Worst. Match. Ever.

There was very little that I disliked about Fastlane.

I wish that Enzo and Cass debuted and I thought that there was some piss poor camera work but that was basically it. Well, I thought that was it until the women’s title match happened. It had to be the absolute worst match I have ever seen, I’ve been watching for my entire life and have seen some real stinkers.

Before some people freak out, I’m not saying any of this because I don’t care for the Bellas. If I think that a match is bad, I’ll say it’s bad. Nobody is immune from my sass.


A lot of people expected that Brie would win because of everything that happened with Daniel and his retirement. However, her performance was not what I would call ‘worthy’ of holding a title. She looked like she didn’t know what she was doing or cared how well she was executing moves. The entire match, Charlotte’s performance included, was fucking terrible. I couldn’t even keep my eyes on the tv because I thought that it was so bad. The promo work leading up to the match was pretty good, Charlotte was acting as a heel should and Brie was trying so hard to come across as believable. With Brie, it always seems forced and unnatural which makes it really difficult to watch or become absorbed in.

I lost my faith in the women’s division because of how piss poor that ‘revolution’ was going. To me, it was just becoming more of the same. I really wanted to give it another chance because for a while that division was literally on fire, everything was so good and actually entertaining. During that period, their matches weren’t used just as pee/snack breaks. It was exciting and engaging and then all of a sudden it just died.

It was so disappointing.

Also, I want to make it clear that I don’t dislike all of the women on the roster. I VERY much love Sasha, Charlotte, and Natalya (among others). What I don’t love is feeling like their matches are sometimes deserving of the few fleeting moments that they get.

I am feeling much more optimistic about the possibility of Charlotte vs. Sasha at Wrestlemania because I don’t think that I could sit through another Bella bomb.

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