Made It.

History was made last night at Hell in a Cell.

Sasha and Charlotte battled it out for the Raw Women’s Championship inside the demonic structure, they were also the main event of the whole damn show. Despite what Twitter says, I was so incredibly proud and pleased with both women. People complained that the Universal belt should have main vented the show but I think that it doesn’t matter where the match is on the card, if it’s good then it’s good. Fans are going to remember what they saw in the ring, not the order of the matches.

Sure, I may not have been happy that Sasha lost the title to Charlotte but I couldn’t have been prouder of both women. I had goosebumps when they stepped into the ring and lowered the cell. I felt like I was six years old and watching something so magical. I had such a sense of pride that the women got the main event spot that I could have cried. Women’s wrestling had been lacking substance for SO long. On October 30th, they proved to the entire world that they could hang with the boys and do what they do, and do it better.

The only thing that match didn’t have was blood.

Sasha and Charlotte pushed themselves to the absolute limits right from the beginning. When they climbed the cage, I had to hide my face because I was actually scared for both of them. Throughout the entire match my dad and I had this weird feeling of excitement and fear, especially when we thought that Sasha was done. Both women complimented each other beautifully in the ring, they went blow for blow and it was impressive. They had the wrestling world in the palm of their hand for the entire match. Like I said, I wasn’t happy that Sasha lost the belt but I was beaming with pride at what the women had accomplished. This wasn’t just a moment for them, it was for every woman who was ever told that she couldn’t do something because she was ‘just’ a girl.

They opened, no, they kicked down doors for the women’s division and women everywhere.

Next step, Wrestlemania.

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