Double Trouble.

Night of Champions is a pay-per-view event where every single title is on the line.

Seth Rollins is the lucky guy who gets to defend two titles that night, the US title and the WWE World Heavyweight title. That’s a tall order for any superstar to fill on a night where you have to fight harder to keep your top spot, but to have to do that twice? I don’t think so.

Seth will have to defend his US title against John Cena and his WWE World Heavyweight title against Sting. I’m looking forward to Seth’s match with Sting much more than his one with Cena, especially since he owned Cena at Summerslam. He’s just so good at being heel it’s ridiculous. As much as I like Seth (okay, LOVE!), I feel like he has a better chance at retaining his United States belt than his World Heavyweight belt.


Nothing against Seth’s abilities, everyone already knows how good he is. He has WAY more to worry about in his match against Sting than his match against Cena.

Cena is one guy who Seth has beaten before. It’s not like Cena is a master of the mat, his strategy is pretty easy to figure out and plan for on the fly. He’s got the five moves of doom and that’s it, and that springboard stunner he busts out every once in a while. Another thing that Seth has going for him in this match is that he only has one opponent to take on, as opposed to two in his match with Sting.

That’s right. I said two.

Seth will have to worry more about his match with Sting because Sheamus still has that MITB briefcase. I had almost completely forgotten he had the damn thing because I didn’t want to think of him ever becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone is going to be on edge to see if Sheamus shows up to interrupt a highly anticipated match. Knowing him, he won’t disappoint. I see this match playing out with Sting winning that belt, hoisting it above his head, and Sheamus spoiling the moment because that’s what he does best!

Another situation that I was throwing around in my wrestling loving brain was that Sheamus would cash in on Seth in the middle of the match and suffer a scorpion death drop but that seemed less exciting.

There seems to be a miniscule rift in Seth’s relationship with the Authority and that may also factor into the outcome of the main event on Sunday and raises a few questions. If he loses will he still be the man? Will he still have a good working relationship with Trips and Stephanie? Is Sheamus working in cahoots with the Authority to test Seth? Is Seth going to crack under pressure and stress from his statue?

I felt ridiculous typing that last one but I think that he will still have that on his mind, you don’t come between a man and his statue!

I like Seth as dual champion a lot, he’s great on the mic and even better in the ring. A little part of me is hoping that he can retain both belts but realistically, he’s leaving that event with one less than he went in with.

Bringing The Heat.

Many wrestling fans probably rolled their eyes when an extra hour was added on to this year’s Summerslam, this girl was not among that group of fans.

The extra hour was 100% worth it because Summerslam was unbelievable (Monday Night Raw the following night just added to it, but that’s for later on in the post).

The card was solid and my dad and I enjoyed every minute of it, what more can you ask for? I found that there was very little on the card that wasn’t enjoyable but, even then, it was still entertaining in some way. One thing that stands out to me as being a low point was the Randy Orton/Sheamus match but they had that up first so it really wasn’t that much trouble to sit through. It was okay but the match overall was quite boring for me as I think Sheamus has the presence of a stick of butter. Okay, it wasn’t that funny but I think that you get my drift…

Another thing that bugged me was the tag team elimination match that featured Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and Team PCB. It wasn’t the wrestling that I am complaining about but rather the way in which the eliminations happened. I don’t know if I missed something in the rules but I just assumed that it would be a Survivor Series style elimination match. It wasn’t and this girl was most definitely a little disappointed in that. See what I mean about the so-called low points not really being all that bad? It sure was tough to pick even those two things because they didn’t really bother me that much. I wasn’t even mad when the Primetime Players lost the tag titles or when Kevin Owens went over Cesaro.

Maybe I’m just the eternal WWE optimist, maybe I just love wrestling so much I overlook some of the not so great moments. You get the smart asses who act like they’re in creative or in charge of booking the shows because they think it should be a certain way, I respectfully disagree. As long as it entertains, great or not so great, be happy that we get to enjoy something so universally loved and that bonds fans all over the world.

Enough of that philosophical stuff, let’s get down to my two favorite moments of Summerslam. Both are rife with controversy and deliciously entertaining. First, it’s Seth Rollins retaining his title while simultaneously acquiring John Cena’s precious United States belt.


I was pulling for Seth to win from the second that John Cena injected himself into the title picture. Cena has my utmost respect and I give credit where it is due, but that doesn’t mean that I think he should be champion.

In fact, I think there’s no added value to his career if he gets the title another 10 times before he retires. People FREAKED out on me for that comment but I don’t give a shit. Before anyone rips me a new one, I used to be a massive Cena fan and I still am a fan of his. I don’t think it adds very much to his career if he ties or breaks Flair’s impressive record. Cena has already done more in his career than some people on the roster and in other companies can even dream of. Fans don’t want him to break or tie the record because he comes out every single week, does the same pandering promo, builds up a wrestler, cuts them down, and then yells one of his trademark slogans.

He isn’t some holier than thou being who can do no wrong, fans (for the most part I think) are sick of his shit. Seth is the opposite of what Cena represents and is the best heel that the WWE has right now, that’s why fans love and hate him. Jon Stewart jumped on the ‘John Cena Sucks’ train and delivered a chair shot to the midsection of Cena that brought him to his knees and the fans to their feet. Seth got the 1-2-3 and took the belt away from his opponent. We got all of that excitement in a match that didn’t even main event the pay-per-view!

For the first time, in god knows how long, a non-title match main evented a major show. It was the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and it was glorious. I’m not going to be getting into the finer details of their feud or how I feel about each competitor because everyone knows that I am a HUGE Taker fan and wish that Lesnar would just not appear on my tv. What I am going to talk about is the finish to the match, which I think was brilliant!

People are still losing their damn minds over Taker tapping to Lesnar’s submission move but it not being called. The ref can’t call what he does not see and the time-keeper was in NO position to see Taker tap anyways. I could have given two shits because Taker won and that is what I wanted to happen but it worked well with the attitude that Taker had going into this match.

He was straddling the line between face and heel, it was masterful to watch. I didn’t really understand the initial freaking out because Lesnar would have done the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. Brock Lesnar doesn’t strike me as a moral beacon so everyone can calm down.

On Monday Night Raw, we got treated to even more entertainment. It was a show that was post-Wrestlemania quality, I marked out on more than one occasion. We got the Dudley Boyz (I almost flipped my damn TV tray over!), Jon Stewart, Flair, and a very surprising appearance by the Icon.

The only segment that really lagged for me was the Miz TV segment with Team PCB but, you can’t win all the time. We also got to hear what Jon Stewart had to say about why he gut checked Cena with a chair and I agreed with him 100%. Stewart played his role marvellously and we even got to see the smatterings of a pissed off Cena. I would say that this was the spark of a heel turn but we call know that it will last until next week and then he’ll go back to pandering to the crowd and inspiring some witty remarks on my part.

Now I can move on to the most important moment of Monday Night Raw…


Man, I could have peed my pants I was so excited. People bitch and complain about the WWE all the time but it is little moments like that which keep me glued to my television each and every week. He was the LAST person I expected to be under the shroud. Maybe the statue was dressed up or destroyed in some way, maybe Cena found his way back into the arena and was going to ambush Seth, it could have been anything or anyone. I was so excited that my parents heard me screaming from the basement and they were outside in the garage.

(People tried to spoil it for me and what not but I don’t believe anything until I see it on television or the WWE reports it officially.)

Sting made it very clear that he was after the Authority and Seth’s title belt (the one he retained the night before), I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face. Sure, the odds of Sting actually winning the title at Night of Champions may be slim but I never thought I’d get to see the day he would compete for the belt. Hell, I never thought I’d get to see him in a WWE ring but here we are!

The rest of the Night of Champions card will be revealed in the coming weeks and if it is even half as intriguing and exhilarating as the WWE title match, this girl is going to be one happy camper!

Bring. It. On.

Concrete Jungle.

Summerslam is the second biggest event that the WWE puts on and this year it is literally going to be bigger than ever. Not only do we get an extra hour of beer drinking and nacho eating, we get an extra hour for more wrestling.

One can never have too much of any of those things!

Overall, the card looks amazing and each match looks better than the one before it. The WWE has been on the top of their game with their events for the last little while and I am enjoying every second of it. I’ve probably said it a billion times before but this really is an exciting time for wrestling fans, the caliber of matches that we are getting to watch is just out of this world. They may not all be perfect but they are damn entertaining!

The matches that I’m most looking forward to are Cesaro versus Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins versus John Cena, and (obviously) Lesnar versus Undertaker. Every match is going to be good but those three are going to be the standouts for this girl.

Cesaro has always been one of my favorites and he is getting his time to shine. I really enjoy Cesaro and Tyson Kidd as a tag team and I am so glad that he isn’t losing any momentum with Kidd being sidelined with a very serious injury. He is superhuman and if I didn’t know any better I would swear that he was a robot or something. The moves that he does in the ring just make your jaw drop and don’t even get me started on his strength. I feel the same way about the in-ring ability of Kevin Owens but it’s different. Kevin Owens is just out to wreck you, Cesaro takes you down with finesse.

The contrasting styles of both men is what is going to make this match riveting. I picked Cesaro to win from the beginning (and because the more frustrated Kevin Owens gets, the angrier he gets and I like that!) but I’d be happy if either of them won.

I’m much less diplomatic about Taker versus Lesnar.

Taker has to win this, there is NO way he can lose. My feelings about Lesnar are known, as are my feelings about Taker. I’m not saying he should win simply because he is who he is but COME ON! He is by and large a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever could be. What would the point be in bringing Taker back to just have him lose? I can’t take two losses to that block head (I mean that literally, his head is the same shape as a Lego man’s). When I saw Taker at Battleground I could have cried I was so happy, I knew that he meant business and there was no messing around.

He looked borderline crazy when he came back over a year after his loss to Lesnar. He was a changed man and he wasn’t going to take any shit off of Lesnar, or Heyman for that matter. For me, this match is the main event of the year.

Speaking of main events (nice segway right?), Seth Rollins versus John Cena should be one hell of a fight. It is title versus title, winner takes all. This match, more than any other, will polarize the audience more than any other. I want Seth to win so bad because I just don’t know if I can make it through another John Cena title run right now, especially if he has two titles. A lot of fans have been making their views known, myself included, and it really is dividing fans. My view on it is that John Cena doesn’t need this win for his career. Sure, he’ll tie Ric Flair for number of reigns but is he really gaining much more than that?

I respect John Cena but I’m not such a huge fan anymore. More often than not, he just seems to kill the momentum of a lot of his opponents. You guys can think what you want and I respect your opinions but Cena does not need this win.

With the big event just a few hours away, this girl is going to get her beer and snacks and settle in for one hell of a ride!



Where Do We Go From Here.

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Seth Rollins is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

And, as we all know, every champion needs a number one contender. Seth has one in Randy Orton, but is that the right way to go?

On the Raw after Mania, Brock Lesnar managed to get himself suspended by going full on beast mode on a camera man and the announcers. I have to admit that even I was taken aback and a little shocked by it, something like that hadn’t really been seen since the Nexus invaded Raw in 2010 (correct me if I’m wrong). Sheer brutality at it’s finest.

However, I was overjoyed when his disobedience resulted in Stephanie suspending his ass. My heart almost burst in a fit of joy. Sure, he has a rematch clause but who know when he will choose to use it or if Seth will still be champion. Another point of joy for me was that John Cena was in no way involved in the title match at Mania or in any of the events that came the next night. I thought that Roman should be the one that got the first crack at Seth and that title belt.

Boy, was I ever off.

The week after, Orton won the number one contender spot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Granted, he won it fair and square but having him in that spot just doesn’t feel right. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Roman was built up so much and then took such a shit kicking from fans that wanted Daniel Bryan in the title spot. Fact of the matter is that if fans don’t accept someone new into the WWE title landscape, nothing is ever going to change. You can’t have the same three or four guys going for that top prize (one of the three can’t even fucking show up for more than a handful of dates a year). In order to keep things fresh and keep fans on their toes, you need to toss someone in there who will (as my dad says) ‘fuck shit up’. He doesn’t have to be the edgiest, do crazy acrobatics, be the strongest, be the meanest, or knock promos out of the park every time he takes the microphone. Roman is that guy to me, he has the passion and the drive to do this but so many people are still so pissed that Daniel wasn’t in the position that Roman was. Roman isn’t some jobber, he has drive and determination and I think that he can be that top guy. Argue with me all you want, I don’t really care.

I love Daniel Bryan but he didn’t fit into the story at the time Roman won the Rumble. Randy and John have both proven themselves more than worthy of being the champ ad have been over a dozen times each. That’s all well and good but they need to inject someone who brings something new to the title race and Roman was a breath of fresh air to me. I think he has a lot of untapped potential and it just pisses me off so much that people shit all over him because he earned an opportunity.

My mind is blown that people scream for change and then get pissy when it happens.

With Extreme Rules this Sunday, it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the title match and what direction they take the title in.

I think that Roman’s time in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship race is far from over.

Out With The Old.

Photo courtesy of WWE

Photo courtesy of WWE

Stephanie McMahon brought up something tonight that really caught my attention.

This Wrestlemania could be Cena-less.

Hold the phone. This cannot be!

Oh but it can!

Cena has been a staple at the event for the last decade. He’s fought some of the biggest and baddest in the business and has achieved incredible accolades in his career. I don’t know how I’ll manage but I’m pretty sure that I can survive a Wrestlemania without John Cena.

I rip on John Cena constantly but I think he’s a great superstar and a great personality. I still love to wear my Cena merchandise and I wear that stuff with pride. He will always be a major presence in the company, on television, on pay-per-views, and will always be one of the most dedicated superstars to ever step through the ropes. However, I don’t think that all of those things necessarily warrant his presence for this event. There really isn’t that much left for him to accomplish in his career, this man has literally done it all. Stepping out of the spotlight for one event won’t kill him. John Cena won’t fade away into oblivion, even though some wish that he would.

By not appearing this year, I personally think that he’d show some support to the younger talent and the talent that seems to be stuck in some kind of mid-card purgatory. He isn’t exactly a spring chicken any more. Cena has lasted longer than many of his counterparts and has had quite the illustrious career. Everyone needs to calm down because I am not saying he needs to retire or anything like that, just step back a bit. Give the future of this company a chance to be truly recognized and have their moment in the sun.

After that, he can go right back to being Super Cena and the guy that we all love to heckle.


There’s a lot of things that I love about the fall season. The leaves change color, I can wear my favorite boots, Thanksgiving, my birthday, but even more important than all of those things combined…

Survivor Series.

The five on five tag matches are some of my all-time favorite matches and it’s something that truly makes me giggle with excitement. That’s right, I said giggle. I just find them so exciting, you never know what’s going to happen or how the numbers are going to work out. Those types of matches built the Survivor Series legacy and they are the cornerstone of the fall classic.

A particularly interesting match will main event the pay-per-view this year, Team Authority versus Team Cena. Initially, I was stoked. With the addition of the stipulation from Mr. McMahon, if the Authority loses they no longer are the Authority, I could have wept. It’s always exciting to me when he makes an appearance, usually because he’s there to shit all over someone’s good time. The Authority has a pretty decent team lined up; Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry, and a to be determined participant. Their team is big, strong, athletic, and damn near unstoppable. Cena’s team, so far, consists of; himself, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus. Pretty decent line up, but I feel like I can do a bit better. This is how I see my version of Team Cena…

  • John Cena
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Cesaro
  • Big Show

In my opinion, I think that this team covers the wrestling spectrum way better than the Authority’s team. We’ve got the giant, the strong guy, the old school grappler, the high flyer, and the bat shit crazy one. What more is there to ask for? Dean Ambrose has already proven that he can handle himself in the main event spot. Cesaro is a beast, both he and Ziggler have both been pushed and forgotten about several times (for no reason as they are two of the best on the roster today). As for the Big Show, I just love the guy so give me a break.

At the time of this post, there is still an open spot on Team Cena. I’m not super convinced that it will be Dean due to his match with Bray but I am sincerely hoping that it is someone epic and that the fans will go fucking nuts over.

It better not be Hogan.

You Don’t Have To Go Home, But…

The biggest party of the summer is over and the excitement is just starting.

Summerslam was the highest quality event that the WWE has put on in the last year or so. I’m not even kidding. Every match was extremely entertaining and things just seemed to click with everyone that was in the crowd and in the ring. It was a beautiful thing and many people were saying that it was even better than WrestleMania XXX, which took place on April 6th of this year. WrestleMania will always hold a special place in my heart but I have to admit that Summerslam was incredible. I have to give the math of the night award to Dolph Ziggler versus the Miz, seeing Dolph finally hoist that title above his head in victory was a great moment. If you didn’t feel proud of him and get off your ass and cheer your heart out for him, you’ve got issues.

The biggest surprise of the night was the lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. It’s not that I thought it wasn’t going to be a good match, I just wasn’t sure about the stipulation. However, that match turned into something beautiful with the lumberjacks being mostly people who Seth had wronged in some way. The match was my second favorite of the night. I have to give it up to everyone that was involved in the match in any capacity. Lumberjack matches can get some competitors lost in the melee of it, but each one of those guys played a role in some way and I loved it.

It didn’t stop there, the crazy train spilled over onto Monday Night Raw the following night. When I say chaos, I’m not even trying to be funny or witty. Nikki Bella turned heel and unleashed her wrath on her sister Brie, I actually found myself liking Nikki. I KNOW RIGHT?! I could barely believe it myself. I think it’s a good move for her, I still think she’s a terrible actress but I like her being mean. She is much more believable as a bitch, I wasn’t buying her as a nice person (I just realized how terrible that sounds but I made my choice!). Miz invoked his rematch clause, won by disqualification, but wasn’t able to win the title. No big shock there, he just gets on my damn nerves. Everything that he does just irritates the bejesus out of me. I find Ryback more entertaining than the Miz, that’s saying a lot considering that I used to despise Ryback with the fire of 1000 suns.

Speaking of despising someone, Brock Lesnar was presented with the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt on Raw by Stephanie and Hunter. I must say, I actually like the belt and I like even more that the champion doesn’t have to carry around two belts. Lesnar didn’t unify them as many have said, they were unified before he won. All he got was a beautiful new belt, something he will hopefully lose very soon. The best moment of the night was the WWE Active match with Seth Rollins and Den Ambrose. I wasn’t expecting another match of that caliber right after that epic lumberjack match, they need to rest for god sakes! Rumor has it that Dean is going to be filming a movie (hopefully a horror movie because he would make an AWESOME serial killer) and he was written off of tv with a curbstomp delivered on a pile of cinder blocks. It looked so painful but a fitting send off for Dean Ambrose. He isn’t the type to go out with a simple shoulder or knee injury. He needed to go out in style.

The craziness continued this week on Raw yet again. We got the official announcement that Cena chose to use his rematch clause at Night of Champions. Yay.

My problem with this is Lesnar (I mean, come on, did you really expect me to say anything else?) and his lack of showing up. According to his schedule, his next appearance isn’t scheduled until the 15th of September. Did anyone tell him that the pay-per-view is that Sunday? Did he not write it down? That isn’t how you build a match. I’m not a Lesnar fan by any means but I’d probably give a shit about what he does if he was there to put in the same amount of effort as other superstars. He comes in, utters an empty threat, pounces on someone, then leaves for a few weeks/months. It’s getting a bit out of hand and I’d really rather watch Dwayne Johnson come back. At least he makes me laugh.

For the pro-Lesnar people, ratings my ass. You want the pay check, you show up to work more than once every three or four weeks. Cena always works hard but I don’t want him to get the belt, he just lost it, he’s hurting, he needs to take some time off. He should nurse his injuries, be silent for a bit, and then come back at Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber ready to kick ass. The only way I will accept a second Lesnar victory is if there is a chance that Roman Reigns will take it from him. Please. For the love of God. I’m thinking that their match at Night of Champions will see Cena win, but by disqualification, allowing Lesnar to keep the belt.

Even more shocking than Stardust and Goldust turning heel on The Usos, was that I actually agreed with something that Hulk Hogan said. Hogan threw his support behind Cena and I nodded my head in agreement. WHOA! Did hell just freeze over?

I think that the build up to Night of Champions will be very interesting because every single title is on the line. A lot of rivalries will come to a boiling point and a whole lot of asses will be kicked. I’m hoping that Brock Lesnar’s will be one of them.