Hall Of Fame 2016.

My second favorite night of the year is the Hall of Fame ceremony that takes place the night before Wrestlemania. I always enjoy seeing the wrestlers outside of the ring, dressed in their best, paying respect to those who paved the way. This year, the ceremony is special for a few reasons. Let’s jump into the inductees for the class of 2016…

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE. Inducted by Ric Flair.

In addition to being in a WWE ring, I never thought that I’d see Sting being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many have speculated that his entrance into the Hall of Fame is being accompanied with a retirement speech, due to cervical spinal stenosis. With a career starting in the mid-1980’s, he has wrestled with several companies over three decades. To most people, he is probably best known for his fierce loyalty to World Championship Wrestling and resistance to join the WWE when WCW was purchased by Vince.

Many people (myself included), always say that he was to WCW what the Undertaker is to the WWE. He was the most recognizable figure of WCW and always remained relevant because he was able to adapt with the times. There’s a lot of phrases thrown around the sports world like ‘legend’, ‘best of all time’, ‘true star’, and I could probably list a dozen more. Sting embodies every single one of those. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have watched him and cheered for him for three decades.

I did a post a while ago about how grateful I am that my dad and I got to experience him finally stepping into a WWE ring together and my thoughts on his alleged retirement announcement. It makes me really sad that his time in the ring may come to an end, but I’m just grateful that I got to watch such a legend.


Photo Courtesy of WWE. Inducted by the APA (Ron Simmons and John Layfield.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.
Inducted by the APA (Ron Simmons and John Layfield.

I found it very odd that the Godfather was being inducted, he sure does look funny next to Sting. Like, I can’t even think of anything to say to even try to justify his induction. I didn’t like the Godfather character, I didn’t think it was funny or that entertaining.

Sure, he could be considered a semi-important player during the Attitude Era but that’s pretty much it. I don’t remember Charles Wright as the Godfather, I remember him as Kama, in the Nation of Domination, and as Papa Shango. Papa Shango used to scare the living daylights out of me as a kid, I remember that more than a guy with his hoes. Most of all, I’m curious as to why Godfather is being inducted in the ‘PG-13 Era’? Is he going to come out to give his speech with a bunch of scantily clad women surrounding him? This is going to be one of those inductions where  people sit, holding their breaths, and hoping to god that the censors aren’t kicked into overdrive.


Photo Courtesy of WWE. Inducted by the New Day.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.
Inducted by the New Day.

When the Fabulous Freebirds were announced as inductees this year, I thought I was being tricked. Wrestling fans have been waiting longer than I’ve been alive for the Freebirds to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I can’t think of a faction that’s more deserving than Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, Buddy Roberts, and Terry Gordy. Call them whatever term of endearment you want, these guys took wrestling and lit that bitch on fire. The Freebirds had everything going for them. It was their style, their ring gear, their attitudes, and that special little rule that made their faction more unique than any other. Michael Hayes even sang their theme music for god sakes!

They had one of the most prolific feuds in professional wrestling history when they collided (on multiple occasions) with the Von Erich Family. I can only relive their rivalry through YouTube and stories from my dad but dear god, does it ever make me wish I could have experienced it first hand. These four individuals paved the way for COUNTLESS factions in the present and future. I challenge any tag team to say that the Freebirds didn’t influence them in one way or another.

I think what I’m most looking forward to, even more than Hayes speech, is to see what suit he will be wearing.


Photo Courtesy of WWE. Inducted by Slick.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.
Inducted by Slick.

Brought into the WWE by Slick, Boss Man’s personality matched his large stature. Initially, he teamed up with Akeem to form the Twin Towers. While they did not capture a title during their time as a group, their immense stature was more than enough to make them a definite force in the tag team division at that time. He broke away from Akeem and Slick to go on to feud with the likes of Al Snow, Steve Austin, Degeneration X, and the Mountie.

I thought that the work that he did with Al Snow was pretty entertaining (and some of his best), even if it was a little disturbing at times. However, the most vibrant memory that I have of the Big Boss Man was when he was hung from Hell in a Cell while battling the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 15.

He stuck to the letter of the law, even if that letter was a bit twisted.


Photo Courtesy of WWE. Inducted by the Dudley Boyz.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.
Inducted by the Dudley Boyz.

Jacqueline was a woman who you did not want to mess with.

I really liked her in the WWE, she wasn’t your typical model type. She was a tough girl who could stand in the ring with her male counterparts. That was evidenced when she was able to capture the Cruiserweight belt by defeating Chavo Guerrero. I love female wrestlers that can fight, that can stand toe to toe with the guys and show them how it’s done. Maybe that’s why I admire women like Natalya and Sasha Banks so much…

She wore a lot of hats besides ‘wrestler’ during her six years with the organization. She was also a referee and a trainer, sharing her grasp of the wrestling business with younger talent.

Photo Courtesy PWI via WWE.com. Inducted by Vader.

Photo Courtesy PWI via WWE.com.
Inducted by Vader.

Much like the Fabulous Freebirds, I wasn’t around to see Stan Hansen in his prime. I had heard a lot about him from my dad and some reading that I had done.

My dad told me about his time teaming with Bruiser Brody and that Hansen has a clothesline that will knock your block off. I mean, it broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck for god sakes!  As I mentioned before, I did a bit of research on Mr. Hansen in preparation for this post and he wasn’t an individual that could be described with the word ‘typical’. Even when he was stripped of the AWA title, he didn’t simply give it back. He ran that thing over with his truck to let them know that it was from him.

He was big, burly, and would do what wanted, when he wanted. Stan Hansen wasn’t just a superstar in the United States, he also had tremendous success in Japan. I don’t think that my words could serve his career justice.

It’s said each and every year, but this Hall of Fame class is filled with some true greats. People that have paved the way for the present and future generations of superstars who want to step inside the ring and leave their mark. I can’t wait for Saturday night to see each one of them take their rightful place amongst other legends.

Thank You Sting.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

On March 17th, the rumors flew that Sting was retiring due to cervical spinal stenosis. The initial report I read from Ring-Rap.com also mentioned that his retirement would be formally announced during the Hall of Fame ceremony on April 2nd, the night before Wrestlemania.

I felt like this little rain cloud was over my head all day. Honestly, I felt like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

I wasn’t always the biggest fan of WCW but I grew up watching it, my mom would tape it for my dad and I to watch when he was on days off. We’d get some snacks and a pop, plunk down on the couch, and watch Nitro and Thunder. We are WWE fans but we never turned down an opportunity to watch wrestling, no matter what company it was.

I don’t remember my first time seeing Sting as vividly as I do seeing the Undertaker, but I always equated the two in terms of importance to the wrestling world. Sting always had this aura around him, even with the day-glo face paint. He was electric in personality and compelling in the ring. The phrase gets thrown around a lot, but Sting really is one of the greatest of all time. Much like his WWE counterpart, he was able to adapt with the times and tap into what fans wanted to see.

I really have to hand it to him because he was there through the early days of WCW, their dominant period in the Monday Night Wars, and when that company was sinking faster than the Titanic. When WCW was bought out by WWE, many just assumed that he would jump ship and continue on. Sting proved his loyalty by not doing that and continuing his career with TNA, a company that doesn’t know their asses from their elbows on a good day. Fans always felt, myself included, that the WWE would give his career the recognition that it deserved. Over a decade had passed since the demise of WCW and fans were still waiting with bated breath for a moment that never seemed like it would happen.

Were we ever wrong.

On the day of Survivor Series 2014, rumors flew all day that Sting was there and he would be in the ring and blah, blah, blah. My dad and I immediately dismissed it because we thought that Steve Borden would NEVER be in a WWE ring. Still, a little part of us was hoping that it was true. When his music hit, we lost our minds. My dad and I screamed ‘HOLY FUCK IT’S STING’ so loud that my mom thought we were yelling at each other. I could have cried because I was so excited. For over ten years, that was the moment that I was waiting for.

Sting, much like Taker, doesn’t strike me as a man who does something unless he wants to. His WWE run may not have been what people have wanted but I am just so happy that I got to see him in the WWE. If you can;t be grateful for that, then I feel really bad for you.

His match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015 was spectacular but he was unfortunately injured in that match. I’ve seen people blaming Seth Rollins on Twitter but they need to give their heads a shake. I don’t think that Seth set out to injure Sting, I don’t think that he intended for that to happen, but Sting’s condition was probably amplified during that match. It would be the final night that we got to see Sting in a WWE ring but the fact that he was there was good enough for me.

Wrestling fans got to enjoy watching Sting for almost three decades. He gave everything he had to us and I could not be more proud to be able to see him go into the Hall of Fame on April 2nd, retirement announcement or not. I will probably bawl like a baby and keep thinking of that Undertaker vs. Sting match that never was but I am grateful that I got to even watch Sting.

Thank you Sting.

Double Trouble.

Night of Champions is a pay-per-view event where every single title is on the line.

Seth Rollins is the lucky guy who gets to defend two titles that night, the US title and the WWE World Heavyweight title. That’s a tall order for any superstar to fill on a night where you have to fight harder to keep your top spot, but to have to do that twice? I don’t think so.

Seth will have to defend his US title against John Cena and his WWE World Heavyweight title against Sting. I’m looking forward to Seth’s match with Sting much more than his one with Cena, especially since he owned Cena at Summerslam. He’s just so good at being heel it’s ridiculous. As much as I like Seth (okay, LOVE!), I feel like he has a better chance at retaining his United States belt than his World Heavyweight belt.


Nothing against Seth’s abilities, everyone already knows how good he is. He has WAY more to worry about in his match against Sting than his match against Cena.

Cena is one guy who Seth has beaten before. It’s not like Cena is a master of the mat, his strategy is pretty easy to figure out and plan for on the fly. He’s got the five moves of doom and that’s it, and that springboard stunner he busts out every once in a while. Another thing that Seth has going for him in this match is that he only has one opponent to take on, as opposed to two in his match with Sting.

That’s right. I said two.

Seth will have to worry more about his match with Sting because Sheamus still has that MITB briefcase. I had almost completely forgotten he had the damn thing because I didn’t want to think of him ever becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone is going to be on edge to see if Sheamus shows up to interrupt a highly anticipated match. Knowing him, he won’t disappoint. I see this match playing out with Sting winning that belt, hoisting it above his head, and Sheamus spoiling the moment because that’s what he does best!

Another situation that I was throwing around in my wrestling loving brain was that Sheamus would cash in on Seth in the middle of the match and suffer a scorpion death drop but that seemed less exciting.

There seems to be a miniscule rift in Seth’s relationship with the Authority and that may also factor into the outcome of the main event on Sunday and raises a few questions. If he loses will he still be the man? Will he still have a good working relationship with Trips and Stephanie? Is Sheamus working in cahoots with the Authority to test Seth? Is Seth going to crack under pressure and stress from his statue?

I felt ridiculous typing that last one but I think that he will still have that on his mind, you don’t come between a man and his statue!

I like Seth as dual champion a lot, he’s great on the mic and even better in the ring. A little part of me is hoping that he can retain both belts but realistically, he’s leaving that event with one less than he went in with.

Bringing The Heat.

Many wrestling fans probably rolled their eyes when an extra hour was added on to this year’s Summerslam, this girl was not among that group of fans.

The extra hour was 100% worth it because Summerslam was unbelievable (Monday Night Raw the following night just added to it, but that’s for later on in the post).

The card was solid and my dad and I enjoyed every minute of it, what more can you ask for? I found that there was very little on the card that wasn’t enjoyable but, even then, it was still entertaining in some way. One thing that stands out to me as being a low point was the Randy Orton/Sheamus match but they had that up first so it really wasn’t that much trouble to sit through. It was okay but the match overall was quite boring for me as I think Sheamus has the presence of a stick of butter. Okay, it wasn’t that funny but I think that you get my drift…

Another thing that bugged me was the tag team elimination match that featured Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and Team PCB. It wasn’t the wrestling that I am complaining about but rather the way in which the eliminations happened. I don’t know if I missed something in the rules but I just assumed that it would be a Survivor Series style elimination match. It wasn’t and this girl was most definitely a little disappointed in that. See what I mean about the so-called low points not really being all that bad? It sure was tough to pick even those two things because they didn’t really bother me that much. I wasn’t even mad when the Primetime Players lost the tag titles or when Kevin Owens went over Cesaro.

Maybe I’m just the eternal WWE optimist, maybe I just love wrestling so much I overlook some of the not so great moments. You get the smart asses who act like they’re in creative or in charge of booking the shows because they think it should be a certain way, I respectfully disagree. As long as it entertains, great or not so great, be happy that we get to enjoy something so universally loved and that bonds fans all over the world.

Enough of that philosophical stuff, let’s get down to my two favorite moments of Summerslam. Both are rife with controversy and deliciously entertaining. First, it’s Seth Rollins retaining his title while simultaneously acquiring John Cena’s precious United States belt.


I was pulling for Seth to win from the second that John Cena injected himself into the title picture. Cena has my utmost respect and I give credit where it is due, but that doesn’t mean that I think he should be champion.

In fact, I think there’s no added value to his career if he gets the title another 10 times before he retires. People FREAKED out on me for that comment but I don’t give a shit. Before anyone rips me a new one, I used to be a massive Cena fan and I still am a fan of his. I don’t think it adds very much to his career if he ties or breaks Flair’s impressive record. Cena has already done more in his career than some people on the roster and in other companies can even dream of. Fans don’t want him to break or tie the record because he comes out every single week, does the same pandering promo, builds up a wrestler, cuts them down, and then yells one of his trademark slogans.

He isn’t some holier than thou being who can do no wrong, fans (for the most part I think) are sick of his shit. Seth is the opposite of what Cena represents and is the best heel that the WWE has right now, that’s why fans love and hate him. Jon Stewart jumped on the ‘John Cena Sucks’ train and delivered a chair shot to the midsection of Cena that brought him to his knees and the fans to their feet. Seth got the 1-2-3 and took the belt away from his opponent. We got all of that excitement in a match that didn’t even main event the pay-per-view!

For the first time, in god knows how long, a non-title match main evented a major show. It was the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and it was glorious. I’m not going to be getting into the finer details of their feud or how I feel about each competitor because everyone knows that I am a HUGE Taker fan and wish that Lesnar would just not appear on my tv. What I am going to talk about is the finish to the match, which I think was brilliant!

People are still losing their damn minds over Taker tapping to Lesnar’s submission move but it not being called. The ref can’t call what he does not see and the time-keeper was in NO position to see Taker tap anyways. I could have given two shits because Taker won and that is what I wanted to happen but it worked well with the attitude that Taker had going into this match.

He was straddling the line between face and heel, it was masterful to watch. I didn’t really understand the initial freaking out because Lesnar would have done the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. Brock Lesnar doesn’t strike me as a moral beacon so everyone can calm down.

On Monday Night Raw, we got treated to even more entertainment. It was a show that was post-Wrestlemania quality, I marked out on more than one occasion. We got the Dudley Boyz (I almost flipped my damn TV tray over!), Jon Stewart, Flair, and a very surprising appearance by the Icon.

The only segment that really lagged for me was the Miz TV segment with Team PCB but, you can’t win all the time. We also got to hear what Jon Stewart had to say about why he gut checked Cena with a chair and I agreed with him 100%. Stewart played his role marvellously and we even got to see the smatterings of a pissed off Cena. I would say that this was the spark of a heel turn but we call know that it will last until next week and then he’ll go back to pandering to the crowd and inspiring some witty remarks on my part.

Now I can move on to the most important moment of Monday Night Raw…


Man, I could have peed my pants I was so excited. People bitch and complain about the WWE all the time but it is little moments like that which keep me glued to my television each and every week. He was the LAST person I expected to be under the shroud. Maybe the statue was dressed up or destroyed in some way, maybe Cena found his way back into the arena and was going to ambush Seth, it could have been anything or anyone. I was so excited that my parents heard me screaming from the basement and they were outside in the garage.

(People tried to spoil it for me and what not but I don’t believe anything until I see it on television or the WWE reports it officially.)

Sting made it very clear that he was after the Authority and Seth’s title belt (the one he retained the night before), I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face. Sure, the odds of Sting actually winning the title at Night of Champions may be slim but I never thought I’d get to see the day he would compete for the belt. Hell, I never thought I’d get to see him in a WWE ring but here we are!

The rest of the Night of Champions card will be revealed in the coming weeks and if it is even half as intriguing and exhilarating as the WWE title match, this girl is going to be one happy camper!

Bring. It. On.

Wrestlemania XXXI.

Undertaker celebrating his win against Bray Wyatt. Photo courtesy of WWE.

Undertaker celebrating his win against Bray Wyatt.
Photo courtesy of WWE.

Wrestlemania XXXI.

In my personal opinion, this was the best Wrestlemania in recent years.

This year’s Showcase of the Immortals really lived up to the grandeur and prestige that surrounds Wrestlemania. I couldn’t even pick a single moment that stood out in my mind but I suppose I can pick a few!

Undertaker Returns

I could have just written Undertaker and I’m sure that my message would have been conveyed quite well. After what happened at Wrestlemania XXX, I was honestly nervous that was his final walk down the ramp and that we’d never see him again.

Nervous actually isn’t even the right word to describe how I was feeling. I think ‘damn near shitting my pants’ about covers it. People laugh all the time when I tell them that but very few people know what the Undertaker actually means both to me and professional wrestling as a whole. Not meaning to sound cliché here but they call him ‘Phenom’ for a reason.

The gong hit and his music started, I had goosebumps. He walked out from behind that screen in his trademark hat and jacket, he commanded that arena. Watching him walk down to the ring just made my heart swell and I just watched in awe. Every time he graces us with his presence it is a breathtaking moment. He looked fantastic and I hope that he’s got a few more Mania’s left in him

Sting Wrestles at Wrestlemania

This was something that I (among millions of others) had been waiting over a decade for, Sting FINALLY had a match in a WWE ring. Sting showed incredible loyalty to WCW throughout the Monday Night Wars and that’s a feat. I just think that the WWE would have provided a better platform for him but I wouldn’t be writing this if he jumped the ship to WWE all those years ago.

I really liked the way that his match was built, shrouded in mystery and suspense (much like Sting himself). The match may not have turned out how I would have preferred, I still was entertained from beginning to end. Hopefully, the Icon will return for that ever elusive Undertaker/Sting match.

Seth Rollins Cashes in…FINALLY!

I was beginning to think that he would NEVER cash that damn thing in.

I will have to admit that during the main event, I was so nervous that Roman wouldn’t take the victory. As his match progressed, it didn’t seem like he could take much more of Brock’s abuse. Sure, he got a few great superman punches in but Brock kept killing any momentum that he had. It wasn’t looking good for Roman and then it got worse…Seth’s music hit and he brought the briefcase to the ring. He FINALLY cashed that in.

At first I was angry about it (a ginger kid angry…imagine that!) because of how badly I wanted Roman to win. One thing that didn’t make sense to me was how it was declared a triple threat match, I can’t recall a time when that was ever done. I didn’t really think it was fair to do that to Roman, as he wasn’t the champion and had been under so much criticism since he had won the Royal Rumble in January.

With all that being said, I still thought the outcome of the match was great.

Roman got to have his Wrestlemania match, Seth finally cashed in that damn briefcase, and (most importantly) Brock didn’t walk out with the belt.

Everything about it was just fantastic. The matches may not have all turned out how I would have liked (I was legitimately PRAYING for a Sting victory) but I was 100% satisfied with the show. How many times do I say that? I even enjoyed the women’s match for god sakes.

Wrestlemania 31 brought out the best parts of being a wrestling fan. My dad and I laughed, gasped, and lost our breath at the amazing moments that the superstars gave us. I could thank the WWE all I want for giving us such a great event but it will NEVER be enough.

I’m already looking forward to Wrestlemania 32!

Power Play.

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Monday Night Raw was one of the final stops on the road to Wrestlemania XXXI.

This was the last major chance that the superstars had to show themselves off and make their mark before the Showcase of the Immortals. I personally think that they did a fantastic job.

Sting kicked off the broadcast by calling out Triple H in the middle of the ring. He spoke about the conniving and manipulative nature of the Cerebral Assassin and his words almost earned him a patented Stephanie McMahon slap. Triple H came down to confront the Vigilante and we got one epic standoff. Well, it would have been epic had Hunter not chickened out and left ringside. He had his sledgehammer but Sting had that bat. There is no guarantee who will win this fight but I think it speaks volumes that Hunter back away like he did. Will he get Sting when his guard is down? Is this all just a double-cross?

I am still in shock that I get to see Sting in a WWE ring after waiting over a decade. There is no bad outcome for this match for me. I’m just happy that I get to see him wrestle on a platform truly worthy of his ability.

(On a historic note, it was 14 years ago this Monday that Vince purchased WCW and won the Monday Night Wars.)

As stacked as the Wrestlemania card is this year, I think that the Intercontinental Championship ladder match is going to be the one to steal the show. The entire situation seems a little chaotic and comedic at times but these competitors have put on some of the most consistently entertaining matches and segments. The person who I want to win is Wade Barrett but the realist part of me is thinking that it will be Dolph Ziggler. Some may see it as a ‘downgrade’ for Dolph but I think that it doesn’t matter what belt a superstar carries, it’s all in how he carries it.

We also got treated to a divas match and some tag team matches, I may not have agreed with who won but I was still entertained. One point of contention that I have is with this whole #GiveDivasAChance movement. I think that it’s great that people want women’s wrestling to be given more exposure within the company because they do have some extremely talented women on that roster. However, it can’t just be AJ, Paige, and the Bellas; everyone needs to get a chance at the belt. AJ isn’t the saviour of the women’s division, I’d hate to break it to some people. There are women who are more talented and more athletic. If you want women to get a fair shake, they all have to be treated as equals in the division and on the roster. Maybe I’m reaching for that rainbow but that’s how I see it. They all work hard so they should all have a shot, there really isn’t that many women on the main roster to begin with. I don’t think the women’s division should be all sunshine and rainbows but you can’t just apply the movement to a small group of them.

Now that I’ve ranted, I think the biggest moment of the night was when Roman grabbed the title out of Lesnar’s hand and held it up. I was rendered speechless and I realize how hard that is to believe coming from someone like me. People will always bitch and moan about Roman and I could give two shits. Like I said in a previous post, no one is ever truly ready to be in that main event spot at an event with the grandeur of Wrestlemania (if you say you are, you’re lying through your teeth). Taking Brock’s title was a major power play by Reigns and I think that it sent a VERY strong message to Lesnar.

I also wanted to address the fact that Lesnar resigned with the WWE, inking a multi-year deal. Yeah, I’m not happy about it but I have heard rumors of what they plan to do with him and I don’t think that he’ll continue on as champ. To me, it doesn’t make sense to put that much steam behind Roman and then just take it all away because some block headed dope can write his name on a line. Before anyone loses their mind, I don’t think Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are or were in the same type of situation so get out of here with that nonsense. I think that this signing was a strategic move on the part of Vince and WWE to keep Brock away from UFC. Did Brock honestly think that they would let him fight for both companies at once? There’s guys that work a lot harder than he does but I do understand why that decision was made from a business standpoint. I don’t like it in the least but I respect it. Since I’m such a curious cat, I want to know the terms of his deal. We all know that he can’t handle the work and he doesn’t like to travel so it will be interesting to see how often we will actually see him and what he will be doing. I’ve heard the rumors but I tend to not believe something until WWE releases an official statement or I see it for myself.

These people can change their minds like people change their underwear.

Take A Bow.

Picture it. Survivor Series 2014. Something incredible happened that would forever change the landscape of professional wrestling for fans everywhere…

No, this isn’t the beginning of one of Sophia’s stories from the Golden Girls. It is the beginning of a retelling of the most amazing moment in sports entertainment history. It was something that fans all over the world thought would never happen, something that was not possible in this life or any other.

We got to see the man, the icon, the franchise.

We got to see…


I had a good friend of mine tell me that she heard he was going to appear but we both kind of dismissed it as he’s been rumored to have signed with WWE before and nothing has materialized. Being the optimist that I have been about Sting appearing, I ran to tell my dad. As we watching the event, we talked about what could happen and what it meant to wrestling or if it would actually ever happen. Then, during the closing moments of the main event, it happened.

Sting’s entrance video and music hit and my dad and I screamed like we were me at a Backstreet Boys concert. If you’ve ever been to a Backstreet Boys concert with me, you know I can be ear shattering loud. My dad and I jumped up, looked at the screen in amazement, and screamed “OH MY GOD! IT’S STING! HOLY FUCK!”. We were literally shaking we were so excited. It was something that was so special to me and everyone else that was watching. This is a man who stayed with pretty much one company for the entirety of his career. He was THAT loyal to WCW, even when the ship was sinking. When he dropped Triple H like a bad habit, I could have cried.

I called my boyfriend immediately after and gave him a play-by-play that would rival any given by any sports announcer in history. In addition to being a great moment for fans, it was nice to see Sting on a stage big enough to house his immense talent and personality.

It is something that I will never, ever forget in my entire life. It was one of the greatest moments I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.