NXT In Line.

This past Wednesday was my very first NXT event.


Unstoppable was absolutely glorious.

Sure, their shows aren’t done to the same scale as a Wrestlemania but you can certainly tell that the feeling that it gives the fans is the same. From the first entrance by Tyler Breeze until the closing moments, I was watching something special. I felt like I got a new diamond ring or something and I was just in awe.

Okay, that was pretty lame but I think I made my point quite well.

If I was a wrestler, in addition to people on the main roster, these are the guys and gals that I would be looking up to. Every match was like a well choreographed ballet, each move was done with purpose and fluidity. I can’t even critique the matches because they were SO incredibly good that I’m even struggling to find the proper words to describe how I feel.

I feel so lucky as a fan that I get the opportunity to see that caliber of wrestling and enjoy it as much as I do. Wrestling fans are so lucky to have competitors that are so dedicated to their craft and committed to making sure that each fan has an enjoyable experience. I don’t know how I survived without NXT before but I’m hooked now!

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