Breaking Down The Empire.

Roman Reigns has been to the top of the mountain, grabbed the brass ring, or whatever phrase you feel like throwing out. He gets a different reaction from the audience depending on what city they’re in, that makes it hard to gauge how the audience actually feels about him and where they want to see him go. In the last few months, he’s been bounced around from title to title and feud to feud. What do they even do with him now?

No matter what happens, fans are going to bitch because they feel like he’s being forced on them. I obviously don’t share that opinion or I wouldn’t be writing this post. I like Roman Reigns and I like him a lot.

And no, it isn’t just because he’s a Samoan god with hair I want to run my fingers through. Although it doesn’t hurt that he’s fairly easy on the eyes.

I think that he just needs to be put in a feud that makes sense. When he stood toe to toe with Big Cass in the ring, I thought to myself what a fantastic feud that would be, no title involved. Roman is a fantastic competitor and doesn’t necessarily have to hold a title to be considered a ‘top’ guy or whatever. Some of the best matches I have ever seen don’t even have a championship as a factor. Bret vs. Owen at Wrestlemania X, Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk in an empty arena match, Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit in tribute to Owen, and the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley in a Hell in a Cell match to name a few. It is entirely possible for Roman to be in a match of that caliber, he just needs to be given a chance.

That point brings me to my next point, the fans need to make up their minds. You don’t get to jeer the man, mark out big time when he does something amazing, and then go right back to booing him. That always irritated me because Roman puts out quality matches and never just ‘phones it in’. If he was a lazy fuck in the ring, then okay, but he isn’t. People see him as the next John Cena and that’s just not how I see it. Who would want to be just like John? Whenever someone makes that comparison, I just roll my eyes so hard that you can literally hear it. John Cena has always only been the good guy his entire career, never deviating from that position. Roman has played both sides and I think that shows that he is capable of succeeding in whatever role he’s in.

This is going to sound completely ridiculous but I believe in Roman and his abilities in the ring. I think that he can be a top superstar. Do I think that he can one day be in the Hall of Fame? He’s still too ‘new’ in his career for me to say. People clamour for change in the WWE and then shit all over it when it happens, you don’t get it both ways.

Believe that.

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