Divas De-Evolution?

The women’s division has been flourishing in the last few weeks and I am actually truly enjoying watching their matches. That’s right, I’m watching their matches. Before, I would just use them as a pee break or a chance to grab another beer and some snacks.

Women on the roster are finally getting their time to shine.

The team atmosphere that was being developed sure didn’t last long when Paige turned on Charlotte and Becky after Charlotte won the Divas Championship from Nikki Bella. I didn’t think it was shocking that one of the women turned, I just thought that it was too soon and maybe Paige wasn’t the best choice. Paige just comes off a petulant child and can’t hold a candle to the fits that AJ would take (and I’m not even a fan of AJ Lee). I found her tirade out-of-place and forced.

Paige won the title on her very first night in the WWE on the main roster. Charlotte did not.

She blasted Charlotte for getting where she is because of her dad but made no mention of her family’s position in wrestling where she is from. Does Paige think we don’t know that information? Or that we forgot?

If I was in charge of this whole thing, I wouldn’t have had them continue to team together after the fact, Nattie would have just been brought in to fill the void, and I would have had Becky be the one who flipped out. To me, having Becky be the one who turned heel makes the most sense. She’s never had a title in either NXT or on the main roster and she doesn’t come from a prominent wrestling family, her turning would have been perfect!

The only thing that I don’t want to come of any feud in the women’s division is that it becomes a hair pulling, catty mess. Sasha and Bayley (among a few others) have already proven that women can have matches and feuds worthy of their male counterparts.

During the Ironman match at the recent NXT event, the crowd was chanting ‘Women’s Wrestling’. That’s the type of energy and fervor that needs to be behind the women’s division, that needs to start happening on a consistent basis with the women on the main roster. Small changes are happening but there is still a very long way to go. Two women main evented a WWE pay per view for the fist time in history on October 7th, a historic moment for the company and for every woman who has stepped between those ropes. I felt so much pride and passion during that match and that’s not usually a feeling that I associate with a women’s match.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get messed up or a Bella winds up Women’s Champion…

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