Talk About Disappointing.

Well, well, well…it’s nice to see that Brock Lesnar could find time in his busy schedule to show up for the first time in months.

I was wondering when he would show up again, not because I’m a fan, but because I was hoping that he would mysteriously lose the title and never appear again. I know that I’ve written about this topic before but his appearance just made me so damn mad.

First of all, the first time he appeared, he didn’t even have the title. How does a champion appear on the show and not have the belt either around his waist or over his shoulder? There has never been a time in my entire wrestling watching life that I can remember the champ appearing on television without the belt. It’s just not something that should happen in my opinion, under any circumstance (unless it’s lost by the airline, as what happened to Dolph Ziggler).

I get that he may be there to boost the ratings and or whatever but that excuse just does not cut it for me. The belt is something that is special to fans, it’s the cornerstone of the company and a point of honour. Almost four months go by and there isn’t even a peep from Lesnar. Then he swoops in, delivers a sloppy looking move and is supposed to be welcomed back by fans? I don’t think so. People make similar comparisons to the seldom appearances made by others like the Undertaker but I feel as though people like him earned that right. I’m repeating myself but it’s just so damn frustrating to have someone who isn’t invested in the company and is only there for a pay check. It’s a slap in the face to everyone who pays money to get a ticket and travel to an event. You want to to see the man who is the champion, you want to see the guy who should be the face of the company. What you don’t want to see is some fucking dope who can’t keep up with their schedule, who can’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag, and who thinks he’s so much better than the rest of the roster that he only has to show up four times a year.

I’ve never wanted to see a champion lose a belt and leave the company so bad.

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