Breaking Down The Empire.

Roman Reigns has been to the top of the mountain, grabbed the brass ring, or whatever phrase you feel like throwing out. He gets a different reaction from the audience depending on what city they’re in, that makes it hard to gauge how the audience actually feels about him and where they want to see him go. In the last few months, he’s been bounced around from title to title and feud to feud. What do they even do with him now?

No matter what happens, fans are going to bitch because they feel like he’s being forced on them. I obviously don’t share that opinion or I wouldn’t be writing this post. I like Roman Reigns and I like him a lot.

And no, it isn’t just because he’s a Samoan god with hair I want to run my fingers through. Although it doesn’t hurt that he’s fairly easy on the eyes.

I think that he just needs to be put in a feud that makes sense. When he stood toe to toe with Big Cass in the ring, I thought to myself what a fantastic feud that would be, no title involved. Roman is a fantastic competitor and doesn’t necessarily have to hold a title to be considered a ‘top’ guy or whatever. Some of the best matches I have ever seen don’t even have a championship as a factor. Bret vs. Owen at Wrestlemania X, Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk in an empty arena match, Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit in tribute to Owen, and the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley in a Hell in a Cell match to name a few. It is entirely possible for Roman to be in a match of that caliber, he just needs to be given a chance.

That point brings me to my next point, the fans need to make up their minds. You don’t get to jeer the man, mark out big time when he does something amazing, and then go right back to booing him. That always irritated me because Roman puts out quality matches and never just ‘phones it in’. If he was a lazy fuck in the ring, then okay, but he isn’t. People see him as the next John Cena and that’s just not how I see it. Who would want to be just like John? Whenever someone makes that comparison, I just roll my eyes so hard that you can literally hear it. John Cena has always only been the good guy his entire career, never deviating from that position. Roman has played both sides and I think that shows that he is capable of succeeding in whatever role he’s in.

This is going to sound completely ridiculous but I believe in Roman and his abilities in the ring. I think that he can be a top superstar. Do I think that he can one day be in the Hall of Fame? He’s still too ‘new’ in his career for me to say. People clamour for change in the WWE and then shit all over it when it happens, you don’t get it both ways.

Believe that.

Building Brock.

It’s not a highly guarded secret that I don’t like Brock Lesnar. At all.

Sure, he’s a big draw for the WWE and brings in money and viewers that may not usually tune in to the television shows or pay per views. That’s not what this post is about. This post is about his incredibly infuriated I am that he’s still allowed to compete at one of the biggest pay per view events on the WWE calendar after he got caught doping during his most recent UFC bout.

He didn’t get caught doping once…he got caught doping twice.

Like how fucking dumb do you have to be to get caught doing anything like that twice? How stupid would you have to be to do it at all? For the sake of this argument, we’re going to keep this conversation based in the wrestling world. We all know that PED’s are used in a ton of other sports and that’s not up for debate here.

It just infuriates me that this fucking guy gets to inject himself with performance enhancing drugs and he still gets more exposure than more talented guys. Jesus, Zack Ryder has more in-ring talent than Brock Lesnar does. If ANY guy on the WWE roster got caught doping twice within a few weeks, they’d be suspended or fired. There’s many guys on the roster of both Raw and Smackdown who have had to suffer the consequences of violating the Wellness Policy. Why should Brock be any different? Is he not employed by the company? Does he not collect a check from them in exchange for work? If you can even call what he does work.

I think that if you are truly as good as you claim you are at what you do, you shouldn’t have to take performance enhancing drugs. What pisses me off more is people who do that sort of thing and they don’t appear to suffer any consequences for their actions. I know that a lot of fans don’t really care about this but there’s a lot of fans that do. The WWE isn’t sending a very good message to the members of the roster that actually show up more than four times a year. Brock Lesnar doesn’t make the company, the people who are there full-time do.

The only way that I can see the WWE making sense of this whole mess is to have Brock lose clean at Summerslam. He still gets to compete but it also sort of sends a message that there are some consequences for his actions, even if they punish him after the fact.

I just hope that the WWE treats their part-time talent like their full-time talents because it’s total bullshit that Brock Lesnar gets to come out and hop around like a gorilla and still get paid and then someone who has ACTUAL talent gets nothing.

Rant. Over.

First Day Jitters.

Like the millions of wrestling fans around the world, I was super anxious to see how the first episodes of Raw and Smackdown would go after the draft. What made me even more anxious was that there was a pay per view on the Sunday before, titles and superstars were scattered all over the place. A lot of things could have gone wrong on the first episodes after the draft, and I mean a LOT of things. Sure, Smackdown got a few stars but their roster looked much weaker on paper. Raw got a better looking roster but they didn’t have a major title to anchor the show.

The atmosphere was just different on Raw and Smackdown this week.

We’re finally getting a shake-up of the title landscape after the same people getting chance after chance. While Raw currently doesn’t have a major title, Finn Balor is getting the chance to compete against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. He wasn’t placed in that match, he had to fight in two matches that night to earn that spot. He gave us two world-class matches in one night, that’s something that some wrestlers fail to do in two weeks. I’m not praising Finn because he’s the new kid on the block, he’s just that good. Finn Balor versus Seth Rollins is definitely a feud that I can get behind.

Another title change that we got to see was Sasha Banks defeating Charlotte for the Women’s Championship. To be totally honest, I figured Dana would interfere and allow Charlotte another ill-gotten victory. I had tears in my eyes when she hoisted that title above her head. It sounds silly but Sasha makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to. When she made Charlotte tap, I just had flashbacks of her matches, specifically the Iron Man Match that she had with Bayley. It just makes me so proud to see her doing what she loves and representing what women are truly capable of in that ring. Even Charlotte gave a top-notch performance and I never really care for her matches that much anymore.

Raw really had a different feeling to it with their new roster, logo, and music. I’ve always enjoyed it before but it was still so refreshing. I even enjoyed Smackdown more than I normally do, I don’t always get to catch it during the week but I was glued to my tv set.

Initially, I was a little upset that Mauro Ranallo wasn’t placed on Raw. The man has talent out the wazoo but he’s what keeps Smackdown fresh and entertaining. He’s the reason I was starting to make the effort to actually catch the show. The moment that I want to talk about is Dolph Ziggler winning the chance to face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. The main event of Smackdown could have gone any way. I initially had my money on AJ Styles or John Cena.

Because god knows that John Cena needs another damn title shot…

When Dolph won, I thought I was going to fall off the couch. I wasn’t expecting him to win but now I’m even more excited for Smackdown each week and Summerslam at the end of August. Dolph is just so fantastic and I felt like he was stuck in some mid-card hell that he would never escape. He really is that damn good, all you have to is watch a few of his matches to know that.

Smackdown just felt like new life was breathed into it. I used to not care if I ever got to watch Smackdown because I just didn’t feel as though it was as ‘important’ as Raw, for lack of a better term. This past week changed all of that. The two shows can now actually compete against each other in all aspects; on television, in social media, and on pay per views. There’s also much more potential for talents to develop their current or new gimmicks, this is literally their time to shine. Just think of the potential for Twitter feuds…

I won’t be able to cover both programs every week but I will try my best and just enjoy this new era of wrestling. Not to rip off Big E but it’s a new day, yes it is!



It’s A New Day.

(Just a short note…this post was written last night during commercial breaks on Monday Night Raw. The draft has already happened but I wasn’t able to catch it live, I still wanted to express my opinion on what happened during Monday Night Raw.)

Tonight was the first step to changing the landscape of the WWE for the better. Brand extensions have been done before and it was always pretty entertaining but tonight just seemed to breathe new life into the WWE. The draft doesn’t even take place until tomorrow night on the first episode of Smackdown LIVE but I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.

I have to admit that I was finding it a little difficult to get through the last few weeks of wrestling, especially being evacuated from my home and not being able to properly keep up with it all.

This brand extension is going to be much different from those of the past and that has me very excited. The new general managers weren’t from the line up of usual suspects one would pick, Triple H wasn’t involved in any way and that’s step one to me. Having such unusual choices is the turning point, both men chosen as GM for the respective shows were told that they didn’t fit the mould. Neither Daniel Bryan, nor Mick Foley, have ANY ties to the Authority or anything corporate. Actually, both of these guys seem the least likely to be ‘corporate’ in nature.

The rosters that they could both potentially end up with also have me fascinated because I can’t recall a brand extension where the rules were so unique. Teams could be split up as each brand has the option to take one or all members of a tag team. Could you imagine if Enzo and Cass got split up? Or the New Day? I would personally consider it a crime against humanity if either one of those things happened.

Nobody is going to be one hundred percent happy with what happens tomorrow night on Smackdown LIVE. Let’s face reality here, having a ‘passionate discussion’ with fellow wrestling fans is one of the best parts of being a wrestling fan. What I want to happen out of this draft is that both brands get a kick in the ass and are revitalized, they’re fresh, and we get a level of competition not seen since the Attitude Era.

I won’t be able to cover the draft live and in-person but I’ll be glued to my Twitter feed with you guys tomorrow night!

I’m Baaaaack.

I haven’t been posting a lot in the last few months.

As many of you may (or may not) know, my hometown was devastated by a massive wildfire on May 3rd, 2016. Fort McMurray was a bustling town of 88,000 people and in mere hours it was a ghost town. I stood in the parking lot of a shopping centre, crying and watching my neighbourhood burn to the ground. It was the most devastating day of my entire life and what I experienced that day is something that I will NEVER forget.

That day was truly a testament to the human spirit and the Canadian spirit. People were doing what they could to help anyone in anyway that they could. Donating money, clothes, time, opening their homes to total strangers, it makes me feel so proud to see people coming together for my family and community. 88,000 people were successfully evacuated with only two casualties on the highway due to a traffic accident, that’s a pretty good success rate if you ask me.

My family may have lost our home but we’re getting through it together. I’m back in blogging mode and you guys will have fresh content coming from me soon.

And yes, my dog is okay for everyone who is wondering!

In A Split Second.

Natalya lost the women’s title match at Payback.

I feel like I shouldn’t be shocked about that but I had so much hope that she would win, especially with the recent behaviour of Ric Flair. Obviously his behaviour shouldn’t determine the fate of a title match but it can’t be ignored. Of all the things that happened at Payback, Charlotte retaining the title is the biggest disappointment for me.

I think that both women can wrestle, but Nattie is better. This isn’t just me backing up a fellow Canadian, its pure fact and it’s been proven in the ring on multiple occasions. No matter where Nattie falls on the card, if she’s even on it, she gives her fans everything she has. She doesn’t need her father to accompany her to the ring for every match to interfere. I want to like Charlotte so bad, I feel like she could be a fantastic wrestler but her father is bringing her down. This sounds weird in a post about wrestling but Dr. Phil was right in his diagnosis of Ric Flair and Charlotte a few weeks ago.

An appearance once in a while, I can deal with. Ric doesn’t need to be there every single time Charlotte has a match. He just dances around and shouts like a crazy drunk person. There were a few incidents in the past that didn’t endear Ric to me but the icing on the cake was him telling Natalya to go kill herself. You heard me right, he told her to go kill herself. It wasn’t just something uttered privately, it was said in front of the entire audience at a Smackdown taping. Who does that to someone? The cherry on top of that icing was Ric getting treated in an airport for lacerations after reports of him acting like a crazy drunk person. I don’t spread rumors but I think that he has substance abuse problems of some degree. I thought for sure that Charlotte would have lost the belt because of what her father had done.

They went for the screwjob finish which was just the cheap way out. I didn’t get it because they way the camera was clearly showed that Nattie did not tap out during the submission move. I don’t think she screamed to stop the match, as Charles Robinson stated on Raw, but since when would that supersede a tap out? Even on Monday Night Raw the next night, the Flair’s explanation of this whole thing just didn’t seem to make any sense. The only thing that I can think of to even begin to clarify what happened at Payback was that was their way to write Ric off of television for his public behaviour because he did get banned from their rematch at Extreme Rules. Seems very convoluted but that’s the best explanation that I have.

It’s just such a shame that Nattie and her fans have to sit through this mess just to get a title shot. Hopefully, with Ric banned from their submission match, it will be well worth the wait. It will be nice to have a women’s champion who can win matches on her own and not have to have the help of her father every single time.

Also, I would LOVE to see her feud with Sasha Banks. That’s the stuff dreams are made of my friends.


It’s about 11:30pm as I’m starting to type this and I’ve heard the news that Chyna has passed away.

She was more than the muscle behind Hunter Hearst Helmsley. She was a real pioneer for women’s wrestling and sort of started a mini revolution of her own. Chyna wasn’t just a piece of arm candy (like many others who were around at the same time) and she showed that women could do what the men could do. Often times, doing it better. She was the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble, the first to win the Intercontinental Championship, it was truly unbelievable to watch. As a young girl, Chyna made you feel like you were capable of doing pretty much anything. Things weren’t just ‘for boys’ anymore.

Sadly, what  most people will remember her for is her messy personal life and her drug addiction.

I’ve known addicts that make no attempt whatsoever to get any form of help and I have little to zero sympathy for them. I do believe that Chyna made a conscious effort to get better, even if she had failed. If you’re not willing to try, you’ll never know if you can succeed. She was in the media but no one really, honestly, knows what was going on inside her mind/heart when she wasn’t in the public eye (other than those around her).

A lot of details are going to come out in the next few days and weeks and the usual chatter will happen. What people need to remember is that she is a person, she may not be here in body anymore but still deserves our respect. This isn’t about what happened behind the scenes in WWE or how she got screwed over for whatever, this is about a person. Whatever happened between the WWE and Chyna doesn’t matter now, what matters is that we lost someone who was very integral to the business and how women viewed themselves in comparison to their male counterparts.

Chyna showed that women are not meek. We are fierce, strong, and willing to whoop your ass if need be. Rest in peace Miss Laurer.