The Demon Has Risen.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.

After a few tenuous weeks, I have finally found my computer and my charger. Not going to lie, I was getting a little stressed out. There has also been a lot that’s gone on in the wrestling world, since there is still two weeks before a pay-per-view so there’s no better time to jump right in. Some may have thought the amount of specials and pay-per-views may seem a little overwhelming but I was loving every second of it!

Do I really need to say anything about the Beast in the East show from Tokyo? It may have just been a live event but it was surrounded with all the spectacle of a pay-per-view. The venue was beautiful and the tone of the event was chilling, in the most amazing of ways. The matches were pretty good but the obvious stand-out was Finn Balor taking on Kevin Owens for the NXT championship.

That match was absolutely breathtaking, everything just fit so well.

F. Scott Fitzgerald couldn’t have written a story more perfect than the one that Finn and Kevin told in that ring. The atmosphere was tense but in the best kind of way, the audience was captivated, and the venue was a perfect choice. Kevin Owens was the heeliest heel that has ever heeled when he threw those flowers, I don’t even give a shit if that sentence didn’t make any sense. He immediately won the hate of every fan in that arena (except for the KO cosplayer in the first row). If any of my readers know anything about Japanese wrestling, the giving of flowers during a championship match is a HUGE deal. You accept them with grace and respect, two things that Kevin Owens did not bring with him into that ring.

And don’t even get me started on the wrestling! It was beautiful, simply beautiful. I feel like those two guys gave the best performance of their careers so far. Dare I say that everything was pretty much perfect? Kevin Owens mocked John Cena, the commentary was excellent (Cole was anyways), the wrestling was amazing, and every single fan in Sumo Hall was on the edge of thier seats for the entire thing. Seeing Fergal (who became Fergie Ferg after a few wobbly pops) win the NXT title in Japan was also a very important moment, adding to that was Tatsumi Fujinami coming down to the ring to congratulate him. This moment was on the same level as Shawn Michaels winning the title from Bret Hart in the Iron Man Match at Wrestlemania XII, it was THAT big.

You really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match from either of these guys.

I hope that the WWE continues to do specials like this from all around the world, I really like seeing how the fans react form different parts of the world.

Monday Night Raw did a fantastic job of furthering the feuds for Battleground and what I was most curious about was how Kevin Owen’s loss in Japan would factor into his feud with John Cena. Let’s just say that Kevin didn’t take the loss well. When the open challenge was issued, Kevin stormed down to that ring but the challenge was actually taken on by Cesaro. We got treated to one of the most fantastic wrestling matches ever on Monday Night Raw, courtesy of the Swiss Superman. Cena did okay but that match was CARRIED by Cesaro and I will argue with anyone until we’re both blue in the face. John Cena did get the victory but Cesaro was the real winner in that match.

With the two matches in the past two weeks that they’ve had, it begs the question if Cesaro will be added to the match at Battleground or if he will be the #1 contender for whoever comes out victorious. I can tell you all this, wrestling fans are in for a real treat in the coming weeks and months.

This girl can’t wait!

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