In A Split Second.

Natalya lost the women’s title match at Payback.

I feel like I shouldn’t be shocked about that but I had so much hope that she would win, especially with the recent behaviour of Ric Flair. Obviously his behaviour shouldn’t determine the fate of a title match but it can’t be ignored. Of all the things that happened at Payback, Charlotte retaining the title is the biggest disappointment for me.

I think that both women can wrestle, but Nattie is better. This isn’t just me backing up a fellow Canadian, its pure fact and it’s been proven in the ring on multiple occasions. No matter where Nattie falls on the card, if she’s even on it, she gives her fans everything she has. She doesn’t need her father to accompany her to the ring for every match to interfere. I want to like Charlotte so bad, I feel like she could be a fantastic wrestler but her father is bringing her down. This sounds weird in a post about wrestling but Dr. Phil was right in his diagnosis of Ric Flair and Charlotte a few weeks ago.

An appearance once in a while, I can deal with. Ric doesn’t need to be there every single time Charlotte has a match. He just dances around and shouts like a crazy drunk person. There were a few incidents in the past that didn’t endear Ric to me but the icing on the cake was him telling Natalya to go kill herself. You heard me right, he told her to go kill herself. It wasn’t just something uttered privately, it was said in front of the entire audience at a Smackdown taping. Who does that to someone? The cherry on top of that icing was Ric getting treated in an airport for lacerations after reports of him acting like a crazy drunk person. I don’t spread rumors but I think that he has substance abuse problems of some degree. I thought for sure that Charlotte would have lost the belt because of what her father had done.

They went for the screwjob finish which was just the cheap way out. I didn’t get it because they way the camera was clearly showed that Nattie did not tap out during the submission move. I don’t think she screamed to stop the match, as Charles Robinson stated on Raw, but since when would that supersede a tap out? Even on Monday Night Raw the next night, the Flair’s explanation of this whole thing just didn’t seem to make any sense. The only thing that I can think of to even begin to clarify what happened at Payback was that was their way to write Ric off of television for his public behaviour because he did get banned from their rematch at Extreme Rules. Seems very convoluted but that’s the best explanation that I have.

It’s just such a shame that Nattie and her fans have to sit through this mess just to get a title shot. Hopefully, with Ric banned from their submission match, it will be well worth the wait. It will be nice to have a women’s champion who can win matches on her own and not have to have the help of her father every single time.

Also, I would LOVE to see her feud with Sasha Banks. That’s the stuff dreams are made of my friends.

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