He’s Here…Run.

February 12th saw the very first Smackdown exclusive pay-per-view of the new year, Elimination Chamber. To get to the point, I thought that most of the event was mediocre with a few shining moments and one thing that came right out of left field for me…Bray Wyatt won the WWE championship. Allow me to repeat myself…


I was absolutely floored. Looking at the competitors in the match, I didn’t think that Bray was even considered to hold the title. One would have assumed that it would have been Styles, Miz, or Cena taking it. I’m always the WWE optimist but often times there is a small group of superstars that the titles seem to rotate through. Having Bray win the title, especially in a match with such talented competitors, really raises his stock within the company and demonstrates that there is a consciousness to what fans want. Before people start losing their damn mind, I’m not saying that this awareness is always present but they try so you have to give them credit.

I also think that it gives Bray some legitimacy on the roster, not saying that the title makes the man but Bray sure needed it. Bray was so intriguing but it seemed like every time he was in a major feud, he shit the bed. It all went to hell in a hand basket rather quickly and it left fans feeling deflated. He was like a rising balloon that was popped before it reached the roof (look at me with the analogies!). Bray needs to look strong and like he’s a strong champion, this week’s episode of Smackdown went a long way to prove that.

Bray had to defend his title in a triple threat match, two men who have held multiple titles and had everything going for them. I, in all honesty, was half expecting Styles or Cena to take it because sometimes the WWE just likes to screw with us. I also think that it is very Cena-like to steal the thunder or spotlight from other title holding superstars. He comes in, praises them, and then says something so lame it makes your eyes roll like the Undertaker. When Bray got the victory, my jaw hit the floor. What made Bray look even stronger (in my eyes at least) is that he holds so much power over Randy Orton that he got him to forfeit his title match at Wrestlemania. Wyatt was always a leader but that action by Randy shows how powerful he can actually be.

My hope is that the momentum carries on past Wrestlemania and Bray gets an actual contender for his title. Personally, I’d like this to build to Luke Harper taking on Bray for the title but there is this little monkey on my back that thinks it’ll be one of the usual suspects. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…at least until Tuesday.

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