Building Brock.

It’s not a highly guarded secret that I don’t like Brock Lesnar. At all.

Sure, he’s a big draw for the WWE and brings in money and viewers that may not usually tune in to the television shows or pay per views. That’s not what this post is about. This post is about his incredibly infuriated I am that he’s still allowed to compete at one of the biggest pay per view events on the WWE calendar after he got caught doping during his most recent UFC bout.

He didn’t get caught doping once…he got caught doping twice.

Like how fucking dumb do you have to be to get caught doing anything like that twice? How stupid would you have to be to do it at all? For the sake of this argument, we’re going to keep this conversation based in the wrestling world. We all know that PED’s are used in a ton of other sports and that’s not up for debate here.

It just infuriates me that this fucking guy gets to inject himself with performance enhancing drugs and he still gets more exposure than more talented guys. Jesus, Zack Ryder has more in-ring talent than Brock Lesnar does. If ANY guy on the WWE roster got caught doping twice within a few weeks, they’d be suspended or fired. There’s many guys on the roster of both Raw and Smackdown who have had to suffer the consequences of violating the Wellness Policy. Why should Brock be any different? Is he not employed by the company? Does he not collect a check from them in exchange for work? If you can even call what he does work.

I think that if you are truly as good as you claim you are at what you do, you shouldn’t have to take performance enhancing drugs. What pisses me off more is people who do that sort of thing and they don’t appear to suffer any consequences for their actions. I know that a lot of fans don’t really care about this but there’s a lot of fans that do. The WWE isn’t sending a very good message to the members of the roster that actually show up more than four times a year. Brock Lesnar doesn’t make the company, the people who are there full-time do.

The only way that I can see the WWE making sense of this whole mess is to have Brock lose clean at Summerslam. He still gets to compete but it also sort of sends a message that there are some consequences for his actions, even if they punish him after the fact.

I just hope that the WWE treats their part-time talent like their full-time talents because it’s total bullshit that Brock Lesnar gets to come out and hop around like a gorilla and still get paid and then someone who has ACTUAL talent gets nothing.

Rant. Over.

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