Free Falling.

The WWE made a bold choice at this year’s Hell in a Cell event. Brace yourselves…


I was just as shocked as everyone else when Cena and Orton didn’t close out the pay-per-view. My dad and I immediately knew that something big and/or unusual was planned for the second Hell in a Cell match and that it was going to be one that we would enjoy thoroughly. As with all HIAC matches, I was hoping for a little bit of destruction and chaos. I was not disappointed in the slightest.

After the shock of Cena and Orton not being in the main event wore off, I started to think that this was a bold choice that went against what some fans may have expected from the WWE. I also thought that the company showed a lot of faith in its newer/younger superstars to let them main event. It was so refreshing to not have to sit through the typical main event. What Seth and Dean did was as outside of the box as they are, it was so invigorating. The match was started on top of the cage for god sakes! I was literally on the edge of my seat as thoughts of people falling through the top of the cage ran through my mind.

Not going to lie, I was secretly hoping that something epic was going to happen. Something in the same line as when the Undertaker sent Mick Foley flying off of the top and onto the announce tables. I got my wish, both Seth and Dean fell into the announce tables from the side of the cage. My dad and I were legitimately concerned about the health and well-being of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

I am well aware that some things are predetermined and whatever but I was drawn right in with what happened. A wave of panic fell over me as I watched two guys lay there with minimal movement. It was damn entertaining but terrifying. That moment was made even scarier when they called for the medical personnel to come out with stretchers and everything. My dad and I called the match as being over at that point. We saw no possible way of them coming back from that. I also just need to take a moment to say that the people who were booing the EMT’s and other medical personnel were just awful. Okay, everyone takes jabs at wrestlers and whatever at a show, but you NEVER make comedic light of a situation where two people could be seriously injured. You don’t know the severity of their injuries or if they are even injured at all. It was in extremely bad taste and something that I did not appreciate. Anyways…

In true WWE fashion, the show did go on and we had one hell of a finish. A very confusing finish, but a great one. I’m still trying to figure out what went on in that ring. It was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen as a wrestling fan and that’s saying a lot in the world of wrestling. I was hoping that they were going to explain a bit more of it on Monday Night Raw but we didn’t get very much of a statement about that weird smoky hologram that we saw in the ring. I wonder how Bray Wyatt and his disciples will figure into this whole menagerie with Cena, Seth, Dean, and the Authority? I sincerely hope that we get more answers than questions.


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