It’s A New Day.

(Just a short note…this post was written last night during commercial breaks on Monday Night Raw. The draft has already happened but I wasn’t able to catch it live, I still wanted to express my opinion on what happened during Monday Night Raw.)

Tonight was the first step to changing the landscape of the WWE for the better. Brand extensions have been done before and it was always pretty entertaining but tonight just seemed to breathe new life into the WWE. The draft doesn’t even take place until tomorrow night on the first episode of Smackdown LIVE but I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.

I have to admit that I was finding it a little difficult to get through the last few weeks of wrestling, especially being evacuated from my home and not being able to properly keep up with it all.

This brand extension is going to be much different from those of the past and that has me very excited. The new general managers weren’t from the line up of usual suspects one would pick, Triple H wasn’t involved in any way and that’s step one to me. Having such unusual choices is the turning point, both men chosen as GM for the respective shows were told that they didn’t fit the mould. Neither Daniel Bryan, nor Mick Foley, have ANY ties to the Authority or anything corporate. Actually, both of these guys seem the least likely to be ‘corporate’ in nature.

The rosters that they could both potentially end up with also have me fascinated because I can’t recall a brand extension where the rules were so unique. Teams could be split up as each brand has the option to take one or all members of a tag team. Could you imagine if Enzo and Cass got split up? Or the New Day? I would personally consider it a crime against humanity if either one of those things happened.

Nobody is going to be one hundred percent happy with what happens tomorrow night on Smackdown LIVE. Let’s face reality here, having a ‘passionate discussion’ with fellow wrestling fans is one of the best parts of being a wrestling fan. What I want to happen out of this draft is that both brands get a kick in the ass and are revitalized, they’re fresh, and we get a level of competition not seen since the Attitude Era.

I won’t be able to cover the draft live and in-person but I’ll be glued to my Twitter feed with you guys tomorrow night!

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