Heading Into Battle.

The Raw go-home show for Survivor Series featured a confrontation between both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. That was the main focus, with the other matches on Sunday’s card getting a little build-up but not enough to really get you amped. I’m a huge fan of the Survivor Series event so I am still looking forward to the event, I’m just worried about the other matches suffering because they’re building this entire event around Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

The card on Sunday is pretty jam-packed with three Survivor Series elimination matches, two additional title matches, and the ‘main event’. I think that if the event is built around that supposed ‘main event’, it’s going to be a piss poor decision that will elicit the same reaction as Bray vs. Orton did at No Mercy. I will admit, I’m not the biggest Goldberg fan, I’m only cheering him on because I dislike Lesnar with the fire of 1,000 suns. This match is a special attraction, it isn’t exactly main event material. There’s nothing wrong with it being just a special attraction either.

There’s two problems with this match, Lesnar is built up as unbeatable and Goldberg isn’t exactly known for his stamina during matches. The WWE is really up shit creek with Lesnar’s booking and I don’t think that it is 100% WWE’s fault, Lesnar doesn’t like to lose. What do you do with a guy like that? Is there anything that you can do? With the way that Brock has been booked, it seems like Goldberg was just brought in to lose. I don’t think that this is the case, a second loss to Goldberg would get under Brock’s skin and that would be reason enough for me to have Bill win.

Their confrontation on Monday Night Raw actually got me a little amped for their match on Sunday, Goldberg wanted to scrap and Brock walked away like he usually does. I rolled my eyes so hard when Lesnar walked away that I’m sure my friends down in the States heard it. At least Goldberg looks like he wants to be there, he’s having fun, and he genuinely wants to entertain. Brock could give two shits because all he seems to want is to maintain his position and get his pay check. With the way that he’s been booked, literally NOBODY will be able to get a win over him and that’s just sad. His character has no more room to grow, not that he was a dynamic character in the first place. Who do you pit Brock against when he always beats everyone?

They can’t keep bringing in alumni for him to decimate because, quite frankly, there aren’t a ton of guys left or guys who can compete at maximum capacity. Lesnar NEEDS to lose on Sunday. He needs to show a crack in his foundation, that probably makes no sense but I think I made my point. The fans need to see that he is vulnerable, they need to know that Goliath can be taken down by David. They need to know that can happen even when the odds seem INCREDIBLY stacked.There’s no point in having Lesnar on the roster of either show if there is no one on the roster who can beat him. I’m pulling and hoping for a Goldberg win on Sunday night.

I know I’m reaching for that rainbow but it has to happen.

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