In A Flash.

I’ve waited a while to post my thoughts on Survivor Series weekend simply because it was just such a bizarre four days of wrestling. There were title changes, unexpected victories, unexpected losses, and it was glorious. This past weekend also bore witness to some of the best wrestling I’ve seen in a while.

The weekend kicked off with NXT: Takeover in Toronto, I had a friend in attendance and I was DYING with jealousy. Especially after that tag title match between The Revival and #DIY. I’ve always had a soft spot for tag team wrestling and this match struck me right in the heart. Both teams wrestled with so much passion and drive that you couldn’t help but be drawn in. The raw emotion on the face of Tomasso and Johnny was truly a sight to be seen and the crowd felt with them. Emotion like that is what makes wrestling something I’m happy and proud to be a part of. Years of hard work, determination, wins, losses, it’s all worth it for those three seconds leading to victory.

Those three seconds that lead to victory can also lead to defeat, as was the case when Shinsuke Nakamura lost the NXT title to Samoa Joe. That was a victory that left me absolutely floored. I was expecting to have Nakamura as the NXT champ for a few more months and then see him bumped up to the main roster to take on Finn Balor at Wrestlemania. I have lofty dreams my friends but if this weekend of wrestling has taught us anything, it’s that expect the unexpected.

Survivor Series echoed that sentiment the following night. I took a few notes but I had to stop because I was just in awe of what I was watching. The whole event was so wonderfully chaotic, it made me so happy! I thought that the show had good pacing, the matches were all pretty good, and there were some surprises. My favourite traditional Survivor Series match had to be the men’s teams from Raw and Smackdown taking each other on. Granted, the match didn’t have the same emotional tone that the NXT tag match did but it had all of the excitement and then some. The obvious standout moment was that spear that Shane McMahon took from Roman Reigns in mid-air. I thought for sure that he wasn’t going to get up from it, and that’s no fault of Roman’s. Yes, there were actually people freaking out saying that it was Roman’s fault that Shane was injured and had to be eliminated. The whole match was fantastic from start to finish and didn’t seem as long as it was.

As I had suspected, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar main evented the entire show. What I didn’t expect was how the match would end…with a Goldberg victory. The whole match lasted less than a minute and a half and the place erupted. I mentioned in my last post that Goldberg had to win to get them out of the hole that Brock had put them in with his booking. Goldberg’s victory showed that the Beast was NOT unbeatable and definitely isn’t the king of the mountain.

Lame, but let me have my moment.

I found it very curious that people complained that Bill squashed Brock but Brock does that EVERY time he has a match. What was even more curious is that only Goldberg came out to address the results of the match, he also announced that he was officially entering the Royal Rumble in January of 2017. There was no speech by Heyman, no taped interview with Brock, not a single peep. My thoughts are that this is going to result in some sort of rubber match between the two of them at Wrestlemania in Orlando.

By the time Smackdown rolled around this week, I was spent. I wish every week in wrestling was as wonderfully chaotic as this one was but I don’t know if I could handle it.

On to the next event…

Heading Into Battle.

The Raw go-home show for Survivor Series featured a confrontation between both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. That was the main focus, with the other matches on Sunday’s card getting a little build-up but not enough to really get you amped. I’m a huge fan of the Survivor Series event so I am still looking forward to the event, I’m just worried about the other matches suffering because they’re building this entire event around Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

The card on Sunday is pretty jam-packed with three Survivor Series elimination matches, two additional title matches, and the ‘main event’. I think that if the event is built around that supposed ‘main event’, it’s going to be a piss poor decision that will elicit the same reaction as Bray vs. Orton did at No Mercy. I will admit, I’m not the biggest Goldberg fan, I’m only cheering him on because I dislike Lesnar with the fire of 1,000 suns. This match is a special attraction, it isn’t exactly main event material. There’s nothing wrong with it being just a special attraction either.

There’s two problems with this match, Lesnar is built up as unbeatable and Goldberg isn’t exactly known for his stamina during matches. The WWE is really up shit creek with Lesnar’s booking and I don’t think that it is 100% WWE’s fault, Lesnar doesn’t like to lose. What do you do with a guy like that? Is there anything that you can do? With the way that Brock has been booked, it seems like Goldberg was just brought in to lose. I don’t think that this is the case, a second loss to Goldberg would get under Brock’s skin and that would be reason enough for me to have Bill win.

Their confrontation on Monday Night Raw actually got me a little amped for their match on Sunday, Goldberg wanted to scrap and Brock walked away like he usually does. I rolled my eyes so hard when Lesnar walked away that I’m sure my friends down in the States heard it. At least Goldberg looks like he wants to be there, he’s having fun, and he genuinely wants to entertain. Brock could give two shits because all he seems to want is to maintain his position and get his pay check. With the way that he’s been booked, literally NOBODY will be able to get a win over him and that’s just sad. His character has no more room to grow, not that he was a dynamic character in the first place. Who do you pit Brock against when he always beats everyone?

They can’t keep bringing in alumni for him to decimate because, quite frankly, there aren’t a ton of guys left or guys who can compete at maximum capacity. Lesnar NEEDS to lose on Sunday. He needs to show a crack in his foundation, that probably makes no sense but I think I made my point. The fans need to see that he is vulnerable, they need to know that Goliath can be taken down by David. They need to know that can happen even when the odds seem INCREDIBLY stacked.There’s no point in having Lesnar on the roster of either show if there is no one on the roster who can beat him. I’m pulling and hoping for a Goldberg win on Sunday night.

I know I’m reaching for that rainbow but it has to happen.

Take 2.

On Monday Night Raw, Goldberg finally got to respond to the challenge set forth by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Not surprisingly, Goldberg accepted.

When the idea of another Goldberg versus Lesnar match was floated around on the good ol’ internet, I wasn’t thrilled. I was never really a fan of either of them and I barely remember the last time they fought each other in the WWE. My eyes rolled so hard at the thought of them main eventing Survivor Series I swear you could have heard it. The proposed match immediately made me think of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt main eventing No Mercy, nobody gave a flying fuck about that match and it wasn’t anything special. I was thinking that Bill vs. Brock was going to turn into the exact same thing.

My opinion drastically changed when Goldberg finally came out on Raw, something that seemed to take an eternity. I figured he would come out at the end of the show, tell Lesnar that he was next and then that would be it. Well, he did show up during the last ten minutes of the show but his promo was different from what I expected. His promo was full of life, passion, and emotion. Goldberg emoted real feeling and it was nice to see how much the chance to return meant to him. He actually had my attention and I was really into what he was saying. Dare I say he got me excited for a match that has Brock Lesnar in it? Shocking, I know! In that short promo, Bill Goldberg showed more emotion and passion than Brock has shown in his entire wrestling career.

I’m not expecting a five-star match out of either of these guys. The one thing I want out of this match is to see Goldberg beat the holy hell out of Brock Lesnar. It will be interesting to see how they build this match as the two competitors have yet to appear on-screen together to build the match. Brock is scheduled to appear next week and I’m secretly hoping that Goldberg pops up out of nowhere with a spear…

Building Brock.

It’s not a highly guarded secret that I don’t like Brock Lesnar. At all.

Sure, he’s a big draw for the WWE and brings in money and viewers that may not usually tune in to the television shows or pay per views. That’s not what this post is about. This post is about his incredibly infuriated I am that he’s still allowed to compete at one of the biggest pay per view events on the WWE calendar after he got caught doping during his most recent UFC bout.

He didn’t get caught doping once…he got caught doping twice.

Like how fucking dumb do you have to be to get caught doing anything like that twice? How stupid would you have to be to do it at all? For the sake of this argument, we’re going to keep this conversation based in the wrestling world. We all know that PED’s are used in a ton of other sports and that’s not up for debate here.

It just infuriates me that this fucking guy gets to inject himself with performance enhancing drugs and he still gets more exposure than more talented guys. Jesus, Zack Ryder has more in-ring talent than Brock Lesnar does. If ANY guy on the WWE roster got caught doping twice within a few weeks, they’d be suspended or fired. There’s many guys on the roster of both Raw and Smackdown who have had to suffer the consequences of violating the Wellness Policy. Why should Brock be any different? Is he not employed by the company? Does he not collect a check from them in exchange for work? If you can even call what he does work.

I think that if you are truly as good as you claim you are at what you do, you shouldn’t have to take performance enhancing drugs. What pisses me off more is people who do that sort of thing and they don’t appear to suffer any consequences for their actions. I know that a lot of fans don’t really care about this but there’s a lot of fans that do. The WWE isn’t sending a very good message to the members of the roster that actually show up more than four times a year. Brock Lesnar doesn’t make the company, the people who are there full-time do.

The only way that I can see the WWE making sense of this whole mess is to have Brock lose clean at Summerslam. He still gets to compete but it also sort of sends a message that there are some consequences for his actions, even if they punish him after the fact.

I just hope that the WWE treats their part-time talent like their full-time talents because it’s total bullshit that Brock Lesnar gets to come out and hop around like a gorilla and still get paid and then someone who has ACTUAL talent gets nothing.

Rant. Over.

Wrestlemania 32.

Well, another Wrestlemania is in the books. In fact, it was literally the biggest Wrestlemania in the event’s history. Over 101,000 people piled into the AT&T Stadium to experience the biggest night in sports entertainment. I personally loved the event, as I always do, there were the moments that I loved and some that I didn’t particularly like. That’s the gamble that we wrestling fans take while being so immersed in something so wonderful. Now let’s break down some of my least/most favorite moments…

Favorite Moments:

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

Like I had to even say that this match was in my favorite Mania moments. This was the one match on the card that I actually had no inkling of how it would go, especially when Vince added the stipulation that it would be the last Mania for Taker if he lost to Shane. The thought of never seeing the Undertaker at a Wrestlemania again shook me to my core, laugh if you must but I mean that. When Shane made his entrance with his three young sons, I was like ‘That’s it. He’s done, bye-bye Taker’. However, that wasn’t the case.

The match was outstanding and one of my favorite HIAC’s. Shane and Taker brutalized each other to the point that I thought neither man was going to be able to walk out of that arena under their own power. They were literally throwing whatever they could get their hands on at each other. I knew at some point that we were going to get a Shane-O-Mac flying elbow off of something, and everyone was hoping that it would be off the top of the cage. We got our wish and it was amazing, not so much for Shane when Taker moved out of the way right before he came barreling through the table. I thought for sure that Shane was seriously injured. Undertaker won the match and Shane was taken away by the medics, Vince got to retain control of Raw and that was that. What I appreciated most about the match was that there was no fuckery or interference, they got to wrestle a good match and tell a story.

That story left Shane battered and bruised on Monday Night Raw, I couldn’t believe that he was able to walk. He did get his wish when, refusing to be upstaged by Shane’s goodbye, Vince let him have control of WWE’s flagship program for one night.

And it was glorious.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

I thought that this was going to be an easy win for Sami Zayn. He could get the belt from Kevin Owens and they could continue the magic that they had in NXT.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

There was so much going on in the ring that I’m glad I didn’t take notes because I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Kevin Owens put Sami Zayn through a ladder with a splash that would make Bam Bam Bigelow proud. Sin Cara put Stardust through another ladder, probably injuring himself. Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens superkicked each other at the exact same time. Not to be cliché but it was literal pandemonium. My dad and I were on the edge of our seats, shouting our faces off.

When the other competitors were down and the Miz went to grab the belt, my heart sank. He’s a non-factor for me usually, but that moment was actually scary. It’s bad enough that I have to put up with him on television during MizTV, I couldn’t take him as a champion again. Zack Ryder pushing Miz off the ladder to take the belt was like a godsend. My dad and I agree that Zack deserved the belt. It wasn’t because he was the longest tenured guy in that match that made us feel like he deserved it. Zack deserved that belt for coming out and entertaining fans no matter where he was on the card. Every time that I’ve watched him wrestle live or on television, he’s always giving it everything. I still remember the first match I ever saw Zack in, he faced Tommy Dreamer at my very first live Smackdown. He was still wearing those ridiculous one-legged pants/tights combo, but I was entertained.

He lost the belt to the Miz the very next night but I have a feeling that his title run hasn’t been stopped dead in its tracks.

Sasha Banks

There is a reason why this woman is called ‘the boss’.

The triple threat match was important to all three of the competitors but I think that it was most important to Sasha. It was telegraphed in the way she entered the arena, she had a special saunter to the ring, and she paid tribute to the biggest inspiration in her wrestling career. You could see how much she wanted to win the Women’s Championship with every fiber of her being. She was the most entertaining part of the entire match for me. It was her moment, her time to shine, and she did it.

She may not have won the match but she got to live her Wrestlemania dream and made every person feel like anything and every is possible.

Least Favorite Moments:

Street Fight (Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar)

I love Dean Ambrose and was very much looking forward to seeing him beat the holy hell out of Brock Lesnar. You can just imagine the shock on my face and my dad’s when the exact opposite of that happened…

It was the worst match of the entire event for me, which is upsetting considering it was one of the ones that I was crazy excited for. I thought that Dean was going to get to use the gifts that the hardcore legends, Mick Foley and Terry Funk, had given him the previous weeks. It pretty much turned into the Brock Lesnar Variety Hour and further proved my point as to why I can’t stand him. He proved in that match that he’s just there for a paycheck. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about entertaining people, he just wants to show up, get paid, and leave. I was expecting a FIGHT, not a dance.

I really felt bad for Dean because he is a much better wrestler than what he was able to show in that match. I sincerely hope that the WWE rethinks using Brock further. It may be wishful thinking but hey, a girl can dream!

Ric Flair

I respect wrestling legends. I don’t respect Ric Flair.

During the Hall of Fame, Ric was incredibly embarrassing. Usually, people can laugh it off but this time it was impossible to do that. It was quite obvious that the man was intoxicated and I don’t know how he was even allowed on that stage. He rambled on so much that people were joking that he was inducting himself for a third time. Ric Flair lost any respect he had from me that night. It was supposed to be about Sting and his induction. Instead, he rambled on about his rivalry with Ricky Steamboat, and cried incessantly. I hope that they never allow him to induct anyone ever again.

The following night on Wrestlemania, he interjected himself into the triple threat match and cost Sasha the victory that she deserved. I don’t even get why the fuck he was down there because he never seems to add anything to Charlotte’s matches. He just struts, slaps his arms, and woo’s. He is the embarrassing drunk uncle at the family reunion, you just feel sorry for him because he doesn’t know what a fool he is making of himself. Sure, he’s a legend but conduct yourself with decorum and tact. ESPECIALLY at the biggest events on WWE’s calendar, the entire world was literally watching you make an ass out of yourself.

As always, the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania was even more crazy than the event itself! That’s another post for another day!


This year’s Royal Rumble had to be one of the craziest in the last few years.

The rest of the matches on the card were pretty good but I know I’m not alone in saying that the main event was what I was waiting for. Roman Reigns was the first entrant, defending his title, and he seemed to have all of the odds stacked against him. As anxious as I was to see if Roman would retain his title, I was equally as anxious to see who the surprise entrants would be. That was always my favorite part of the Rumble and rumors were rampant, especially with top stars in NJPW becoming free agents.

Boy, did they ever deliver this year with AJ Styles. I wasn’t really sure at first who it was because I didn’t recognize the music but did that place ever erupt when he came out! When he came out, I thought my boyfriend was going to flip the damn coffee table and I immediately thought that Vince McMahon owns the world. It’s not the Monday Night War days and there aren’t a whole lot of places for wrestlers to go but what a victory for the WWE to pull a major star with many of their own out with injury.

It was just absolutely incredible to feel that energy and see the crowd be so into what was happening.

Another shocking moment to me was Brock Lesnar’s elimination. I just assumed that he would be handed the belt and everyone would call it a day. I KNEW that the Sister Abigail meant more than it seemed, there was no way it was just a fleeting moment.

On Raw, Lesnar was added to the triple threat match at Fastlane to determine the number one contender for Triple H’s newly one WWE title (that’s another blog post for another day). I still don’t think he will win because there is too much potential in both Roman vs. Dean and Lesnar versus anyone in the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt’s are finally going to be in a storyline that is heading somewhere (they have been flip-flopping for a while) and we get treated to best friends brawling. What more could a wrestling fan ask for?

I feel like I’m rambling but I’m just so excited. It’s Wrestlemania season, they’re announcing the Hall of Fame Inductees, Shinsuke Nakamura is coming, and I can barely contain myself.

I may shed a tear of joy.

Mixed Messages.

Roman Reigns has to defend his title in the Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns is also entering the Royal Rumble at number one.

I initially thought that he was completely and totally fucked.

This feeling was first brought about when Lesnar was named as a participant. I thought that pretty much guaranteed that Brock would win and Roman would lose. They’ve just been putting all of these road blocks in Roman’s way that it made it seem IMPOSSIBLE that he could walk out of that match with his belt. That’s a little thing that I call ‘Daniel Bryan Syndrome’.

What changed my mind about Roman not winning the belt was the interaction that Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family had with Brock at the end of Raw. I think that Sister Abigail to Brock had more weight to it than just being a wrestling move. There were rumors floating around that a Wyatt Family member would be facing Brock at Wrestlemania and I think that makes perfect sense.

Bray and his followers have feuded with some of the best in the business but always seem to sort of fizzle out after. I don’t care for Lesnar that much (or at all) but the Wyatt’s need something to bring them to the forefront and establish them as a dominant force.

I hate to quote John Cena, but everyone’s time is now.