There’s a lot of things that I love about the fall season. The leaves change color, I can wear my favorite boots, Thanksgiving, my birthday, but even more important than all of those things combined…

Survivor Series.

The five on five tag matches are some of my all-time favorite matches and it’s something that truly makes me giggle with excitement. That’s right, I said giggle. I just find them so exciting, you never know what’s going to happen or how the numbers are going to work out. Those types of matches built the Survivor Series legacy and they are the cornerstone of the fall classic.

A particularly interesting match will main event the pay-per-view this year, Team Authority versus Team Cena. Initially, I was stoked. With the addition of the stipulation from Mr. McMahon, if the Authority loses they no longer are the Authority, I could have wept. It’s always exciting to me when he makes an appearance, usually because he’s there to shit all over someone’s good time. The Authority has a pretty decent team lined up; Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry, and a to be determined participant. Their team is big, strong, athletic, and damn near unstoppable. Cena’s team, so far, consists of; himself, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus. Pretty decent line up, but I feel like I can do a bit better. This is how I see my version of Team Cena…

  • John Cena
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Cesaro
  • Big Show

In my opinion, I think that this team covers the wrestling spectrum way better than the Authority’s team. We’ve got the giant, the strong guy, the old school grappler, the high flyer, and the bat shit crazy one. What more is there to ask for? Dean Ambrose has already proven that he can handle himself in the main event spot. Cesaro is a beast, both he and Ziggler have both been pushed and forgotten about several times (for no reason as they are two of the best on the roster today). As for the Big Show, I just love the guy so give me a break.

At the time of this post, there is still an open spot on Team Cena. I’m not super convinced that it will be Dean due to his match with Bray but I am sincerely hoping that it is someone epic and that the fans will go fucking nuts over.

It better not be Hogan.

Going To The Extreme.

Tonight the superstars of the WWE will face some of their toughest matches and opponents, tonight is Extreme Rules.

Every match has some sort of crazy stipulation attached that is going to make it harder to gain a victory. No pain, no gain. Let’s take a look at the card…

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle (Kick-off Match)

Stipulation: WeeLC match

I could care less who wins this match. I have ZERO invested in it but it will be a fun match to get the crowd going before the actual event starts. It’ll get a reaction, no guarantee that it will be a good one.

Winner: El Torito

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev

Stipulation: 2 on 1 Handicap match

I still see this as an obvious squash match. Sure, Woods and Truth got a leg up on Rusev on Raw but it stops there. Why would they have spent all that time and effort building him up as a ‘super athlete’ just to have him lose to two guys with crazy hair?

If he did lose, Rusev would lose all credibility as a competitor and the fans would probably laugh him out of the ring. A victory over two people at the same time would certainly establish him further as the Bulgarian Brute. I am still undecided on Rusev so this match will help me figure out if I even like the guy or not.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

Stipulation: Elimination Triple Threat match

I have to admit that initially, Rob Van Dam seemed a little out-of-place in this particular match up. I was rooting for Cesaro and Swagger to go at it but the addition of Rob Van Dam makes this match all the more intriguing.

Rob Van Dam is the only guy in this entire thing with nothing to lose but everything to gain.

There are so many elements of this match that are going to work in his favor. Cesaro and Swagger will be at each other’s throats, especially for Swagger costing Cesaro the number one contender spot for the Intercontinental title. In addition to that, Zeb and Heyman will also be at each others throats. All Van Dam has to do it sit back, relax, and watch shit hit the fan.

Cesaro will be at Swagger’s throat and Zeb will be at Heyman’s throat (probably for pulling his moustache), the seeds are being laid for future feuds. That is something that the WWE does very well, planting the seeds for the future. It will be interesting to see if the other two superstars in this match can focus enough to go for a victory against their opponent.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Stipulation: Steel Cage match

On the go-home show this past week, Cena seemed to have his confidence shaken after that opening segment. Bray had a children’s choir singing his signature tune and donning sheep masks. That, ladies and gentlemen, are the things nightmares are made of.

I actually liked seeing that side of Cena, his vulnerability came out and for once you didn’t feel like he was a superhero. Until he gave Renee Young that interview towards the end of the show, he was his usual peppy self. That just destroyed it for me. If I was facing Bray Wyatt in a steel cage, I don’t think that I would be all happy go-lucky. In all reality, I’d probably be peeing my pants.

By non-selling his fear at the match that is happening tonight, Cena made the WWE Universe turn on him even more than they already have. Bray has the fans behind him 1000000%. The fans are tired of seeing Cena win every damn match that he is in. They are sick of seeing him kick out at the two count. They are sick of seeing him as this superhero. What they WANT to see is him lose. They want to see him get beat up. They want to see him be defeated so that he can build himself back up.

I love Cena but even I’m tired of his superhero act. I’m a realist. I know there is a very miniscule chance that he will ever turn heel but they need to make him seem more human to the fans. Not every superstar wins every single match.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Big E. vs. Wade Barrett

Stipulation: none as of this posting

When Wade Barrett won the finals of the Intercontinental tournament on Monday Night Raw, I was over the moon with joy. That may seem like an overreaction to some, but for wrestling fans, it’s a normal reaction.

I’m so happy that this match is happening for two reasons. One, I get to see Bad News Barrett in action. Two, he is going to add the much-needed spice the Intercontinental title landscape needs. I like Big E a lot, I think he’s fun in the ring and maybe needs a little more work on the microphone but I like him overall. The problem is that he has no formidable opponents to go against. He’s stronger than all of them and he’s more powerful. No one he’s faced in the last little while has a style that contrasts his. Well, Wade Barrett has certainly changed that!

I can’t wait to see the bare knuckle brawler go against the pure power of Big E. All Barrett has to do is kill his momentum once and then Big E is done for. Hopefully we end up with a new champion! Barrett is so over that it would be ridiculous to NOT give him the belt.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Stipulation: none as of this posting

Everyone and their mom knows how I feel about the women’s division.

I like the fact that they are integrating the female wrestlers from the developmental territory and everything but I think that giving Paige the title on the night she debuted was a bit much. The new divas are providing competition and variety in a division that many see as stagnant and repetitive. What I think should have happened was that an already established diva should have taken the title off of Aj Lee and the NXT divas should have done an invasion angle. They could have come in, challenged the current divas and we would have had something that was as shocking as the invasion angle done years ago. It will definitely be interesting to see how this goes tonight and if they will integrate more of the developmental divas. I’m still pulling for the veteran.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

The Shield vs. Evolution

Stipulation: 6 man tag team match

I can’t wait for The Shield to shut Evolution up.

Basically this match is just a giant pissing contest and I’m 100% okay with that. Evolution used to be cutting edge and cool, challenging the established order of things, and asserting their dominance over the rest of the roster. Now that isn’t the case, The Shield are the ones who are kicking ass and taking names. Triple H and his buddies can’t be having that!

The Shield are younger, faster, more powerful, and they don’t need to gang up on people to get the job done. Evolution is strong together but weak individually, The Shield doesn’t have that problem. All I want to see is Roman deliver a superman punch to Batista, rendering him speechless on his media tour for Guardians of the Galaxy. That would be a real treat to fans everywhere.

Winner: The Shield

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Stipulation: Extreme Rules match

Daniel Bryan is the definition of a trooper.

This guy gets beat down week after week, even after winning the biggest title that the sport has to offer, gets married, loses his father tragically, and still comes out and entertains the thousands of fans who paid money to see him. His fans are relentless. They cheer when he is up or down, showing him that they are behind him 100%.

Tonight he is going to be facing the devils favorite demon in a match that doesn’t really suit his style of wrestling. This style of match as a victory for Kane written all over it. Daniel doesn’t back down. He won’t give up. Even if he loses, he will still walk out of that match with his head held high. He gives everything he has in the ring and he won’t let Kane walk out of there without suffering just a little bit for almost harming his wife.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

All of the superstars involved in the matches tonight have been through a lot in the last few weeks, I fully expect more than a few of them to need help out of the arena tonight.

How About This?

Initially, the preliminary card to Wrestlemania wasn’t looking so hot. The main event looked like it would be the most boring thing on the planet and the flying goat was nowhere to be seen. A certain superstar walked out on the company and put what ever the creative department had planned in complete jeopardy. Superstars, fans, and staff had no idea what was going on with the biggest event of the entire year.

Everyone has their own version of what they would do and how they would book it, I’m no different. My fellow blogger Frank (or Fdoosey, as he is known in social media land) have been messaging each other and emailing for days saying how we would book the event. Here is how I would book the Showcase of the Immortals…

WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Winner: Daniel Bryan)

Randy Orton isn’t my ideal champion but he was the perfect person to carry the title into Mania. There is no one in my mind that should win this match other than Daniel Bryan. He has taken such a shit kicking (literally and figuratively) in the last few months that it seems like there is nothing that he can do to secure a victory. The fans need to be given what they deserve, what they cheered so hard for. This victory wouldn’t just be for Daniel, this is for every fan that chanted ‘YES!’ alongside him.

The Streak:

The Undertaker vs. Kane (Winner: Undertaker)

If this is the Undertaker’s last ever Wrestlemania match, he should face his ‘brother’. There is no one else in my mind that should be his last opponent. Kane won’t break the streak but he will help deliver one hell of a match for the fans and for Taker.

There is no other argument to be made, if you think differently then your argument is invalid.

6 Man Tag Team Match: 

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (Winner: The Shield)

The fans obviously love this feud, I know that I go nuts over it. Seeing these two factions compete is much more than just a match.

It could tease the end of The Shield as we know and love them. Roman is the star, Dean gets jealous, and Seth is just there shaking his head in disbelief. Let’s face it, they’re all awesome together but they’d be just as awesome (if not more awesome) on their own. What I would want to see happen is that they split and the Wyatt Family just hangs the fact they couldn’t keep it together over their heads for months. Wouldn’t that make brilliant television?

I wouldn’t make it a permanent split, just long enough for them to do their own thing and get a greater sense of who they are as wrestlers. Nobody wants to be confined to one ideal, these guys have been working together for a few years but they still need to explore who they are individually. I may be reading a bit too much into this but that’s my job as a wrestling fan.

Tag Team Championship Match:

The Usos vs. Real Americans (Winner: The Usos)

I think that this one is pretty much a no brainer and if you pick anyone other than Jimmy and Jey to win, you need to give your head a shake.

My main point for my argument being that they got screwed over so hard when they RIGHTFULLY won a number one contenders position by it being handed to the Rhodes Brothers. They deserve a long a fruitful title reign for that reason and they are the most entertaining duo in the tag team division. However, the Real Americans will give them a run for their money.

What won’t allow Cesaro and Swagger to take the titles from Jimmy and Jey is the fact that they have a small rift forming between them. Each one of them want to best the other one and that leads to matches being lost due to stupid decisions and mistakes. That is what will bring them down and cost them the match. It’s not that they aren’t a good team, the Uso brothers just work more harmoniously.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

Winner: ???

I think that this match is a fantastic idea for two reasons:

  1. It honours someone who was so integral to the history of sports entertainment.
  2. It allows more superstars to have a moment in the Wrestlemania spotlight.

I’m always a huge proponent of anything that gets more superstars on the card for the biggest night in the WWE and I’m VERY excited for this to become an annual event. I like the unpredictability of having so many competitors in the ring and I don’t think that it’s the same as the Royal Rumble at all. The superstar I envision winning this is someone like Dolph Ziggler or maybe even Damien Sandow. The winner has to be someone who is fantastic in the ring and deserving of a push, I’ve seen the entrants and there are more than enough of them in there.

Stay tuned for another collaboration between Frank and I! Check out his blog here!

There’s No ‘I’ In Team.

In a recent string of not so great pay-per-view finishes and questionable decisions, Survivor Series was a welcomed change. The matches were intriguing and enthralling, filled with a lot of things that people weren’t expecting. I actually did fairly well with my Survivor Series predictions, the only match that threw me off was the five on five traditional elimination match. The whole event was absolutely wonderful, with the main event and what happened after that starting a little bit of a debate (and by little bit, I mean a lot) amongst wrestling fans.

The kick-off show let us see the Miz take on Kofi Kingston, furthering their feud that started on Raw. I thought that this match was fantastic from Kofi’s side, Miz wasn’t doing so well. I find his work very sloppy and not enjoyable in the least. To further Miz’s heel turn, they had him pick up a win over Kofi. The best part of the match was when Kofi slapped him in the face, a little payback for Miz ditching him in their match on Raw. Like I said on Twitter, if I were Miz I would be kissing Kofi’s feet for giving him such a good match. I just don’t get what his deal is! I do not understand him at all so we’ll just move right along to the main card.

Like a small child tearing through presents on Christmas morning, I almost wept when the pay-per-view started with the traditional Survivor Series five on five elimination match. That may seem like an overreaction but those elimination matches are one of the simple pleasures of life. If you’ve never watched one, you need to because it is awesome. What makes it so awesome and exciting is that you don’t know who the sole survivor will be or how many of them there will be. It’s a numbers game that the WWE plays very well. Speaking of numbers, it was the one year anniversary of The Shield’s debut in the WWE and they celebrated in a big way. Roman Reigns was a beast during the match and carried his entire team, consisted of Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro, and Swagger. WIth the very recent return of Rey Mysterio it seemed like a sure thing that his team would win and they would emerge the survivors. Boy, was I wrong…

Roman destroyed them.

He barreled through his competitors in such rapid succession that if you blinked, you missed it. He took out four members of the opposing team as swift as most people change their socks, it was unreal. Eventually, I think that The Shield will break up and that the three men will go their separate ways. What that traditional Survivor Series elimination match did on Sunday was cement Roman’s spot as a future star and top contender. That’s not to say that the other men in that match aren’t good or they can’t go to the top but Roman was ONE guy who single-handedly eliminated eighty percent of the other team. Mind = blown.

I also really did enjoy the Intercontinental title match that saw the newly minted champ, Big E. Langston, take on the former champ, Curtis Axel. These two wrestled a fantastic match and I really think that the power that they each possess really plays well with one another. Langston has brute strength and is pretty much a brick wall with legs, Axel has the power of perfection on his side (how can you not with a dad like Curt and a grampa like Larry?). Axel made a great champion but he just had the title and didn’t really defend it, I chalk that up to not really knowing who to pair him with. I thought that they complimented other really well in the ring and I hope that the feud carries on for a little longer. The Intercontinental title always seems to be in the background and it is exciting to see the belt and its champion getting some recognition.

Another match that I was psyched for was the seven on seven diva elimination match but I was left a little disappointed. The divas division has so much momentum from the success of the Total Divas reality show and it made them exciting again. They were so stagnant and boring for so long, this sort of resurgence was refreshing. The Total DIvas obviously won and it was a great win for them but the match lacked a little something. I think the problem was all the rapid fire eliminations, that boils down to time constraints. I thought that they all did a great job and it is so nice to see the women’s division being recognized.

We also got treated to an impromptu match between Ryback and Mark Henry. I’d like to personally thank Mark Henry for shutting Ryback up. When Ryback speaks all I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch. I also like Henry and I still think that his fake retirement angle from his last run was some of the best work I’ve ever seen in the history of WWE.

Speaking of hilarious, I find it kind of hilarious that John Cena couldn’t even get a solid ovation in his hometown. Contrary to things I’ve said recently, I actually really like John Cena but he needs to diversify himself. He needs to diversify his personality and his move set. That being said, I thought he did really well in this match and I’m glad that he retained the title, Del Rio’s high point of the match was when he nailed Cena with a beautiful DDT. Another moment that I really liked was when Alberto broke John’s submission hold, the STFU, with a single finger on the bottom rope. I give credit where credit is due and both men put on a great match. My final critique is that I am sick of this whole ‘SuperCena’ thing that always happens each and every match. I know why people don’t like him and I completely understand. They don’t like him for the same reasons that they don’t like Hogan that much.

Whoa, someone doesn’t like Hulk Hogan? Calm yourself and allow me to explain fellow wrestling fans.

Even as a child, I found Hogan very boring and bland. I think a lot of that has to do with me watching wrestling with my dad and he doesn’t care for him that much either. Before someone complains, I am not denying that Hogan was an integral figure in wrestling or that he didn’t have some fantastic moments in and out of the ring. He was just always Hulk Hogan, the same way that Cena is always Cena. Sure, Hogan turned heel and whatever in WCW but that still didn’t make me like him. What I also didn’t like is that Hogan (among others during that time) spoke so negatively of the WWE and some of his fellow superstars. I believe that if it wasn’t for the WWE, Hogan wouldn’t have been half the recognizable figure that he is today. For him to speak in not so nice terms about his former employer and coworkers speaks to his character. Cena loves the WWE and I highly doubt that you would EVER hear him speak the way that Hogan does. But I digress…

I also really enjoyed CM Punk and Daniel Bryan taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan from the Wyatt Family. I don’t even need to praise these guys for giving the audience more than their ticket price worth of entertainment. This tag team match was the classic David versus Goliath story and the crowd just ate up every second of it. With Bray being his crazy and intriguing self, a lot was really added to the feud in terms of story and intrigue. Nobody really understand what the Wyatt Family says but it drives you crazy when you try to figure it out. I mean crazy in the best possible way.

Now on to the screwjob, I meant to say main event.

In true Survivor Series fashion, Show got screwed over. He was killing Orton throughout most of the match and then the Authority comes out and distracts him. In that split second Randy gets the pinfall and retains his title. It was a blemish on an otherwise fantastic pay-per-view. I half expected it but I was also holding on to hope that it would be a clean win. But hey, why should Orton ever earn anything based on ability? That feat would probably be a lot easier if he actually had any.

And then Cena came out to the ring and we got treated to the biggest pissing match ever, and that screamed that a unification was amongst us. I’ve written almost 1500 words so far so I will save my rant about the possible unification of the WWE title and the World Heavyweight title for another day.

Trust me.

Fighting To Survive.

Monday Night Raw kicked off with a match that saw CM Punk take on Luke Harper, a member of the always creepy Wyatt Family. I especially enjoy when Raw kicks off with a match and this one was fantastic.

The Wyatt Family are unique individuals. They are all creepy, don’t really say much, and nobody really knows much (if anything) about them. What we can deduce from Luke’s match with Punk is that Luke is a powerhouse. He seemed like a literal brick wall that CM Punk just couldn’t seem to break through in the early moments of the match. This match signified that Punk is starting to move on from his feud with Heyman and into something else. Don’t get me wrong, I thought that their story line was beautiful and some of the best moments of this year for the WWE, I just was feeling ready to see something else.

At the end of the match, which Punk won, brought about the usual attack from the Wyatt Family but this one had an interesting twist. Daniel Bryan barreled down that ramp with a steel chair and swung the shit out of it. A lot of people seem upset that Daniel Bryan is seemingly no longer on the path to the title but his time is coming. I like the idea of seeing Punk and Daniel Bryan in the same ring, even if they have to be on a team. I especially love the emphasis that is being put on tag team wrestling in the WWE currently. Tag team wrestling is something that I have always enjoyed because it gives you a chance to see some of your favourite superstars in a whole different way. You can find out very quickly who is a team player and who takes their ball and just walks on home with it.

We also got to see the return of Tyson Kidd in a mixed tag team match. He teamed with his wife, Natalya, to take on Fandango and Summer Rae. It was the first match that Kidd had in almost a full year, he was home recovering from a nasty injury and came back swinging. Natalya was fabulous, as always, and really made her mark in this match. She is probably one of the most talented female wrestlers that the WWE has had in the last few decades. She has unrivaled technical ability and mopped the floor with Summer Rae. Tyson also had a very worthy opponent in Fandango. When Tyson caught Fandango from the leg drop and turned it into the sharpshooter, I damn near shed a tear. I’ve missed Tyson in the ring. He reminds me so much of Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid, with a little bit of Owen Hart thrown in. The victory that he gained with his wife was well deserved.

A second tag match that we got treated to saw John Cena/Cody Rhodes/Goldust take on Damien Sandow and the Real Americans.

The WWE universe witnessed a truly touch moment when John Cena took a few moments before the match started to talk about the Rise Above Cancer campaign. I think it is so inspirational to everyone to see their favorite superstars devote so much to such a worthy cause. I’ve said this many times before but it makes me very proud to be a fan of such a wonderful organization that supports such worthwhile causes.

The match was probably my favourite of the night, it had a lot of energy and a lot of very interesting moments. Del Rio and Zeb were ringside on commentary and that added a little spice to the normal banter. I don’t really think it added much to their respective story lines but it was funny to listen to. Another unique moment was when Cena took on Cesaro, a man who equals Cena in terms of power. Seeing those two square off makes me want to see them in a future angle, they are two very powerful individuals and I’d like to see them fight for a title down the road. I may not have always liked Cesaro but no one can deny his power and strength in the ring. When he delivered that uppercut to Cena, I cringed because it was like I felt it. That must have felt like an eighteen wheeler hitting John right in the face. There was so much energy just flying around that ring, story lines were developing and the fans got treated to some fantastic wrestling. I just wish that the Rhodes brothers didn’t have those titles, I still don’t think that they deserve to have them. I especially think that seeing as The Usos earned a shot at those titles but didn’t even have the chance to fight for them. Maybe I’m bitter but I really like Jimmy and Jey and think that they are worthy of carrying those belts.

The biggest thing that happened that night concerned Big Show, Stephanie, and Triple H. In an interview that aired fairly early in the show, Triple H banned the Big Show from the WWE for life. Much to the surprise of Stephanie, Hunter, and Vickie, Show was walking around the back with a huge grin on his face. Turns out that the Board of Directors wants the lawsuit settled with no lawyers involved so that their risk is minimal, with a company worth as much as the WWE it is completely understandable. After trading barbs with each other, however brief, Hunter reluctantly agreed to meet Show in the ring and try to settle this.

I just love the Big Show when he is all smiling and joking around, that’s the giant that I know and love. All he wanted was his job back and he makes that very clear to his former bosses, he just wants to entertain the fans that spend their money to come to the show. Reluctantly, and with sound advice from his wife, Triple H gives the gentle giant his job back but that wasn’t the end of it. Show demanded a title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series and gets it. Amazing what a little leverage can get a person when they’ve been wronged, especially when there are tens of thousands of fans watching and the Board of DIrectors breathing down the other person’s neck. I’ve never seen Show be so hilarious and lovable in one segment before. He actually had me in stitches.

Show got his job back and was instantly placed in a handicap match against all three members of The Shield and Randy Orton. The Usual back and forth happened but it ended up with Big Show cleaning house, he just bowled through all four of those guys until Kane came out and distracted him. I was most puzzled by the fact that Kane was wearing a suit, I’ve NEVER seen him like that in all the years that I’ve been watching him on WWE television.

If anything seemed bizarre with Raw, it was that. He walked down that ramp, threw steel chairs in the ring, and oversaw Show being put through the announce table. Say what you want about it, it was an efficient and tightly run operation during that last segment. Kane reminded me of a really big and really scary version of Johnny Ace, only Kane actually gets things done.

If you need a corporate monster to oversee your takeover or orchestrate a beat down, call Kane at 1-800-666-HELL.

Going Through Hell And Back.

After a short hiatus due to school and work, I’m baaaaaack!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks so let’s jump right in by talking about Hell In A Cell.

I thought that his event was leaps and bounds better than what we got to watch earlier in the month with Battleground. As a fan, I really appreciate that the WWE made such a conscious effort to make it up to their very loyal fans. Unlike some companies who shall remain nameless, they knew they screwed up and rectified the situation. There were some moments that I loved, some I liked, and some I thought were going to make me put my fist through the television set. That mix of emotions is what makes wrestling so exciting. Now let’s get to it…

I really did enjoy each match, even if it didn’t turn out how I wanted. The main event is a completely different story but we can discuss that at length later. First of all, the kick-off match was removed from the card due to an injury that Curtis Axel suffered, replaced by Sandow versus Kofi Kingston. I really like Kofi and Sandow. I think that they both did a fantastic job with whatever time they did have in the ring. Damien Sandow should have been going against Cody Rhodes in a race for the World Heavyweight Championship but they have other plans for Cody at the moment. Kofi needs something to put him back in the spotlight, he is talented and well received by the crowd, he just needs a situation where all of his talents can be truly appreciated.

The main card was kicked off in a strong way with the triple threat tag team match that featured the Rhodes brothers (Tag Champions), The Usos, and Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this match except that the wrong people won. The Usos had a number one contender spot that they were never allowed to actually use and they obviously have a HUGE following. That’s what I mean when I said before that I liked them even if they didn’t turn out how I would have liked them too. There was just such a great effort put forward by everyone that competed. I even enjoyed the Divas match, as boring as I usually find them.

The Hell In A Cell match with Punk going against both Ryback and Paul Heyman was also pretty decent. What kind of disappointed me was that Heyman never actually got into the cage, talk about being a little bitch. I thought it would have a lot more action in it and maybe one of them would get split open but all it really did was show what a superior athlete Punk is compared to Ryback. You would think that someone of his size would be more adept in this type of match but no. He did his mediocre performance as he always does and got squashed.

Another huge moment of the event was Kane. I actually jumped off of my couch and scared the daylights out of my dog. In addition to how awesome his return was, it gives more purpose to the Wyatt Family and adds another layer to the authority storyline. It is brilliant on all levels to have him return at Hell In A Cell, it almost brings a tear to your eye. Having him in the clutches of Triple H and Stephanie, especially with them going against the Big Show, will inevitably result in a clash of the titans.

Now on to the giant elephant in the room, the main event. I truly thought that Shawn Michaels would do the right thing and call this match fair but I should have known better than that. If you don’t already know, let me make my feelings towards this man known to you.

I do not fucking like Shawn Michaels. (Yes, the offensive language was needed and I do apologize.)

Why don’t I like one of the most highly regarded superstars in the history of sports entertainment? I truly think that the persona he has on tv is actually him. I respect the hell out of anyone who gets into that ring and risks their life just for my entertainment, those superstars do so much for me that I couldn’t begin to show my respect and love for them. However, I think that he is the exact egomaniac that he portrays on television a majority of the time. I’m surprised he didn’t start to cry or something. To me, he just showed he was a shitty person who has two different personalities. On Raw the following evening, we had to sit and listen to this guy justify his actions because he is BFF’s with Triple H. Umm…what?

I can’t remember a time that the opening segment made me so angry.

I don’t really know why I was surprised that he screwed Daniel Bryan over, he doesn’t exactly have a squeaky clean history when it comes to doing the right thing. Anyone remember Montreal? It isn’t just that, he just doesn’t really strike me as one to put people, other than his friends, over. I seriously just do not understand why you would want to do something to keep down anybody in the wrestling business. I’m obviously not a wrestler but if I were, I would want to make sure that the younger guys got every opportunity that they could to succeed. Not everyone in the wrestling business has what it takes to reach the very top but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be given the same chances. Everybody has potential but how do you know what they are capable of if you don’t at least let them try?

Following Hell In A Cell, we got treated to a Monday Night Raw that featured a few rematches and a lot of surprises. The biggest surprise of the night was Damien Sandow cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase for his World Heavyweight Championship title shot. He went against SuperCena, who was victorious in his title match against Alberto Del Rio the night before. The match was spectacular. It was beautifully executed and Cena actually sold his injury quite well, although I’m sure that he was in real pain during the contest. What got me is that Sandow lost…HE LOST! In my humble opinion, he never should have gone against Cena for his title shot. It should have been Cody Rhodes, that feud had so much potential. Also, just because Cena blew his title shot doesn’t mean that the WWE needs to have other superstars do the same thing.

There’s four weeks left until the final pay-per-view of the big four (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series). They need to keep up all of the momentum that they gained coming out of Hell In A Cell. They had dynamic matches, compelling rivalries, and introduced some new(ish) faces to both the squared circle and title fights. Summer Rae had her first match and wasn’t terrible and Big E got to tussle with Dean Ambrose.

They’re developing and expanding the talent pool even further, not having someone stomp all over a budding star just because they’re a Hall of Famer. Wrestlemania season is only two months away so if a superstar wants to secure his or her spot in the race to get on the card of the biggest event of the year, now is the time.

And hey, if I get to enjoy more Fandango on my screen, I’m okay with that!

Summerslam 2013: Feeling The Heat.

Monday night was the final push, the final chance to get your voice heard and put the fear of god into your opponent. Words were exchanged, slaps were dished out, people got thrown around, and a camera got destroyed on Raw. Some established their place as the dominant superstar going into their respective matches and some got knocked down a few pegs. Summerslam is just five short days away and then we will see who really put their money where their mouth is.

Who do I think will emerge victorious? Well, grab a beer and pull up a chair!

Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. Christian (World Heavyweight Championship match):

Winner: Christian

I just love Christian. All he wants is one more match and he won that right a few weeks ago by, yet again, defeating Alberto Del Rio. I really like the dynamic between these two wrestlers. Christian has the people behind him, he is the good guy, the one you want to win. Del Rio is the one you wish would take a face plant into the steel steps going into the ring.

I have one hope for this match. My hope is that Christian wins the title and gets to hoist that belt above his head and he enjoys every second of his title reign. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he has had his share of success, he has also had a lot of hardship. Whether it was backstage heat, various injuries, or just bad luck, Christian has persevered through it all. If that video package on Raw wasn’t enough to convince people that he will take home the title on Sunday, then they need their head examined. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long he has the title or if this is his ‘retirement match’. He will have earned this title reign and be proud of the fact that his fans have cheered him on for his entire career. This wrestling fan will be one of those people.

John Cena (Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship match):

Winner; Daniel Bryan

I think it’s pretty set in stone that Bryan is going to take this one. I don’t dislike Cena, I just think he shouldn’t be champion right now. SUre, Daniel Bryan may not be the typical person that you picture when someone says ‘WWE Champion’. He is different, he marches to the beat of his own drum, and he is the underdog. Daniel Bryan is the person that no one expected to got his far in an industry like professional wrestling.

I think the most interesting point of his feud is the angle that Daniel is working. He said, in similar words, that John Cena is an entertainer and he is a wrestler. I have mentioned before that I do agree with some of what he said but not everything. To sum it up, they’re both wrestlers and they’re both entertainers, they just entertain in different ways. What makes this match exciting for me is that I think it is something that the WWE Universe wants to see. They want to see King Cena taken down. I don’t really think that a guest referee, HHH, is going to add anything to this match in any way. I would also just like to say that I am OVERJOYED that it isn’t Brad Maddox. Generally, I don’t really feel like guest referees add very much to a main event. Something of this magnitude should be left to the professionals, mainly Charles Robinson. Why him? Because I like him, that’s why!

Natalya vs. Brie:

Winner: Natalya

The women’s division got a little shot of adrenaline because of the Total Divas reality show, but it is still not where it needs to be. What I’d like to see is Natalya beat Brie with a clean finish. Not anything like that ref botch that happened on Raw. Man, that was as much embarrassing as it was completely confusing.

I want this division to do well. I want to see these women be taken as seriously as their male counterparts are.

This division is desperate for a turnaround. It isn’t going to happen overnight, it isn’t going to be easy, but it can be done. Having someone like Natalya (a female wrestler who can actually wrestle) win on Sunday could be the first step in the right direction.

Dean Ambrose (Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam (United States Championship match):

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This is a match that is taking place on the kick-off show. It had little build up other than a 20 man battle royal on Raw this week. I do think that it will be good but probably not a particularly strong match-up. I know I will have more to say after the actual match happens but I can’t think of anything to really say about it right now.

I guess it will be interesting to see how someone like Dean Ambrose does with a high flyer like RVD. Who knows, this match may surprise us and be amazing. I think the entire Summerslam card is great but I’m a little on the fence about this match. The one outcome I do want to see is for Dean to retain, especially since RVD isn’t around for the long run and Night of Champions is right around the corner.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar:

Winner: CM Punk

The Beast versus the Best.

I don’t like Brock Lesnar. Never have and never will. He can’t wrestle, can’t do a promo, and just generally annoys the hell out of me. I was kind of on the fence when he showed back up (I don’t believe in part-time guys getting top spots). When it was revealed that Punk was his opponent, I was ecstatic. I love Punk and his presence in this match makes it feel like it belongs in the main event slot at Wrestlemania. Adding to the dynamic even more, is the now hostile and damaged relationship that CM Punk has with Paul Heyman. Paul turned on Punk when he was told he was no longer needed in the manager/ringside capacity. A long-standing friendship ended and one of the hottest rivalries of the year began to heat up.

I don’t think that Paul or any of the ‘Paul Heyman Guys’ are going to sit this match out. I 150% expect some form of interference. I also expect Punk to take out whoever chooses to interfere with a GTS.

This won’t be a clean or fair fight by any means and this fan is looking forward to a fight.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire match):

Winner: Kane

Inferno match. Do I really need to say anymore?

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow:

Winner: Cody Rhodes

It was hard for me to pick a winner in this match because I like them both. This is going to be a fantastic match from both sides and really enjoyable for all of the fans. This is one feud that I hope goes on for a while because Cody and Damien are just two really likeable superstars, the addition of the MITB briefcase just adds to the tension.

I see one ending for this storyline is the two hugging it out in the ring and resuming their team dynamic. Can you imagine them in the middle of the ring after a long bout, exhausted, teary eyed, and hugging? That would be epic, it would give the fans hope that the bromance could live on.

Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee/Big E. Langston:

Winner: Dolph/Kaitlyn

Out of all the matches, this is the one I am the least interested in. I don’t really care who wins, as I think that Dolph has moved past needing AJ in his life (not that he ever needed her). I want to see everyone involved in this match just move on and find something else to be involved in. Hopefully, this match on Sunday will be the catalyst in that. Let’s get this straight, I think this match will be good but it just isn’t really doing anything for me.

I just don’t care for the female division right now and I think that is what is contributing to my apathy towards this match. I can’t remember the last time I saw a decent mixed tag team bout.

Even though I may not have a vested interest in a few of the matches, it is still an incredibly strong card to the WWE to put on for the fans. It will be entertaining and engaging, with more than a few surprises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

I mean, come on…this is the WWE we’re talking about here!