Where Do We Go From Here.

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Seth Rollins is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

And, as we all know, every champion needs a number one contender. Seth has one in Randy Orton, but is that the right way to go?

On the Raw after Mania, Brock Lesnar managed to get himself suspended by going full on beast mode on a camera man and the announcers. I have to admit that even I was taken aback and a little shocked by it, something like that hadn’t really been seen since the Nexus invaded Raw in 2010 (correct me if I’m wrong). Sheer brutality at it’s finest.

However, I was overjoyed when his disobedience resulted in Stephanie suspending his ass. My heart almost burst in a fit of joy. Sure, he has a rematch clause but who know when he will choose to use it or if Seth will still be champion. Another point of joy for me was that John Cena was in no way involved in the title match at Mania or in any of the events that came the next night. I thought that Roman should be the one that got the first crack at Seth and that title belt.

Boy, was I ever off.

The week after, Orton won the number one contender spot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Granted, he won it fair and square but having him in that spot just doesn’t feel right. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Roman was built up so much and then took such a shit kicking from fans that wanted Daniel Bryan in the title spot. Fact of the matter is that if fans don’t accept someone new into the WWE title landscape, nothing is ever going to change. You can’t have the same three or four guys going for that top prize (one of the three can’t even fucking show up for more than a handful of dates a year). In order to keep things fresh and keep fans on their toes, you need to toss someone in there who will (as my dad says) ‘fuck shit up’. He doesn’t have to be the edgiest, do crazy acrobatics, be the strongest, be the meanest, or knock promos out of the park every time he takes the microphone. Roman is that guy to me, he has the passion and the drive to do this but so many people are still so pissed that Daniel wasn’t in the position that Roman was. Roman isn’t some jobber, he has drive and determination and I think that he can be that top guy. Argue with me all you want, I don’t really care.

I love Daniel Bryan but he didn’t fit into the story at the time Roman won the Rumble. Randy and John have both proven themselves more than worthy of being the champ ad have been over a dozen times each. That’s all well and good but they need to inject someone who brings something new to the title race and Roman was a breath of fresh air to me. I think he has a lot of untapped potential and it just pisses me off so much that people shit all over him because he earned an opportunity.

My mind is blown that people scream for change and then get pissy when it happens.

With Extreme Rules this Sunday, it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the title match and what direction they take the title in.

I think that Roman’s time in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship race is far from over.

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