Divas. What’s The Point?

There is a division within the WWE that is in even more turmoil than the tag teams. Yes, even more than the tag teams. It’s the divas, so many problems are just dragging them down. I don’t know where to start so I am just going to jump right in…

The first thing is the use of the term ‘divas’ instead of ‘women’. It’s a small thing but it makes all of the difference in the world to me. Being called a woman commands respect and has a sense of importance. Being called a diva can have many negative connotations and it doesn’t command the same respect. I think it demeans their in-ring work and their role in the company. Sure, they use them on television but it is in a really limited capacity. As for the title belt, it looks really juvenile and childish. They should have kept the old belt, it has so much heritage and history. Women like Moolah carried that, they didn’t carry something emblazoned with butterflies. It really is awful looking, just because something is for females dosn’t mean that it has to be pink/purple/bedazzled.

The female superstars that show any shred of talent or athleticism are relegated to horrible gimmicks or not used at all. For example, Natalya’s farting gimmick, what the hell was that? She, among others, is far too talented to be given something like that to do. When is the last time that Natalya got a chance to do something great? Beth Phoenix? They just recycle the same glorified models and let them win time after time. It has become stale and boring. They need women who can actually wrestle to carry the division and the belt. There is no reason why the women of the WWE can’t be held in the same esteem as the men.

There are no dynamics to what the women in the WWE do. I’ve been to a few live events and¬†every time¬†that the divas compete, chants of ‘BORING’ ring out across the arena. I personally use the time for a pee/beer break. Fans should be getting excited about what they are watching, not using that time to go grab a beverage.

The solution is quite simple, give them more to do, create more competition and beef up the division. I want to be excited about what I am watching andenjoy seeing it, not get up for a beer.