Thank You Daniel.

Today, the wrestling world lost one of its brightest stars.

Due to medical reasons, Daniel Bryan has been forced to retire from in-ring competition.

I will admit that there is much of his early career that I haven’t seen and he wasn’t always my favorite character to watch, gimmick wise. Even if you didn’t care for him, there is no denying his spirit and genuine love for this thing we call wrestling. He loved being in that ring, he loved entertaining us, and I like to think that he always thought of wrestling from a fan’s perspective. I know how savage I am about wrestling so I can only imagine his passion.

Nothing I can really say could sum up his career or how he has impacted wrestling for fans all over the world. He was always, to me, a regular guy who got to do something that he loved dearly. I hope that I am as lucky as he was.

It’s always a great opportunity in life when you can learn from another person and Daniel Bryan taught me something I’ll never forget…

It doesn’t matter how small you are or how big your dreams are, always go for it.

Thank you Daniel Bryan.

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