I Was Rowdy Before Rowdy Was Cool.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

The above image is not a scene that wrestling fans wanted to see, especially after losing another legend not that long ago.

When I got wind of the news that Roddy Piper had passed away, I felt so empty inside. It’s tough to describe but I felt like something was being ripped away from me. He was probably the person that sparked my love of the heel and plaid (and maybe my fear of coconuts…).

Roddy was cunning, hilarious, and the greatest bad guy that this crazy thing we call wrestling has ever seen. I couldn’t even pick a favorite moment because everything he did, face or heel, was awe-inspiring. That was demonstrated perfectly in the tribute video that the WWE aired to honor him on Monday Night Raw. I was so prepared to cry my eyes out because I missed him so much, I teared up at the memorial picture they showed before Raw for god sakes.

I donned my plaid, stood up for the ten bell salute with tears in my eyes, and braced myself for the inevitable crying fit that always seems to accompany that type of thing. This one was different though, I was laughing my ass off pretty much the entire time. Weird but that’s the type of guy that Roddy was to the fans and his friends in the locker room. They showed some of his funniest in-ring moments but what I truly enjoyed the most was the pictures they showed of him behind the scenes smiling and laughing. That is the true spirit of Piper and how I know he would want to be remembered.

Like I’ve said before, it’s never easy for wrestling fans to lose someone who they hold dear and Roddy is certainly no exception. From Saskatoon to Madison Square Garden, his loss will be felt with every kick ass promo that is cut and by any superstar who has a mean streak in him or her.

We’ll miss you Roddy, continue to kick ass and run out of bubblegum up there.



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