Hulk Hogan.

A few days ago, the news broke of a racist tirade that Hulk Hogan went on, from a sex tape that was released a few years ago.

Am I a Hogan fan? No.

Am I shocked and do I feel sad for him? Yes.

Before people start freaking the hell out, I do NOT condone what Hogan said in any way but I am going to say my piece about what has transpired today. I know people were losing their minds on Twitter all day so just calm the fuck down.

My dad and I were never huge Hogan fans but we found the fact that this was released after the sex-tape drama had supposedly ended a bit fishy. I haven’t seen the tape (nor do I want to) but I just find it odd that this would come out years after the tape was initially released. However, I have read an alleged transcript from the tape and what he said was absolutely terrible and I was actually shocked. It was like the words that were being said didn’t even seem like they would come from Hulk. What allegedly sparked this who controversy was an interview that he did in 2012, 3 years prior. It just seems weird to me as it was out there so it’s not like the interview was conducted in private and leaked. The video was.

People can believe whatever the hell they want and say whatever they want, but if you are a public figure you are not afforded that same freedom. There is always someone watching so p’s a q’s have to be minded at all times, that’s how I view it anyways. The color of your skin does not give you the right to use racial slurs of any kind, anyone that says differently is full of it. Hogan apologized sure, but that doesn’t make it better or make what he said okay. Anyone can say sorry for something after they get caught, doesn’t mean that it was sincere.

I think that the WWE was smart in cutting ties with him after the tirade was released and anyone who says otherwise is also full of it. They are a business. If I ran a company and someone who worked for me was exposed in public for using that language and it made me look bad, I’d fire their ass as soon as possible. I really don’t get why people are upset about them distancing themselves from him. This also ties in to why I feel bad for the guy, his legacy is forever tarnished. He will always have the label of racist attached to him and that will tarnish how people view him and his career. It may not turn all people sour but many will no longer view their childhood hero in the same light. I felt like I was in the same boat when the Chris Benoit tragedy happened, I loved this guy for years and then that terrible weekend happened. I didn’t think that it was real and I didn’t want to believe it for a long time.

People have also been comparing the two situations, I have a newsflash for you….


To me, it’s comparing apples and oranges. They are two different men and it was two different sets of circumstances that led to their careers being scrubbed from the company. To compare them is just ludicrous. Yeah, I am still a fan of Chris Benoit’s wrestling career and people think that automatically makes me okay with what he did and that’s not true. People think that just because someone says they still like Hogan that they are condoning what he said, that’s not true either.

There may be people who agree with what Hogan said on that tape but that’s not reflective of his entire fan base and to paint everyone with the same brush is unfair.

Things keep coming out about things that he’s allegedly said separate from the tape and I just have no idea what to believe anymore. I feel so sad for Hogan for being brought up to think like that but I feel even sadder for the generations of young kids (many of whom are now adults) that grew up idolizing him and thinking that he was really fighting for the rights of every man. (See what I did there…)

I really hope that the relationship between Hulk and the WWE and Hulk and his fans can be repaired. Hopefully he can actually learn from this entire thing and not just apologize to get his spot in the Hall of Fame back. The fact that he says he resigned before he was fired makes him look as guilty as one can look in this situation.

My mind is still blown that this even happened. People keep coming to his defense but the evidence, for lack of a better term, is just too blatant to believe them. Nice try Virgil and Foreman, not gonna happen. A simple ‘sorry’ isn’t going to fix this.

*mic drop*


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