Heading Into Battle.

The Raw go-home show for Survivor Series featured a confrontation between both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. That was the main focus, with the other matches on Sunday’s card getting a little build-up but not enough to really get you amped. I’m a huge fan of the Survivor Series event so I am still looking forward to the event, I’m just worried about the other matches suffering because they’re building this entire event around Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

The card on Sunday is pretty jam-packed with three Survivor Series elimination matches, two additional title matches, and the ‘main event’. I think that if the event is built around that supposed ‘main event’, it’s going to be a piss poor decision that will elicit the same reaction as Bray vs. Orton did at No Mercy. I will admit, I’m not the biggest Goldberg fan, I’m only cheering him on because I dislike Lesnar with the fire of 1,000 suns. This match is a special attraction, it isn’t exactly main event material. There’s nothing wrong with it being just a special attraction either.

There’s two problems with this match, Lesnar is built up as unbeatable and Goldberg isn’t exactly known for his stamina during matches. The WWE is really up shit creek with Lesnar’s booking and I don’t think that it is 100% WWE’s fault, Lesnar doesn’t like to lose. What do you do with a guy like that? Is there anything that you can do? With the way that Brock has been booked, it seems like Goldberg was just brought in to lose. I don’t think that this is the case, a second loss to Goldberg would get under Brock’s skin and that would be reason enough for me to have Bill win.

Their confrontation on Monday Night Raw actually got me a little amped for their match on Sunday, Goldberg wanted to scrap and Brock walked away like he usually does. I rolled my eyes so hard when Lesnar walked away that I’m sure my friends down in the States heard it. At least Goldberg looks like he wants to be there, he’s having fun, and he genuinely wants to entertain. Brock could give two shits because all he seems to want is to maintain his position and get his pay check. With the way that he’s been booked, literally NOBODY will be able to get a win over him and that’s just sad. His character has no more room to grow, not that he was a dynamic character in the first place. Who do you pit Brock against when he always beats everyone?

They can’t keep bringing in alumni for him to decimate because, quite frankly, there aren’t a ton of guys left or guys who can compete at maximum capacity. Lesnar NEEDS to lose on Sunday. He needs to show a crack in his foundation, that probably makes no sense but I think I made my point. The fans need to see that he is vulnerable, they need to know that Goliath can be taken down by David. They need to know that can happen even when the odds seem INCREDIBLY stacked.There’s no point in having Lesnar on the roster of either show if there is no one on the roster who can beat him. I’m pulling and hoping for a Goldberg win on Sunday night.

I know I’m reaching for that rainbow but it has to happen.

Made It.

History was made last night at Hell in a Cell.

Sasha and Charlotte battled it out for the Raw Women’s Championship inside the demonic structure, they were also the main event of the whole damn show. Despite what Twitter says, I was so incredibly proud and pleased with both women. People complained that the Universal belt should have main vented the show but I think that it doesn’t matter where the match is on the card, if it’s good then it’s good. Fans are going to remember what they saw in the ring, not the order of the matches.

Sure, I may not have been happy that Sasha lost the title to Charlotte but I couldn’t have been prouder of both women. I had goosebumps when they stepped into the ring and lowered the cell. I felt like I was six years old and watching something so magical. I had such a sense of pride that the women got the main event spot that I could have cried. Women’s wrestling had been lacking substance for SO long. On October 30th, they proved to the entire world that they could hang with the boys and do what they do, and do it better.

The only thing that match didn’t have was blood.

Sasha and Charlotte pushed themselves to the absolute limits right from the beginning. When they climbed the cage, I had to hide my face because I was actually scared for both of them. Throughout the entire match my dad and I had this weird feeling of excitement and fear, especially when we thought that Sasha was done. Both women complimented each other beautifully in the ring, they went blow for blow and it was impressive. They had the wrestling world in the palm of their hand for the entire match. Like I said, I wasn’t happy that Sasha lost the belt but I was beaming with pride at what the women had accomplished. This wasn’t just a moment for them, it was for every woman who was ever told that she couldn’t do something because she was ‘just’ a girl.

They opened, no, they kicked down doors for the women’s division and women everywhere.

Next step, Wrestlemania.

Take 2.

On Monday Night Raw, Goldberg finally got to respond to the challenge set forth by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Not surprisingly, Goldberg accepted.

When the idea of another Goldberg versus Lesnar match was floated around on the good ol’ internet, I wasn’t thrilled. I was never really a fan of either of them and I barely remember the last time they fought each other in the WWE. My eyes rolled so hard at the thought of them main eventing Survivor Series I swear you could have heard it. The proposed match immediately made me think of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt main eventing No Mercy, nobody gave a flying fuck about that match and it wasn’t anything special. I was thinking that Bill vs. Brock was going to turn into the exact same thing.

My opinion drastically changed when Goldberg finally came out on Raw, something that seemed to take an eternity. I figured he would come out at the end of the show, tell Lesnar that he was next and then that would be it. Well, he did show up during the last ten minutes of the show but his promo was different from what I expected. His promo was full of life, passion, and emotion. Goldberg emoted real feeling and it was nice to see how much the chance to return meant to him. He actually had my attention and I was really into what he was saying. Dare I say he got me excited for a match that has Brock Lesnar in it? Shocking, I know! In that short promo, Bill Goldberg showed more emotion and passion than Brock has shown in his entire wrestling career.

I’m not expecting a five-star match out of either of these guys. The one thing I want out of this match is to see Goldberg beat the holy hell out of Brock Lesnar. It will be interesting to see how they build this match as the two competitors have yet to appear on-screen together to build the match. Brock is scheduled to appear next week and I’m secretly hoping that Goldberg pops up out of nowhere with a spear…


This Sunday, Dolph Ziggler is putting his career on the line against the Miz and the Intercontinental title. I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat and I was actually shocked when this stipulation was announced. Is this real life?

Sadly, yes it is.

I’ve always loved Dolph Ziggler and his in-ring work. No matter what they saddle him with storyline wise, this guy sells it like every match he has is main event material. Dolph has been in so many of my favourite wrestling moments that it’s hard for me to imagine my wrestling world without him. He’s just so good both in the ring and on the microphone, there’s few on the roster that can compete with him in either of those arenas. Dolph Ziggler not being on WWE programming would be a great disservice to fans and it would leave a void in my little wrestling loving heart. My love for Ziggler runs deep…

I don’t think that he’s wasted his talent or time. I can hear the screams of fellow fans from my comfy couch so allow me to elaborate…

His talent wasn’t wasted because we got to see him wrestle either live, on tv, or at pay-per-views. If his talent was wasted, we would never have got to see him anywhere. We wouldn’t get to listen to him cut a promo if his talent and time was wasted. A lot of people also say that he deserves a belt and they can ramble on forever about that as well. Championships are great to have, every wrestler wants one but that doesn’t define a great wrestler and talent. I’m not talking gibberish, I believe that a belt doesn’t define a wrestler. Would I like to see Dolph get a belt? Absolutely. Do I think that championship runs will define his career? No. His talent and athleticism will.

I don’t think that his time with the WWE is done and I know fans don’t want to see him go. I will watch his match on Sunday with bated breath and hop and part that he gets that three count. Call me selfish but I want to see Dolph wrestle for a long time, he isn’t ready to hang his boots up yet.

Champion, My Champion.

Clash of Champions is the first Raw exclusive pay-per-view since the brand split, every title on the show is going to be defended. Raw has a LOT to live up to after the fantastic event that Smackdown put on earlier in the month, I have to say that I am really digging this competition between both brands. It’s been done before but this just has a different feel to it. There are some non-title matches on the card but we’ll just be talking about the title matches to keep this post from being 2,000 words.

You all know how I like to ramble…

First on my list is that tag title match that will pit New Day against Gallows and Anderson. New Day are amazing tag team champions and one day their reign will have to come to an end, I just don’t think Gallows and Anderson are the people to take it. Initially, I was really excited when the WWE acquired both of those guys from New Japan but they have kind of fallen flat for me. I don’t think they’re funny, nor do I find Gallows particularly good in the ring. Anderson I can deal with because he does actually have some good moves in his repertoire. Maybe it was the brand split, maybe people were wanting The Bullet Club so badly that they didn’t care what the guys were doing, but they aren’t in a tag title acquiring position to me. New Day are just so fantastic. They’re funny, entertaining to watch, the crowd loves them, and are a genuinely good representation of the tag team division. I would personally love to see Enzo and Cass take the belts one day, a sort of passing of the torch in a sense.

The women’s title match also got shaken up on Raw as Bayley was added, turning it into a triple threat. With the controversy of all four shoulders being on the mat when Sasha pinned Bayley last week. I have zero doubts in my mind of the entertainment value of this match, it’s going to be one of the better matches on the card. My only hope is that Charlotte loses and we get an epic, NXT level feud out of Sasha and Bayley. Initially, I wasn’t into Bayley being added because she literally had two matches on Raw and a lot of people echoed that sentiment. Raw’s women’s division is thinner (right now) compared to Smackdown and they need to give it some pizzazz.

We also get to see another Rusev vs. Roman match. This is something that we’ve seen a few times before and I literally have no comment on it. The United States Championship is the title that Roman should have gone for in the first place instead of being constantly thrust into the WWE World Heavyweight title fight. It would have given him a chance to further develop his in-ring persona, something that I think he struggles a bit with since branching out from his brothers in the Shield. I’d like to see Roman succeed and start to win the fans over, the hate he receives is unwarranted.

The main event of the pay-per-view is what really has me torn. It’s not that I dislike either man in the match, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are two of my favourites. What I’m struggling with is seeing Seth get another title shot. I know that the Raw roster is really thin right now due to injury and that’s limiting the talent pool a bit. You’ve got injuries and people involved in other feuds, I think they’re making the best of what they currently have. There’s no doubt in my mind that both Seth and Kevin will give the fans an enthralling match but there has to be more to the story than the two potentially going back and forth for months until Finn comes back. There needs to be a bit of a shake up.

The way I would like to see this play out is Seth loses and moves on to a different story, Kevin has an epic feud with Cesaro, and Finn comes back to beat whatever one of them has the title at the time.

The final title that will be defended at Clash of Champions is the brand new Cruiserweight Championship, held by TJ Perkins. I have to admit that I haven’t been current with the Cruiserweight Classic, I’ve barely even started watching it. What little I saw on the network and what I saw on Raw already has me excited for the division as a whole and what each competitor has to offer. Cruiserweights have always been some of my favourite wrestlers to watch and seeing them get their own division within the WWE really makes my heart happy.

Raw has a tough job to do to best Smackdown in their first branded event but I think that the competition between the two brands will benefit the fans. I just hope that both brands can keep it up to keep fans enthralled for the long-term. Every week fans are bitching on Twitter about the brand split and how we’re not getting quality programming and what not. I complain too sometimes but I am very hopeful for that silver lining and the good things to come with it.

I think we’ll be a-okay guys.


Smackdown Live’s first ever pay-per-view event could have gone good or bad. On paper, their roster is a little thinner and they didn’t have that many matches on the card. I wasn’t really sure what to make of the event and I tried to have high hopes heading into both the pre-show and the main card.

I was NOT disappointed.

Off the top, my favourite part of the show was listening to Mauro Ranallo and his magical voice for almost four hours. The man is a gem. Every match that he calls seems like a main event match, even when it may be moving a little slow or the crowd isn’t that into it. He has an energy that is unparalleled and I actually feel bad for him sometimes being stuck in-between Otunga and Bradshaw.

As for the matches, I thought that they were all pretty solid even though they didn’t all come out the way that I would have liked. What I think made that pay per view so good was that it was quality over quantity for matches. It’s like they were trying a lot harder because they know that Smackdown has always been the red-headed stepchild of the WWE. Some people will deny this but it’s true and they know it. It’s a bit harsh to say, but that show was considered section tier for a LONG time. That statement will no longer be true if they keep putting on quality events. Raw will definitely be given a run for their money. The main event featuring AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It’s a short review but I had to give praise where it’s due, they set the bar VERY high for themselves for their next event. Let’s hope they can deliver.

The Best Of?

Seamus and Cesaro are currently embroiled in a Best of Seven series, the winner gets a title shot. Oh boy…

When the series was announced, I had mixed feelings because I despise Sheamus but I absolutely love Cesaro. It sounds weird but I almost felt sorry for Cesaro to have to waste his talents on someone like Sheamus, I thought for sure that he would walk all over him and dominate the series. Cesaro is better in the ring and simply more entertaining to watch. Sheamus has all of the appeal of watching wet paint dry.

Much to my chagrin, Sheamus has already bested Cesaro by winning three matches. Allow me to repeat myself…


I just don’t understand the logic behind him winning three matches in a row. As a fan, I would find it much more gripping if they went back and forth in winning matches. Let’s say Sheamus wins two and then Cesaro wins one, have it go like that instead of having that ginger win three in a row and Cesaro get his first victory at a house show. The only part of this feud that has me invested is that I get to watch the Swiss Superman in the ring. He could easily be the champion and the main guy in the company. The crowd loves him and he has an athletic ability that is pretty damn tough to match. I would love to see him in a feud with someone like Finn Balor, someone who can match his abilities in the ring. Pitting him against Sheamus just isn’t fair.

A dirt sheet online reported that Cesaro was going to be done with the WWE in the near future and I don’t see that as a possibility but they do need to do something to showcase his talent. Cesaro can hold a belt, he consistently has the absolute best matches on the card, and I’m pretty sure that he is part robot/cyborg.

I’d be hanging on to that talent with everything that I had. Let’s hope that the WWE feels the same way and big things are coming for him.