Roman Remains.

On the bottom rung of the ladder apparently.

Roman finally got a brief glimpse of being a champion, until Sheamus came down and ruined it. A part of me was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that he wouldn’t get the pinfall and Sheamus would have blown his shot. In all honesty, I was not expecting him to attempt a cash in and wouldn’t have picked him to be a member of the Authority. The man braids his beard for god sakes, that doesn’t exactly scream corporate to me.

However, they NEEDED to do something with Sheamus to make fans take notice. I had all but forgotten that he even had that case with him until he came out at Survivor Series. Sheamus wouldn’t really be my first choice as a champion but we’ve got to live with it until Seth is cleared to come back to the ring. His injury put an immediate stop to anything that he had going with Roman and hopefully that’s something that can be picked up in the future.

I was also thinking of the idea that they had Sheamus cash in because they didn’t feel that Roman was really ready but I 100% think that it was just to fill the void until Seth came back.

Seth and Sheamus are just such different champions. Sure, they’re both heel but Seth is dynamic and captivating and I have to struggle sometimes to get through a Sheamus promo. The Celtic Warrior just does nothing for me. When he came out on Raw, I was seriously waiting for him to fight Randy Orton or Alberta Del Rio. Sheamus is about as exciting as drying paint, many are countering me and saying that Roman is the exact same. They say that he’s just a Cena clone, and that makes my head spin faster than Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

I personally find Roman much more intriguing than John. I also have to say that it is not just because the man is gorgeous but his being easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either. When he speaks he has real emotion in his voice and I hear something genuine. I have never once felt as though he was pandering to the audience or being generic.

Sure, his mic skills may not be the sharpest but he wasn’t really a big talker when he was teamed up with Seth and Dean either.

Bitch about him all you want but no one can deny that the guy hasn’t been trying after being screwed over on (now) three occasions. His matches have been steadily improving and he’s changing up his move set, unlike a certain former champ I may have been a fan of. I’d like to also see Cesaro get the belt but he’s out with a shoulder injury, so Roman is the guy that makes the most sense.

Roman did win the title so he will get his rematch at TLC in December and I hope that he beats the beads right out of Sheamus’ beard. I already have a feeling that he won’t win the title in a few weeks but it sure is fun to hope.

I just hope that they aren’t dangling the carrot of hope in front of his face.


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