Good, Bad, And Indifferent.

Let’s just jump into it…

Ratings haven’t been the best the last couple of weeks in the WWE Universe. I’ve seen so many people saying that the company is failing and some are calling for Vince’s head on a pike, Game of Thrones style. I stay away from message boards, forums, and most groups on social media because I don’t like the negativity and bad juju (yes, that’s a thing) that goes around online.

I’m all for having an opinion and strong feelings about wrestling, I encourage it. I mean, have you guys not seen me on Twitter? I am as wildly passionate as they come.

What I don’t like is when people watch the product just to talk shit about it. Another thing I don’t like is when people watch every Monday night and then say they will never watch it again, then watch it the following week and do the exact same thing. It drives me bananas!

I live tweet each and every Monday night during Raw and it is actually the best part of my week. I love replying to people, just hearing their opinions and having a few friendly debates. One of the worst things on Twitter is when some troll tweets me and tells me how the product is crap, the company is going downhill, that the WWE doesn’t know what their fans want, blah, blah, fucking blah. You know what I have to say to them?


I always say being a wrestling fan is like being married. You have to be there through the good, bad, and the downright mind-boggling moments. For instance, this past Raw wasn’t my absolute favorite but I know that I’m going to be tuning in next week. If wrestling was everything that everyone wanted it to be all the time, it would be SO boring. It would be the entertainment equivalent of watching Sheamus braid his beard or picking your toenails off.

I’m not saying it’s not okay to complain about the product, I do it too. Sometimes I am just downright sassy, I think my good friends Bill and Drew over at RingRap know that little fact very well. What I’m ranting about is those people who stomp it into the ground but still watch it each and every week. Why waste your time if you hate it so much? I know full well that it isn’t going to be my cup of tea every show. I know that there’s going to be storylines and characters I don’t like but I watch it because I’m invested in what happens and I enjoy the sport.

Feeling so much emotion during a wrestling show is my favorite part of being a fan. If you don’t feel like that about wrestling then I feel very sorry for you.

End rant.

4 thoughts on “Good, Bad, And Indifferent.

  1. Not gonna lie, bailing out on Raw this week felt weird. I didn’t really know what to do with myself. But I’m glad I did it. I needed a break.

    Back in the saddle next week. Hopefully, a fresh look and a better show.

    We’ll see.

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