he has also had a lot of hardship. Whether it was backstage heat, various injuries, or just bad luck, Christian has persevered through it all. If that video package on Raw wasn’t enough to convince people that he will take home the title on Sunday, then they need their head examined. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long he has the title or if this is his ‘retirement match’. He will have earned this title reign and be proud of the fact that his fans have cheered him on for his entire career. This wrestling fan will be one of those people.

John Cena (Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship match):

Winner; Daniel Bryan

I think it’s pretty set in stone that Bryan is going to take this one. I don’t dislike Cena, I just think he shouldn’t be champion right now. SUre, Daniel Bryan may not be the typical person that you picture when someone says ‘WWE Champion’. He is different, he marches to the beat of his own drum, and he is the underdog. Daniel Bryan is the person that no one expected to got his far in an industry like professional wrestling.

I think the most interesting point of his feud is the angle that Daniel is working. He said, in similar words, that John Cena is an entertainer and he is a wrestler. I have mentioned before that I do agree with some of what he said but not everything. To sum it up, they’re both wrestlers and they’re both entertainers, they just entertain in different ways. What makes this match exciting for me is that I think it is something that the WWE Universe wants to see. They want to see King Cena taken down. I don’t really think that a guest referee, HHH, is going to add anything to this match in any way. I would also just like to say that I am OVERJOYED that it isn’t Brad Maddox. Generally, I don’t really feel like guest referees add very much to a main event. Something of this magnitude should be left to the professionals, mainly Charles Robinson. Why him? Because I like him, that’s why!

Natalya vs. Brie:

Winner: Natalya

The women’s division got a little shot of adrenaline because of the Total Divas reality show, but it is still not where it needs to be. What I’d like to see is Natalya beat Brie with a clean finish. Not anything like that ref botch that happened on Raw. Man, that was as much embarrassing as it was completely confusing.

I want this division to do well. I want to see these women be taken as seriously as their male counterparts are.

This division is desperate for a turnaround. It isn’t going to happen overnight, it isn’t going to be easy, but it can be done. Having someone like Natalya (a female wrestler who can actually wrestle) win on Sunday could be the first step in the right direction.

Dean Ambrose (Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam (United States Championship match):

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This is a match that is taking place on the kick-off show. It had little build up other than a 20 man battle royal on Raw this week. I do think that it will be good but probably not a particularly strong match-up. I know I will have more to say after the actual match happens but I can’t think of anything to really say about it right now.

I guess it will be interesting to see how someone like Dean Ambrose does with a high flyer like RVD. Who knows, this match may surprise us and be amazing. I think the entire Summerslam card is great but I’m a little on the fence about this match. The one outcome I do want to see is for Dean to retain, especially since RVD isn’t around for the long run and Night of Champions is right around the corner.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar:

Winner: CM Punk

The Beast versus the Best.

I don’t like Brock Lesnar. Never have and never will. He can’t wrestle, can’t do a promo, and just generally annoys the hell out of me. I was kind of on the fence when he showed back up (I don’t believe in part-time guys getting top spots). When it was revealed that Punk was his opponent, I was ecstatic. I love Punk and his presence in this match makes it feel like it belongs in the main event slot at Wrestlemania. Adding to the dynamic even more, is the now hostile and damaged relationship that CM Punk has with Paul Heyman. Paul turned on Punk when he was told he was no longer needed in the manager/ringside capacity. A long-standing friendship ended and one of the hottest rivalries of the year began to heat up.

I don’t think that Paul or any of the ‘Paul Heyman Guys’ are going to sit this match out. I 150% expect some form of interference. I also expect Punk to take out whoever chooses to interfere with a GTS.

This won’t be a clean or fair fight by any means and this fan is looking forward to a fight.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire match):

Winner: Kane

Inferno match. Do I really need to say anymore?

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow:

Winner: Cody Rhodes

It was hard for me to pick a winner in this match because I like them both. This is going to be a fantastic match from both sides and really enjoyable for all of the fans. This is one feud that I hope goes on for a while because Cody and Damien are just two really likeable superstars, the addition of the MITB briefcase just adds to the tension.

I see one ending for this storyline is the two hugging it out in the ring and resuming their team dynamic. Can you imagine them in the middle of the ring after a long bout, exhausted, teary eyed, and hugging? That would be epic, it would give the fans hope that the bromance could live on.

Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee/Big E. Langston:

Winner: Dolph/Kaitlyn

Out of all the matches, this is the one I am the least interested in. I don’t really care who wins, as I think that Dolph has moved past needing AJ in his life (not that he ever needed her). I want to see everyone involved in this match just move on and find something else to be involved in. Hopefully, this match on Sunday will be the catalyst in that. Let’s get this straight, I think this match will be good but it just isn’t really doing anything for me.

I just don’t care for the female division right now and I think that is what is contributing to my apathy towards this match. I can’t remember the last time I saw a decent mixed tag team bout.

Even though I may not have a vested interest in a few of the matches, it is still an incredibly strong card to the WWE to put on for the fans. It will be entertaining and engaging, with more than a few surprises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

I mean, come on…this is the WWE we’re talking about here!

Knocking Down The King.

In the WWE universe, some things just become accepted, never-changing.

One of those things is the fact that John Cena will always be seen as the perfect champion, never faltering. Super Cena always comes to the rescue. He is a literal superhero, saving anyone who he thinks needs it. Vincent Kennedy McMahon even said himself on Raw this week that he wanted someone to beat Cena. He wants someone to take his title away, a new face for the WWE. I felt like there was some truth in that statement, whether he is expressing his own opinion or sharing what the majority thinks. The fact that he and Maddox are talking smack about Bryan is just going to make his victory that much sweeter. I don’t think that they are saying these not so nice things about Daniel to  beat him down, it’s just their version of tough love. With the recent demeanor of Bryan, he needed more than just a pat on the back and a ‘Good Job!’. He needed a good swift kick in the you know what.

He is being poised to knock down the top guy in the company and probably one of the most polarizing champions in the entire history of World Wrestling Entertainment. I personally hope that Daniel Bryan gets his moment in the sun and mops the floor with Cena.

What Vince said really struck a chord with me, we are hungry for a new champion and King Cena’s days are numbered.

Speaking of numbered days, Mark Henry and the Uso brothers certainly showed The Shield that their reign will soon be over. In a six man tag match on Raw, Henry threw all of the hounds of justice around like they were a cheap rag doll that a child cast aside. It was terrifying and Henry is not a guy that I would want to meet in a dark alley. I’m not the only one who was a little sad when Henry didn’t defeat Cena for the title at the last pay-per-view but this is also a good spot for him to be in. Sure, The Shield has had their fair share of opposition but nothing the likes of Henry/Usos. These three men are beasts. Working in a trio can be navigation through some tricky waters but I’m very confident that the combination of Jimmy, Jey, and Mark can get it done. It obviously isn’t a long-term group like The Shield but they can’t be discounted, they’ll provide some healthy competition for the next few months.

What I hope disappears much sooner than that is this new attitude that Ryback has. I’ve been watching wrestling a lot of years and know that heels sometimes have to walk a really fine line with what they do on camera and in the ring but Ryback is just a big bully. That doesn’t fly with me at all, moving on to more things I don’t quite understand… I think it’s great that Rob Van Dam is back and all but he doesn’t seem to have a direction right now. I don’t know what they are building him up for but I don’t think facing Fandango is it (Not that I don’t love the man with the rainbow pants!). We still don’t even know a time frame for his run, if it is permanent or short-term, so it is hard to determine what exactly will happen with him. I would also like to see this whole Aj/Big E/Ziggler thing some to an end. Now, I like the interaction that Big E and Ziggler (my only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner) and they had a great match on Raw. My problem with it is the Aj factor. Her screaming and acting nuts is getting old, she’s more annoying than ever.

The match of the night was Christian versus Alberto Del Rio, hands down. Del Rio was up to his usual shenanigans of being unusually brutal towards his opponent. I sincerely hope that Christian is picked by Alberto to be his opponent at Summerslam because he has been on such a winning streak the last few weeks. If anyone remembers, Christian has a history of being screwed over big time. Anyone else remember the last episode of ECW where he lost the title to Ezekiel Jackson? I sure do. (And I’d like to send a HUGE congrats to Christian who was announced as Del Rio’s opponent at the time this article was still being written!)

The main events were good but more on the mediocre size. Everyone knows that Bryan will beat Cena and they’ll have this epic showdown. That doesn’t necesarrily excite people. What is exciting to the fans is that Cena will no longer hold the top spot and be seen as the golden boy of the WWE. His career isn’t over by any means but it is time to let someone else shine. Before everyone freaks out, I know that Cena does things for younger talent and all that but he is everywhere. He doesn’t need to bow out of the spotlight completely but if he went away or was ‘injured’ for a while, the intrigue for his return would be big.

Cena does his best work when he is facing defeat, when the odds are against him, and when he’s getting the bejesus kicked out of him. He thrives on it.

But let’s face it, people will still boo the hell out of him.

A Drumroll Please.

Brad Maddox.

Brad freaking Maddox.

He’s the new GM of Raw and, while I initially rolled my eyes, I think the guy actually stands a chance. I think what makes him seem like he could hack is that he is a little unorthodox. Sure, they could have gone with a Booker T or Teddy Long but choosing someone who appears to be fairly inexperienced was a bold move. It opens things up for a certain level of unpredictability and that’s what he brought to the show last week. He let John Cena choose his own opponent for Summerslam, out of everyone on the entire Raw roster. Cena could have chosen anybody that he wanted. He picked Daniel Bryan. I am glad he didn’t go for the cheap pop and pick RVD. I feel like there is more to why he is back and another feud is meant for him,

This week, Maddox made Cena justify why he chose Bryan. Obviously it was because the crowd was the deciding factor but Cena said it was because no one would give Daniel a chance. That may be just coincidental writing or actual feelings but either way, there is some truth to it. Unsatisfied with that very passionate answer, Brad made him prove his worth in a gauntlet (even though they didn’t actually use that term on television) match. Bryan had to face Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, and Ryback. I was reading online that many hoped the Big Show would be the final champion, as to why he didn’t appear I’m not sure but it would have spiced things up quite a bit. I actually thought the Swagger/Daniel match was decent, some good moments but kind of mediocre in comparison to what came next. I feel so bad for Antonio Cesaro for being saddled in the Real Americans group and I hope that they put him there because they have bigger plans for him. Cesaro helped Bryan put on a master class in wrestling.

This match was so enthralling. Counter after counter and near fall after near fall, it was pure magic from start to finish. You couldn’t have asked for a better match or a better finish, which involved Daniel Bryan countering Cesaro’s European uppercut. One word can describe it, and that word is beautiful.

What we got on this week’s Raw is what most would consider filler, but this week was focused on Daniel Bryan. We got to see the following matches:

  • Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
  • Christian vs. Titus O’Neil
  • Darren Young vs. Dolph Ziggler
  • Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes
  • Wade Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam

I thought they were all really well put together matches, but they didn’t really advance any stories. That’s fine by me because next week they are going to kick the build up to Summerslam into high gear. I’ve said it before that the events that the WWE put on for their fans just keep getting better and better. The quality of wrestling we are getting to see is just out of this world.

What would really be out of this world is seeing someone finally dethrone King Cena from the championship throne. I love the guy but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Daniel Bryan really does have a hard task at hand, he’s going to have many roadblocks in his way (including Kane next week) but the reaction from the crowd when he wins will be electric. I hope whoever is attending Summerslam this year will be bringing earplugs with them, it’s going to be a loud one.