The Best Of?

Seamus and Cesaro are currently embroiled in a Best of Seven series, the winner gets a title shot. Oh boy…

When the series was announced, I had mixed feelings because I despise Sheamus but I absolutely love Cesaro. It sounds weird but I almost felt sorry for Cesaro to have to waste his talents on someone like Sheamus, I thought for sure that he would walk all over him and dominate the series. Cesaro is better in the ring and simply more entertaining to watch. Sheamus has all of the appeal of watching wet paint dry.

Much to my chagrin, Sheamus has already bested Cesaro by winning three matches. Allow me to repeat myself…


I just don’t understand the logic behind him winning three matches in a row. As a fan, I would find it much more gripping if they went back and forth in winning matches. Let’s say Sheamus wins two and then Cesaro wins one, have it go like that instead of having that ginger win three in a row and Cesaro get his first victory at a house show. The only part of this feud that has me invested is that I get to watch the Swiss Superman in the ring. He could easily be the champion and the main guy in the company. The crowd loves him and he has an athletic ability that is pretty damn tough to match. I would love to see him in a feud with someone like Finn Balor, someone who can match his abilities in the ring. Pitting him against Sheamus just isn’t fair.

A dirt sheet online reported that Cesaro was going to be done with the WWE in the near future and I don’t see that as a possibility but they do need to do something to showcase his talent. Cesaro can hold a belt, he consistently has the absolute best matches on the card, and I’m pretty sure that he is part robot/cyborg.

I’d be hanging on to that talent with everything that I had. Let’s hope that the WWE feels the same way and big things are coming for him.


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