I’m Baaaaack.

I haven’t been posting a lot in the last few months.

As many of you may (or may not) know, my hometown was devastated by a massive wildfire on May 3rd, 2016. Fort McMurray was a bustling town of 88,000 people and in mere hours it was a ghost town. I stood in the parking lot of a shopping centre, crying and watching my neighbourhood burn to the ground. It was the most devastating day of my entire life and what I experienced that day is something that I will NEVER forget.

That day was truly a testament to the human spirit and the Canadian spirit. People were doing what they could to help anyone in anyway that they could. Donating money, clothes, time, opening their homes to total strangers, it makes me feel so proud to see people coming together for my family and community. 88,000 people were successfully evacuated with only two casualties on the highway due to a traffic accident, that’s a pretty good success rate if you ask me.

My family may have lost our home but we’re getting through it together. I’m back in blogging mode and you guys will have fresh content coming from me soon.

And yes, my dog is okay for everyone who is wondering!

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