And Your NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion Is…


Yes. You heard me correct, Randy freaking Orton is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That was not the ending that the WWE Universe was hoping for and I was 110% shocked. I honestly didn’t think that Randy was capable of even beating Cena in a match like this. The one thing that I didn’t like from their match up was that he handcuffed Cena to the bottom rope and took advantage of his position. He should have just beat him clean, even in a match with a stipulation like a TLC match. With him handcuffing John to the ropes, it just proved that he can’t win without some kind of help. I feel like it sort of diminished the historic aspect of the match a little bit.

When he opened Monday Night Raw, he strutted past Cena like he was a king and Cena was a lowly peasant. It was beautiful.

He blabbed on about how he is the most powerful superstar and the best wrestler on the roster, the usual speech that he gives. Cena, ever so brilliantly, interrupted him and Daniel Bryan ended up with a main event match against Randy Orton. It wasn’t a title match but it was the match that fans wanted to see. Yet again, Orton proved that he can’t compete against someone with an advanced skill set like Daniel Bryan. Randy plays the heel brilliantly and has had some great matches but he couldn’t hold a candle to Daniel Bryan in terms of technical ability. That’s one of the beauties of being a wrestling fan though, you can go from cheering to booing someone in a span of ten seconds.

What we also got treated to was a bunch of great matches on Raw, some of which were rematches from TLC. They were so great that I didn’t even mind seeing them twice! I especially enjoyed the rematch that took place between Fandango and Dolph Ziggler, these two men are tremendous talents and I hope that the WWE keeps these two feuding with each other. There are two huge egos going against each other here and it could make for some fantastic television. We all know that Ziggler is a fantastic athlete and can sell a move like nobody else can in the ring.

The Rhodes Brothers took on Rey Mysterio and the Big Show, half of the teams that participated in the fatal four-way match the previous night. I liked it but I’ve never been a big Rey fan, the best moment of the match was the sportsmanship shown at the end. Seeing that wrestlers respect each other and their respective in-ring work is something that fans aren’t privy to, it makes the sport that much better (You don’t see that very often anywhere else!). We also got treated to a newer tag team, Big E. Langston and Mark Henry. Holy…

I just love these two guys and I love it even more when they are paired together in a tag team match. They took on the Real Americans, and when I say take on what I actually mean is completely destroyed! Another team that got decimated by their opponent was The Shield, who took on CM Punk and The Usos. I was so happy to see that Jimmy and Jey got a chance to showcase their talents after they got shut out of the tag team championship race. That doesn’t matter right now as they are using each and every opportunity they are given to showcase their talent and ability. They may not have been on the winning team but they certainly won over the fans. The Shield showed a stronger bond on Raw, especially after Roman accidentally spearing Dean at the TLC event. I still think that there will be an inevitable break up of The Shield that will probably coincide with a major pay-per-view, with Roman emerging as the budding star of the group. Like I’ve said before, they are all talented but Roman really wowed everyone with his performance at Survivor Series. The quality of wrestling that we got treated to on both the TLC pay-per-view and Monday Night Raw was like an early christmas present from the wrestling gods.

I hope that trend continues heading into the Royal Rumble at the end of January, and EVERYONE knows what that means! The road to Wrestlemania will have officially begun and this wrestling fan couldn’t be more happy about it.

Tables And Ladders And Chairs, Oh My!

With the way that Monday Night Raw ended this week, I am more than excited to watch the TLC event this Sunday. All hell broke loose in the end segment and that single moment built the entire event up, not just for myself but for the rest of the WWE Universe. It’s a magical thing when you can sell an entire pay-per-view off of fifteen minutes of television. This pay-per-view also boasts the prestige of having, arguably, the single most important match in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. That match would be the unification match that will see the WWE championship, held by Randy Orton, combined with the World Heavyweight Championship, held by John Cena. I’m going to start off my TLC predictions with that match.

Title Unification Match: John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Champion) 

Winer: John Cena (Unified Champion)

Is there really any other person that should win this match?

As I said in my last post, Cena is a company guy and you almost expect him to be the one that unites both belts. I don’t think that this match will go off without a hitch and that there will be something or someone who interferes and screws it up. I am not a huge fan of the unification, as I think it should be done at a Wrestlemania, but it’s happening so people better just hop on the train and enjoy the ride. The type of match that they chose is also very interesting. A tables, ladder, and chairs match really does favor John Cena. He’s bigger, he’s tougher, and has proven himself more than Randy Orton has.

Recently, Orton has shown that he can’t win a match on his own. That is one factor that makes me think that some tomfoolery will be afoot in the title bout on Sunday. Had this been a different event, they should have gone with a 60 minute Iron Man match. That is the ultimate test of how tough someone is and how much stamina they have. It’s a tough match that very few superstars can make it through.

Divas Championship Match: AJ Lee (Divas Champion) vs. Natalya

Winner: Natalya

I don’t know about everyone else but I am more than ready for a women’s champion that actually carries the title with the respect and seriousness that it deserves. Also, I’m sick of seeing AJ carry that belt around like it’s a toy or something.

Natalya has EVERYTHING it takes to be a champion and is probably one of the most deserving wrestlers on the roster. Total Divas has helped to propel the roster of female wrestlers to new heights, having a strong and capable champion will help them go even further.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E. Langston (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Damien Sandow

Winner: Big E. Langston (retains)

I really, REALLY like Big E as champion. Everything about him holding a belt just clicks. He’s a powerhouse in the ring, has a great knack for speaking on the mic, and he seems really proud to be carrying that belt over his shoulder. You can’t ask for much more than that!

His determination to retain his title will give him an edge over him competitor, Damien Sandow. Sandow has been on a mean streak like no other recently and I hope that it continues, it really adds to his condescending character and makes his on-screen work so entertaining. I like him with a little edge and a little aggressive. All of that frustration stems from him losing his MITB title shot and from a somewhat recent string of defeats and failures. That adds so much more dimension to Damien Sandow. He wants this title so bad. He won the right to compete against Langston.

However, that will not be enough to take the title from the brick wall that is Big E. Langston.

Kickoff Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango

Winner: Fandango

I just love Fandango.

I also think that this match will be so fantastic with such strong competitors and it will be the beginning of a beautiful feud.

3 on 1 Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

Winner: The Wyatt Family

Calm down people!

I think that the Wyatt’s will win simply to keep Daniel Bryan down. That may or may not have something to do with the crowd stopping the ending segment of Raw with a massive ovation for Bryan this past Monday, who knows! Many say that Daniel Bryan is being buried by the powers that be at the WWE but I have a different theory. I personally believe that all of this is just a part of a larger moment that is coming for Bryan, perhaps at Wrestlemania. I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I am confident that it will.

As much as the Wyatt’s creep me out, this storyline is really intriguing. Yet again, you have Daniel Bryan battling against forces that are trying to change him. He’s fighting a seemingly unwinnable battle against evil, this is the kind of stuff comic books are made of and it’s awesome. Daniel Bryan is tough and a very formidable opponent but against the three members of the Wyatt Family, I’m not so sure. Bryan has faced some pretty big opponents but that was one on one. This is three on one and these guys are probably twice the size of Daniel.

The odds are not in his favor and if Bray does that creepy crab walk thing, this wrestling fan will forever have nightmares.

3 on 1 Handicap Match: CM Punk vs. The Shield

Winner: CM Punk

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a dissention forming within The Shield. Specifically after Roman Reigns had his incredible performance at Survivor Series, it was probably the biggest performance of that entire event and really put him on the map. You can see it in the way that The Shield now interacts with each other. Sure, they’re still a cohesive unit but there are tiny cracks in their foundation that are beginning to show.

Dean is acting like he’s the star and that Rollins and Reigns are nothing more than his lackeys. Very interesting, considering that Dean has had a title that he hasn’t defended in months. There is more to being a star than being the leader of a nearly unstoppable faction, you need to have the skills to back that up. Not saying that Dean or Seth don’t, but they didn’t fare nearly as well at Survivor Series.

Why CM Punk will emerge victorious this Sunday is because he will use that rift to his advantage. He is going to play off of their squabbling and secure a win. His victory will bring about the break-up of one of the most successful factions that the WWE, or sports entertainment in general, has ever seen.

Also, they added a fatal four way tag team match to determine new tag team champions. The Rhodes brothers will take on the Real Americans, Rey Mysterio and Big Show, and Ryback and Curtis Axel. I think that the Rhodes brothers will retain the titles but I do have one question. Where in the hell are The Usos in this? After they got screwed out of their earned title shot, they should at least get a chance to compete in this match. They are one of the hottest tag teams going right now and are more than deserving of a title shot.

Whatever the outcomes of these matches, I feel like we are in for a big surprise tomorrow.

I am hoping that they will turn John Cena heel and shock the hell our of wrestling fans everywhere. If they don’t, you can find me curling up in a corner in the fetal position.

Fighting To Survive.

Monday Night Raw kicked off with a match that saw CM Punk take on Luke Harper, a member of the always creepy Wyatt Family. I especially enjoy when Raw kicks off with a match and this one was fantastic.

The Wyatt Family are unique individuals. They are all creepy, don’t really say much, and nobody really knows much (if anything) about them. What we can deduce from Luke’s match with Punk is that Luke is a powerhouse. He seemed like a literal brick wall that CM Punk just couldn’t seem to break through in the early moments of the match. This match signified that Punk is starting to move on from his feud with Heyman and into something else. Don’t get me wrong, I thought that their story line was beautiful and some of the best moments of this year for the WWE, I just was feeling ready to see something else.

At the end of the match, which Punk won, brought about the usual attack from the Wyatt Family but this one had an interesting twist. Daniel Bryan barreled down that ramp with a steel chair and swung the shit out of it. A lot of people seem upset that Daniel Bryan is seemingly no longer on the path to the title but his time is coming. I like the idea of seeing Punk and Daniel Bryan in the same ring, even if they have to be on a team. I especially love the emphasis that is being put on tag team wrestling in the WWE currently. Tag team wrestling is something that I have always enjoyed because it gives you a chance to see some of your favourite superstars in a whole different way. You can find out very quickly who is a team player and who takes their ball and just walks on home with it.

We also got to see the return of Tyson Kidd in a mixed tag team match. He teamed with his wife, Natalya, to take on Fandango and Summer Rae. It was the first match that Kidd had in almost a full year, he was home recovering from a nasty injury and came back swinging. Natalya was fabulous, as always, and really made her mark in this match. She is probably one of the most talented female wrestlers that the WWE has had in the last few decades. She has unrivaled technical ability and mopped the floor with Summer Rae. Tyson also had a very worthy opponent in Fandango. When Tyson caught Fandango from the leg drop and turned it into the sharpshooter, I damn near shed a tear. I’ve missed Tyson in the ring. He reminds me so much of Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid, with a little bit of Owen Hart thrown in. The victory that he gained with his wife was well deserved.

A second tag match that we got treated to saw John Cena/Cody Rhodes/Goldust take on Damien Sandow and the Real Americans.

The WWE universe witnessed a truly touch moment when John Cena took a few moments before the match started to talk about the Rise Above Cancer campaign. I think it is so inspirational to everyone to see their favorite superstars devote so much to such a worthy cause. I’ve said this many times before but it makes me very proud to be a fan of such a wonderful organization that supports such worthwhile causes.

The match was probably my favourite of the night, it had a lot of energy and a lot of very interesting moments. Del Rio and Zeb were ringside on commentary and that added a little spice to the normal banter. I don’t really think it added much to their respective story lines but it was funny to listen to. Another unique moment was when Cena took on Cesaro, a man who equals Cena in terms of power. Seeing those two square off makes me want to see them in a future angle, they are two very powerful individuals and I’d like to see them fight for a title down the road. I may not have always liked Cesaro but no one can deny his power and strength in the ring. When he delivered that uppercut to Cena, I cringed because it was like I felt it. That must have felt like an eighteen wheeler hitting John right in the face. There was so much energy just flying around that ring, story lines were developing and the fans got treated to some fantastic wrestling. I just wish that the Rhodes brothers didn’t have those titles, I still don’t think that they deserve to have them. I especially think that seeing as The Usos earned a shot at those titles but didn’t even have the chance to fight for them. Maybe I’m bitter but I really like Jimmy and Jey and think that they are worthy of carrying those belts.

The biggest thing that happened that night concerned Big Show, Stephanie, and Triple H. In an interview that aired fairly early in the show, Triple H banned the Big Show from the WWE for life. Much to the surprise of Stephanie, Hunter, and Vickie, Show was walking around the back with a huge grin on his face. Turns out that the Board of Directors wants the lawsuit settled with no lawyers involved so that their risk is minimal, with a company worth as much as the WWE it is completely understandable. After trading barbs with each other, however brief, Hunter reluctantly agreed to meet Show in the ring and try to settle this.

I just love the Big Show when he is all smiling and joking around, that’s the giant that I know and love. All he wanted was his job back and he makes that very clear to his former bosses, he just wants to entertain the fans that spend their money to come to the show. Reluctantly, and with sound advice from his wife, Triple H gives the gentle giant his job back but that wasn’t the end of it. Show demanded a title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series and gets it. Amazing what a little leverage can get a person when they’ve been wronged, especially when there are tens of thousands of fans watching and the Board of DIrectors breathing down the other person’s neck. I’ve never seen Show be so hilarious and lovable in one segment before. He actually had me in stitches.

Show got his job back and was instantly placed in a handicap match against all three members of The Shield and Randy Orton. The Usual back and forth happened but it ended up with Big Show cleaning house, he just bowled through all four of those guys until Kane came out and distracted him. I was most puzzled by the fact that Kane was wearing a suit, I’ve NEVER seen him like that in all the years that I’ve been watching him on WWE television.

If anything seemed bizarre with Raw, it was that. He walked down that ramp, threw steel chairs in the ring, and oversaw Show being put through the announce table. Say what you want about it, it was an efficient and tightly run operation during that last segment. Kane reminded me of a really big and really scary version of Johnny Ace, only Kane actually gets things done.

If you need a corporate monster to oversee your takeover or orchestrate a beat down, call Kane at 1-800-666-HELL.

Stepping On The Battleground.

Sunday was the inaugural Battleground pay-per-view.

And if you have been on social media in the last day or so, you’ve seen what the popular opinion of that event is. People didn’t like it. In fact, they hated it and thought it was probably the worst event they’ve ever seen/purchased from the WWE. I don’t think it was completely unfortunate but I don’t think it was the worst either. I take each event as a chance to improve and this is just another learning experience. So, let’s start breaking down the event!

Overall, I thought that the event was good. (Please don’t rip me a new one wrestling fans!)

What took me by surprise was some of the matches on the card. They had Curtis Axel face R-Truth and Kofi Kingston facing Bray Wyatt, Kofi and Truth’s spots should have been reversed. It just didn’t make any sense to me to have R-Truth go for the Intercontinental title. Kofi had a fantastic match with Axel at the last event, putting these two in a feud makes SOOOOOOO much sense. The extra letters emphasize how much I wanted that to happen. Kofi Kingston and Axel had history, it may only be a bit but it’s still history. The two of them facing off made perfect sense. R-Truth facing off against the Wyatt Family made sense. I just want to think that something got lost in translation and it is all just a colossal mix up. The matches were pretty good but you could just tell that something was a little off. Each superstar put forth a solid effort and it was reflected in the work that they did. I think what the biggest problem was that the fans could pick up on the mismatched opponents. It was a slight slip up but a slip up no matter how you slice it.

And that weird crab walk thing Bray did just creeped me out.

I thought that RVD versus Del Rio was pretty good but I just don’t like Del Rio right now. I find him almost as bland as Randy Orton, he just has no distinguishing characteristics to me. I remember when they had Alberto as a face, that was such a glorious time. I get that gimmicks need to change but I just don’t like the way he is going right now. I don’t like that he is just beating up people for the sake of beating them up. A hardcore style match should have been right up Del Rio’s alley but the king reigned supreme. Who is that king you ask? Well, it’s ROB VAN DAM!

I thought that this was a fairly strong match, with RVD getting the upper hand (although he did not secure the win). Coming from ECW, I expected Rob Van Dam to have the advantage in a hardcore match. Del Rio doesn’t really strike me as the hardcore type. Sure, he can be a little brutal sometimes but it’s nothing compared to what ECW would consider hardcore.

Another thing that didn’t really make sense was that they had Brie Bella facing Aj Lee for the women’s title. I really thought that they were going to go with Natalya for this one, just because of the on-screen tension between her and Aj on commentary and backstage. Honestly, I just want anyone but Aj to have the title. I don’t like her that much and this whole crazy girl thing she has going is wearing thin on me, she has some great moves but she just isn’t my favorite. The divas division is riding high on the success of their reality show and this is the time that they should be switching up the champion and pumping some new life into the championship picture. Someone like Natalya, with talent and beauty, could really carry the women to the same heights as their male counterparts.

The shining light of this pay-per-view was the Rhodes family versus The Shield. There aren’t enough good things that I could say about this match and anything I do say won’t do it any justice. It was simply one of the most beautifully fought matches I’ve ever seen. Storytelling was an integral part of this feud and it worked to that match’s advantage. It boiled down to good versus evil and good prevailed. The Shield is such a strong team, they know each other so well and really use their strong dynamic as a tool to defeat their opponents. The Rhodes family have had their differences and it was quite difficult to predict how they would do working together as a team. My personal favorite moment during the match was when Dusty dropped that bionic elbow on Dean Ambrose. That crowd went insane, as did I.

The truly touching moment came after Cody won the pinfall, securing the jobs of his family. Some of the WWE roster, disgruntled with how the company is being run currently, came out to congratulate the Rhodes family on a hard-fought victory. Emotion is what sold this story and it is what kept the fans interested and invested in what was happening.

What people will remember this event for mostly is the five-minute blackout that happened all across the world. I initially thought that it was just my cable provider but Twitter confirmed that it wasn’t just me. They resolved the issue and we got treated to a kind of mediocre WWE Championship match which resulted in four people being knocked out. It also resulted in apparent chants of a not so nice word towards the superstars and the company.

On Monday Night Raw we did get treated to a lot of rematches and a lot of story building towards the next event, which is Hell In A Cell (a personal favorite of mine!).

The WWE also addressed the mediocre ending to Battleground and made amends for what had happened. It takes a lot to scare me, but the images of Stephanie slapping and then firing the Big Show will haunt me for the rest of my life. In all actuality, I thought it was really cool how they brought up what happened during the pay-per-view and just dealt with it. A lot of companies would have just let it go but WWE chose to deal with it and I really feel like it worked in their favour. Another thing that it did was further the story and make the interaction between the authority figures and the rest of the roster have more depth. Sure, they had the Rhodes family come back but they never went after the guy in charge. Big Show knocked Triple H out cold, left him laying in the middle of the ring like a lump. It was beautiful.

The crowd lost their mind and all was well in the wrestling universe.

The real shocking moment of the night was when it was revealed that the real-life superhero, John Cena, will be returning to face off against Alberto Del Rio for his World Heavyweight Championship. Even I was shocked, that actually took me by complete surprise. Cena was estimated to be out for approximately four to six months with the most grotesque injury I’ve ever seen, his elbow looked like a baseball. I don’t think this is just a move for ratings, I think that WWE acknowledged that they had some displeased fans and wanted to make things right. How many companies actually do that?

I hope that Cena does take his title. John Cena holding the World Heavyweight title doesn’t mean he is ‘lowering’ himself, it doesn’t matter what title he holds. When you’re a strong wrestler and a great entertainer, any title around your waist looks like a million dollars. I personally can’t wait for Hell In A Cell, it is going to be a turning point for some of the superstars on the roster. Titles will change hands, allegiances will dissolve, and there is going to be a whole lot of fantastic wrestling coming our way!

Rule With An Iron Fist.

The last two weeks of Monday Night Raw have seen a new monster take over. That monster is corporate in nature.

Ever since Daniel Bryan got screwed over at Summerslam, the McMahon’s and Triple H have been ruling the WWE with an iron fist. They have the entire roster under their thumb, a true reign of terror. No one can speak out, no one can express their opinion. Any superstar or diva who speaks their mind is ceremoniously punished. The message they are sending is that if you don’t share their vision of what is best for WWE, then you suffer the consequences that they see fit. Cody Rhodes learned that lesson the hard way when he lost his job this past Monday just for losing to Randy Orton. All he said was that Randy shouldn’t be scared to face Bryan and POOF! Cody was out that door faster than you can say ‘moustache’.

Having an opinion will make you become an example for the others, we saw it happen with several superstars over the last two weeks. The entire roster is forced to watch so that they know what fate awaits them. The one individual that we saw struggle the most with it is the Big Show. I feel so bad for him. He has an iron clad contract but if he does not perform his duties, Stephanie McMahon said that he will be found in breach. He had all of his personal issues put out into the public. He also had to be in a match with someone he considers a friend, Daniel Bryan. The gentle giant was forced to publicly beat down Bryan, he was stuck in a terrible situation with an even more terrible action to commit. You can actually see the pain on his face throughout the entire final segment from Raw this past Monday. With this new regime, you do what they tell you, when they tell you.

With John Cena out for approximately four to six months, there is a void that needs to be filled by the others on the roster. They are more than capable but this is their time to shine and we are being treated to some really entertaining stuff. My personal favourite is Fandango and the Miz. I don’t really care very much for the Miz. I don’t think he is a good wrestler. I don’t find him entertaining in the least, I actually find him very boring. He hasn’t had anything decent to do for months and people cheer for him when he has a match because they are so shocked he is actually doing something. Boring isn’t even the proper word to describe him, I don’t even know what the right word would be. Fandango on the other hand, I just love him SO much.

It’s not just them, the entire roster is really stepping up to fill any voids. The real stars are the divas. I know that I crap all over them but they are consistently improving. Their matches are entertaining. Their backstage interactions are engaging and they are starting to bring their division to where it needs to be.

Another Raw is ahead of us, full of all new surprises and entertaining moments. What does this new phase of leadership mean for the WWE and it’s fans? Damn fine television, that’s what!

The television that is being put out now is some of the best that has been on in years. I truly applaud the superstars and divas of the WWE, as well as everyone else who works behind the scenes. Thank you.

Climbing To The Top.

Starting out as just a match in 2005, Money In The Bank (MITB) has become one of the most anticipated pay-per-views on the WWE schedule. I always find the ladder matches so exciting and you can, with two hundred percent certainty, guarantee that there will be memorable moments. Let’s start with an analysis of each match, who I think will win, who will win, and why the others won’t win.

World Heavyweight Championship MITB Match:

  1. Wade Barrett
  2. Cody Rhodes
  3. Damien Sandow
  4. Dean Ambrose
  5. Fandango
  6. Jack Swagger
  7. Antonio Cesaro

To me, Wade Barrett is going to be Mr. Money In The Bank where the World Heavyweight title is concerned. Wade had such momentum as Intercontinental champion. He is a superstar who could (and did) tear through whoever was put in front of him. What Wade Barrett has is a brash elegance, he draws you in and then kicks your ass. His in-ring ability is strong and he has what it takes to be one of the greatest champions in the business. A win this Sunday will help catapult him even further in his career, leading him down a path to the WWE championship. I can see him among the ranks of CM Punk, Bret Hart, and Bruno Sammartino. He was my first and only choice to win the briefcase.

However, I do not have a hand in booking matches.

I am predicting that it will be either Jack Swagger or Antonio Cesaro who actually takes the win. Zeb Colter draws a lot of heat and anyone that is associated with him will do the same. Swagger doesn’t deserve to win anything in my opinion. I do think he has strength and great athletic ability but I just can’t stand him. He used to have so much promise but this gimmick just turned me off from him. My problem isn’t so much with the gimmick, which I like to a point, but he’s just so boring. Cesaro could carry the win very well but I just feel like the IC title would be a better fit for him right now.

Although the competitors in this match are all strong, not all of them are on the road to a victory. It has nothing to do with their ability, it will be different reasons. Dean Ambrose already has a title, the United States championship, and it seems unlikely that he would win a MITB contract at this time. The Shield has so much dominance already, they have three title belts and I see them keeping all of them for a very long time. Eventually they will all hold singles belts and continue to bring justice to everyone in the WWE. Individually speaking, Ambrose I so strong already that he doesn’t need a victory on Sunday.

I love both Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow but what MITB will do is cause a rift in their bromance. Story development is what will come out of this for the two of these men. They’ve been such a good team for so long that it would be interesting to see how the dynamic would change if they had to go against each other in a match of this nature. The final competitor, Fandango, is just too new to take something that is so big. I know that stranger things have happened in the WWE but I don’t know about him winning MITB. If anything, it would be hilarious but he just isn’t there yet. Fandango is one of my guilty pleasures as a wrestling fan and I love him but I don’t seem him winning this match.

WWE Championship MITB Match: MITB All-Stars

  1. CM Punk
  2. Christian
  3. Kane (Injured on Raw by the Wyatt Family, pulled from match)
  4. Daniel Bryan
  5. Sheamus
  6. RVD
  7. Randy Orton

Christian is my number one pick to take the win in the all-stars match. He only just returned but he is a veteran where ladder matches are concerned and has the most experience with them out of everyone participating. Captain Charisma only returned a couple of weeks ago but it is that experience that will give him the edge heading into Money In The Bank this Sunday. He isn’t without fierce competition. Punk came in as a close second but he doesn’t need something like MITB to be in the championship race. After all, he is the best in the world.

In reality, any one of these guys can win but I am thinking that Daniel Bryan is going to take it on Sunday. He is rumored to have a title program coming up this summer, heading into Summerslam so he is the logical choice. To start off his angle, he doesn’t need to win but it would be a fantastic jumping off point. RVD is an obvious choice due to the advantage he will have in Philly but he is meant for something else. I don’t think they would bring him back to have him win a briefcase and then take a title. No way. Depending on the length of his deal, I’d say he will wrap up either around Survivor Series or perhaps even the Royal Rumble. I like Rob Van Dam a lot and he is a great competitor but unless he sticks around for the long-term, he shouldn’t (or won’t) win. Kane was injured by the Wyatt Family in their debut on Raw so he’s out of the match. I like Kane so that was a little disappointing but does build something for the next event. Randy Orton and Sheamus are kind of boring to me at the moment so I do see them putting on a great show, just not winning the entire thing.

The whole dynamic of the WWE could change this Sunday. We could have a bigger, badder, meaner champion. We could see a man back in the title fight after an epic loss. Money In The Bank is the most unpredictable pay-per-view that the WWE has on its jam packed schedule. There is a myriad of factors to consider when thinking about these types of matches. It will be shocking, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and fantastic.

There are only two men who can walk away calling themselves Mr. Money In The Bank. Who will it be?

Everybody Fandango!

I’m starting this post off talking about the best part of Monday Night Raw, the crowd!

The people who were in attendance at the Izod Center were the best crowd that the WWE has had in a while. It really proves that the crowd can add to the atmosphere of an event and it makes it more enjoyable for everybody. They were literally on fire, they were into everything that was happening and their chants were hilarious. My personal favorites were ‘We are Awesome’ and the singing of Fandango’s theme song. One can also not forget the dancing that accompanied the lengthy serenade. The show was made that much more special because of those people and I wish crowds were like that everywhere. It reminds me of going to Raw in Calgary and chanting ‘We Want Bret’ with everyone. I’ve said it a million times, there is no better feeling than being in the audience at a WWE event.

John Cena opened the post-Wrestlemania Raw as our new WWE champion, with that awful looking belt. I’m glad that he won because we’ll get to see the champion each and every week on television. I think that is part of the reason why fans were so apathetic towards the Rock and Wrestlemania this year, Cena made light of that with his work on the microphone. If you have the top prize, you should be there to defend it each and every week. The question came about regarding who Cena would face next, my suggestion was maybe Jericho. Much to my surprise, Mark Henry interrupted the champ and got into the shuffle. Apparently, Rocky is still the number one contender and Mark Henry had to beat Cena on Raw to earn a title shot. Henry lost, opening the door for Rocky to come back whenever he is done promoting a movie or whatever. Stupid.

How can a guy who left the WWE high and dry, still be the number one contender? I can’t be the only fan shaking my head when Booker T said that. The prospect of a Cena/Henry angle has me very intrigued. Henry is a solid worker who deserves to compete for the biggest prize that sports entertainment has to offer, and compete against the current face of the WWE. The dynamic is there and it is something the fans would want to see, provided that it was done properly. Ryback also apparently turned heel during the Cena/Henry match when he attacked both men. I don’t really think it’s the right move for him when both Henry and Langston are the big guy heels but you never know what will happen with it. Eventually it will work but just not now.

In addition to the rowdy crowd we got treated to, we also got to see some great matches on the broadcast.

We got to see the Raw debut of Big E. Langston when he faced Daniel Bryan. Langston won his bout, with interference from Dolph Ziggler and Aj of course. I like him but I feel like he needs to harness and concentrate his power so it can be used effectively. It’s one thing to be a big guy, but it is another to be able to concentrate the power that you have. The Miz and Wade Barrett also had a rematch for the Intercontinental title, which Miz won from Barrett at Wrestlemania. I thought it a bit odd that would happen but I`m glad Wade got it back. The crowd got into it once again with a ‘Let’s go Barrett’ chant and Wade delivered a very strong showing, demonstrating why he deserves to hold the belt. The Miz seemed overpowered by Barrett throughout much of the match, it doesn`t seem like anyone knows what to do with the Miz anymore. I`m already growing tired of his ‘I’m the new Ric Flair’ gimmick he has going on. I just can’t buy it. Wade won with the Bullhammer Elbow, and this match toppled the one they had on the Wrestlemania pre-show in terms of quality (in my opinion).

One of the big surprises of the night came when Ziggler FINALLY cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to win Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight title. During the handicap match which saw Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger face Del Rio, Ziggler had his big moment. I like the new Del Rio but it was about time that Dolph had his time to shine in the spotlight. That briefcase made me feel like Dolph was stuck in some kind of purgatory, never to escape. Del Rio won by submission and Ziggles seized the opportunity. It was welcomed with open arms as the crowd promptly lost their shit.

The Undertaker also made a brief appearance to talk about his epic match with CM Punk at Wrestlemania, it was touching (however brief). He dedicated the match to his manager Paul Bearer, who passed away a few weeks before the biggest event of the year. The Shield interrupted Taker’s speech and when Team Hell No came out to help him, the Shield backed off. It was kind of intriguing, it is definitely an angle that I would be interested in watching on tv each and every week. Another interesting feud brewing was that between Randy Orton and Sheamus, I didn’t buy them as a team but they would be terrific in the ring together.

As goofy as I think Fandango is, Jericho vs. Fandango is really entertaining. We all have Chris to thank for that. He interrupted Fandingo`s match with Kofi and even mocked the dancing queen in the process. If anyone can get this guy over, it is Chris Jericho (or the crowd who was singing/dancing to his theme song for hours).

One can only hope that the crowds are that good every week, it really adds to the show and makes it fun. With this year’s Wrestlemania over, it opens the door for some fantastic feuds with the superstars of the WWE.

Thank you guys for working so hard to entertain us each and every week.