Friend Or Foe.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have a pretty solid friendship.

Heading into Fastlane this Sunday, perception doesn’t seem to be matching reality.

The telling moment came when Dean, after assisting Roman during his attack by the Dudleys, set his brother up for Dirty Deeds. My jaw literally dropped and the fan reaction was off the charts. He didn’t get to execute the move but it was enough to put doubt in some people’s minds about how strong their friendship really is.

Sure, they seemed to be laughing and joking about it but I think that something big is going to happen on Sunday. I’m not 100% sure what it will be because, let’s face it, creative changes their mind like most people change their underpants. I was scrolling through Twitter and the consensus seemed to be that Dean would be the one turning on his best friend on Sunday. I think that it will be the other way around, Roman is going to be the one who turns on his friend.

Dean is fantastic portraying a face or a heel. He can talk, wrestle, and is bat shit crazy and the fans just eat it up. Ambrose is still pretty new on the scene but he doesn’t need to prove himself as much as I feel Roman does. When he was partnered with Seth and Dean, Roman didn’t really have his own voice. As he grew into being a singles competitor, he found that voice and kind of developed his own style in a sense. I think he’s doing better but he’s still kind of struggling here and there on the microphone but practice makes perfect! As cliché as that sounds…

A heel turn doesn’t mean that Roman has to go full on bad guy, I absolutely love the idea of a friendly rivalry between himself and Dean. They’re friends but there’s always this underlying competition between them, they both want to be the best and there’s nothing wrong with that. Having something like that happen shows that they both want to be in the main event of Wrestlemania bad enough to destroy the other man to get it, or to make sure that Brock Lesnar doesn’t.

Sunday isn’t just a test of their friendship, it’s a test of how bad they want to be on the top of the mountain (there I go with another cliché!). There is too good of a story arc here to just hand the title opportunity, and probably the belt, to someone like Brock Lesnar. To me, Brock is a footnote in the triple threat match on Sunday and all eyes will be on Roman and Dean to see who turns first.

I just hope that their friendship is strong enough to survive.

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