Dusty Rhodes: The American Dream.


Photo Courtesy of WWE.

Today, a sadness filled my heart and made the tears well up in my eyes.

The American Dream, the common man, the every day warrior, Dusty Rhodes, has passed away at 69 years young.

I am absolutely heartbroken.

When that man spoke, you bet your booty that you listened. He was tough as nails and as cuddly as a teddy bear. Dusty had some incredible matches in his career, many from his early years that I have yet to see, and that is just a piece of what his legacy will be. The thing that I admired most about him and the quality that made him a legend to so many is that he was himself. Dusty (Virgil) was someone who had this personality that just made you laugh your ass off but kept you captivated.

I am still at such a loss for words that this post will probably not even make sense. Being a wrestling fan is like being in your own little universe a lot of the time, every fan is bonded together regardless of who you cheer for or boo. We are a family, that’s tough for people outside of wrestling to understand but that’s what we are. When we lose one of our own we help each other get through it. We console each other, share stories, and just help each other get through it the best that we can. I personally believe that he would not want us to be upset, cry, or be in a somber mood.

Dusty would want us rocking those polka dots, shimmying, swaying, and just shaking off those hard times…

Rest in peace Dusty. I hope you’re living the dream up there.

You will be missed more than you could ever imagine.

2 thoughts on “Dusty Rhodes: The American Dream.

  1. About Dusty Rhodes The Dream He used Football as refererence many Wrestlers were ex Football players The media talked about Individual Stadiums like The Out Door Insane asylum and Dog Pound and Muncipal Stadium’s and The Old R.F.K. Stadium.
    Macho Man savage said to Hulk Hogan and Hulk a Mania that you need to respect the
    Process and individuals not just a one man Show.?
    Some people see things and say why some see things and dream and say why not.
    R.F.K. Respect every Team in The League as equal partners in the process.

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