Brock Lesnar: No Value Added

The next pay-per-view event on the schedule for the WWE is Hell in a Cell on October 26th. Build for the event has been slow but it seems to be coming together nicely, we even have TWO main events scheduled!

And neither of those are for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Big shocker there guys…

I get why they would want to have Lesnar there, doesn’t mean I like it or think he deserves that spot. What in the holy hell has he done to warrant having a title? He couldn’t handle the schedule the first time he was in the WWE, so he quit. He went to the UFC and quit because he got his ass beat and became ill (I do not blame him for that one bit or chastise him for being ill, it was an unfortunate circumstance). Now, he returned to the WWE (again) and doesn’t feel like he needs to put in the work like everyone else does. I did read an article that his fee per appearance is quite steep but that begs the question of why they would even have him hold the belt when he is barely there. It just blows my mind!

We have a double main event for the next event and the champion hasn’t been seen since Night of Champions. My anger is easily explained as I feel like, out of every single person on that roster or in that company, they should be the most present. They should be out there shaking hands, kissing babies, meeting people, promoting the product, whatever the hell it is they need to do to make the WWE better. Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Cena did every one of those things. That man dedicates his ENTIRE life to the product and the fans. Where is Lesnar on the overseas tours? Where is he at the house shows? Where is he during the television tapings? Oh wait, he isn’t even there. Silly me for thinking that the champion should be a presence.

This isn’t an article by someone who despises Brock (although I do, very deeply). This is an article by someone who honestly and genuinely loves wrestling and is questioning a champion who is essentially non-existent. I care so deeply about this sport that it actually makes my blood boil. Maybe people wouldn’t be ‘hating’ on him so much if he showed that he gave a shit about them. I don’t like feeling like the guy who represents the company doesn’t care about what I, as a fan, think. I never expect the champ to be a pandering ass kisser but I still expect him to care about me, even if my reaction is negative or positive. YOU ARE THE CHAMPION FOR GOD SAKES MAN!

It’s been a tough time with injuries and what not so they probably are bringing him in so the fans have someone to cheer or jeer for. I get that. However, it’s awfully tough to be invested in a guy who treats showing up to work as a chore. I’m over it. I’m more interested in seeing another Cena vs. Orton match than in what is going on with the title belt. That makes me sad inside.

I’m not upset about missing his lackluster wrestling skills, or seeing him panic and curl up in a corner at the sight of his won blood. I’m missing the title. I sincerely hope that someone comes in and takes that title from him and makes the fans become more invested in the belt that is the cornerstone of the company.

Unless it’s the Miz…




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