Take A Bow.

Picture it. Survivor Series 2014. Something incredible happened that would forever change the landscape of professional wrestling for fans everywhere…

No, this isn’t the beginning of one of Sophia’s stories from the Golden Girls. It is the beginning of a retelling of the most amazing moment in sports entertainment history. It was something that fans all over the world thought would never happen, something that was not possible in this life or any other.

We got to see the man, the icon, the franchise.

We got to see…


I had a good friend of mine tell me that she heard he was going to appear but we both kind of dismissed it as he’s been rumored to have signed with WWE before and nothing has materialized. Being the optimist that I have been about Sting appearing, I ran to tell my dad. As we watching the event, we talked about what could happen and what it meant to wrestling or if it would actually ever happen. Then, during the closing moments of the main event, it happened.

Sting’s entrance video and music hit and my dad and I screamed like we were me at a Backstreet Boys concert. If you’ve ever been to a Backstreet Boys concert with me, you know I can be ear shattering loud. My dad and I jumped up, looked at the screen in amazement, and screamed “OH MY GOD! IT’S STING! HOLY FUCK!”. We were literally shaking we were so excited. It was something that was so special to me and everyone else that was watching. This is a man who stayed with pretty much one company for the entirety of his career. He was THAT loyal to WCW, even when the ship was sinking. When he dropped Triple H like a bad habit, I could have cried.

I called my boyfriend immediately after and gave him a play-by-play that would rival any given by any sports announcer in history. In addition to being a great moment for fans, it was nice to see Sting on a stage big enough to house his immense talent and personality.

It is something that I will never, ever forget in my entire life. It was one of the greatest moments I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

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