Smackdown Live’s first ever pay-per-view event could have gone good or bad. On paper, their roster is a little thinner and they didn’t have that many matches on the card. I wasn’t really sure what to make of the event and I tried to have high hopes heading into both the pre-show and the main card.

I was NOT disappointed.

Off the top, my favourite part of the show was listening to Mauro Ranallo and his magical voice for almost four hours. The man is a gem. Every match that he calls seems like a main event match, even when it may be moving a little slow or the crowd isn’t that into it. He has an energy that is unparalleled and I actually feel bad for him sometimes being stuck in-between Otunga and Bradshaw.

As for the matches, I thought that they were all pretty solid even though they didn’t all come out the way that I would have liked. What I think made that pay per view so good was that it was quality over quantity for matches. It’s like they were trying a lot harder because they know that Smackdown has always been the red-headed stepchild of the WWE. Some people will deny this but it’s true and they know it. It’s a bit harsh to say, but that show was considered section tier for a LONG time. That statement will no longer be true if they keep putting on quality events. Raw will definitely be given a run for their money. The main event featuring AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It’s a short review but I had to give praise where it’s due, they set the bar VERY high for themselves for their next event. Let’s hope they can deliver.

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