Reign Over Me.

Roman Reigns is going to the main event of Wrestlemania and I couldn’t be more happy with that decision.

That’s right, I am happy with the decision that the WWE made. Most of the internet seems to disagree with me, as I have seen on all forms of social media and even heard some dissention from my own friends. I did say on Twitter that I don’t have to justify my happiness with Roman winning to anyone but I feel like I have to say something about it, so here goes nothing…

I didn’t just pick Roman to win because I wanted to beat my dad in our annual Rumble bet. I thought for a few weeks about who I thought had the strongest chance of winning and Roman was a name that kept popping into my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that Daniel is back and Dolph is one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen, anyone who knows me knows that I have the utmost respect for both of those superstars. Before I continue this post, I feel the need to stress that anything I say in this post is nothing against any other superstar, these opinions are my own.

(I already had to defend my thoughts to someone who couldn’t grasp the fact that a woman can like Roman Reigns for something other than his looks so I am NOT in the mood)

Daniel Bryan just returned from a potentially career-ending injury. Sure, he had a built-in storyline with the Authority from before he left but he was not their focus anymore. Dolph Ziggler JUST got ‘rehired’ so to have him win didn’t seem to fit right at this time. I laughed so hard at how quickly people dismissed Roman’s win like it didn’t matter but they quickly forget that they were cheering him not too long ago. Looking at all of the entrants that were in that Rumble, Roman simply made the most sense in my opinion. I think that each of the superstars that people thought should win, are just meant for another story, another opponent, and another moment. Fans react, that’s one of the best parts about being a wrestling fan is the reaction that certain superstars and moments can bring out in people. In my many years of watching WWE (both live and at home) I have laughed, cried, cheered, booed, and been left speechless.

People are acting like Roman Reigns is just some schmuck jobber they pulled off the streets or some guy they found in the parking lot. He may not have been around as long as some of the superstars on that roster but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work as hard. He travels, goes to shows, interacts with fans, which is a lot more than I can say for some people *cough* Brock Lesnar *cough*. Even if you don’t necessarily like Roman, you should still be happy that a guy who shows up every week won instead of a part timer.

Nobody is ever 100% ready to be in a main event spot at an event like Wrestlemania, I don’t care who you are. Seeing the look on Roman’s face as he knelt in front of that Mania sign was assurance enough for me that he will do well.

And hey, it could have been Cena…

2 thoughts on “Reign Over Me.

    • Thank you so much! I agree that it may not have been exciting as past Rumbles but I never lose faith in the WWE. They always do everything for a reason, it may not be clear at the time, but I’m predicting big things from Roman.

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