Tonight was the last major stop on the proverbial ‘Road to Wrestlemania’. What was originally just a house show changed into a WWE Network special, and it was AWESOME!

I’ve been to a few house shows and they always have this special feel to them. The crowd is wild, the unexpected can happen, and you can really see that the wrestlers are having fun with what they’re doing. I had a friend that was in attendance and I was SO jealous. The matches were fun and, for the most part, pretty damn good. Now let’s talk about my most/least favorite moments…

I thought that the tag match of Enzo and Big Cass versus the Revival was the match of the night, and that’s not just because I love Enzo. Including an NXT match in this special allowed the participants to show that they are just as good (and sometimes better) as their main roster counterparts. This match was riveting and totally had me drawn right in. I was jumping off my couch, yelling, screaming, and basically acting like a crazy person. Enzo and Cass used this match to prove why they deserve the NXT tag titles and that they are two of the baddest guys on the planet.

The moves that these four men were pulling off were unbelievable.

My only disappointing moment in that match was when the Revival retained the belts. Don’t get me wrong, Dash and Dawson are talented but they don’t have the personality that Enzo and Cass have. I like that little bit of pizzazz sometimes, and Enzo and Cass ooze pizzazz. What I’m looking forward to is how this will all play out on NXT and leading into Takeover: Dallas.

Another match that I really enjoyed was the Divas title match between Charlotte and Natalya, there was also a moment during this match that I didn’t like so much but we’ll get to that later. These women put on a clinic tonight, with each individual trying to best the other. It’s a damn shame that Nattie doesn’t get more of a chance to show off her in-ring skills because she really is fantastic. She is one of the most athletic and talented women on that roster and I was so disappointed that she didn’t get a victory. There is this secret hope I have that the women’s match will get turned into a fatal four-way so she can have some time in the spotlight but I feel pretty confident that her time will come. I would LOVE to watch her run a storyline with Sasha.

What I didn’t like about this match was that Ric was ringside. Sure, this guy is a two-time hall of famer but he had ZERO fucking business being there. He didn’t do anything except cause a lot of fans a headache and not in the way someone at ringside should. He’s no Bobby Heenan!

Now on to my least favorite moment of the night, Dean’s loss to Triple H.

I went a little bold with my prediction for this match and called a Dean victory. When that referee counted to three and rang the bell, I jumped off my couch and was screaming at the top of my lungs. I haven’t been that into a title match since Daniel Bryan won the belt at Wrestlemania XXX. I never cared for Triple H having the belt and thought that Dean versus Roman would make for a very interesting match at Wrestlemania.

I wasn’t disappointed in any other aspect of the match but Triple H’s victory was total horse shit. The C.O.O has no business holding a title belt when there are so many guys on the roster that deserve it. The only way that I will be even remotely okay with his victory is if the main event of Wrestlemania is turned into a triple threat match. Dean was so incredibly good in this match that it would be an injustice (Yes, I used the word ‘injustice’) to him and his fans if he wasn’t recognized for his performance.

Even though Wrestlemania isn’t that far away (21 days away on Sunday!), there is still plenty of time to change the card. It just had to make sense and give a chance to those that deserve it.

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