This Sunday, Dolph Ziggler is putting his career on the line against the Miz and the Intercontinental title. I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat and I was actually shocked when this stipulation was announced. Is this real life?

Sadly, yes it is.

I’ve always loved Dolph Ziggler and his in-ring work. No matter what they saddle him with storyline wise, this guy sells it like every match he has is main event material. Dolph has been in so many of my favourite wrestling moments that it’s hard for me to imagine my wrestling world without him. He’s just so good both in the ring and on the microphone, there’s few on the roster that can compete with him in either of those arenas. Dolph Ziggler not being on WWE programming would be a great disservice to fans and it would leave a void in my little wrestling loving heart. My love for Ziggler runs deep…

I don’t think that he’s wasted his talent or time. I can hear the screams of fellow fans from my comfy couch so allow me to elaborate…

His talent wasn’t wasted because we got to see him wrestle either live, on tv, or at pay-per-views. If his talent was wasted, we would never have got to see him anywhere. We wouldn’t get to listen to him cut a promo if his talent and time was wasted. A lot of people also say that he deserves a belt and they can ramble on forever about that as well. Championships are great to have, every wrestler wants one but that doesn’t define a great wrestler and talent. I’m not talking gibberish, I believe that a belt doesn’t define a wrestler. Would I like to see Dolph get a belt? Absolutely. Do I think that championship runs will define his career? No. His talent and athleticism will.

I don’t think that his time with the WWE is done and I know fans don’t want to see him go. I will watch his match on Sunday with bated breath and hop and part that he gets that three count. Call me selfish but I want to see Dolph wrestle for a long time, he isn’t ready to hang his boots up yet.

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