The Night Of The (Almost) Champion.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, he did it.

Correction, he ALMOST did it.

In what was a fantastic pay-per-view, Seth Rollins was a part of two of the biggest shocks of the night. Roman Reigns couldn’t make it for obvious medical reasons so Seth was declared winner (via forfeit) and then issued an open challenge to the locker room. By the look on his face when his challenger’s music hit, what he was expecting wasn’t what he got. Dean Ambrose pulled up in a taxi and walked into that arena like he was going to make Seth his bitch. With Roman not being in attendance, it was a fantastic shock and I was left with my jaw on the floor. I wasn’t expecting Dean at all. Those two guys did not disappoint.

Now for the second moment, the one that made me jump up and down (literally) with excitement, Seth attempting to cash in that MITB contract. It was something that I mentioned in my last post, it was just a thought that I had in the back of my head. It was like a moment made just for me, laugh if you must but it’s true. Seth came marching down that ramp and I jumped off of my couch, jumping up and down like a crazy person. When he made the motion to cash in his contract, I screamed ‘Cash it in Seth! Cash that fucking thing in!’. I screamed that so loud and so much that I actually gave myself a sore throat. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very much involved when I watch wrestling live or at home. This time was different, I think the last time I was that into it was when Daniel Bryan won the title at Wrestlemania 30.

The rest of the pay-per view was excellent as well, the only lows for me being AJ Lee getting the women’s belt back and Cena fucking up Seth’s cashing in. I’m not really sure what they’re trying to do with the divas division by passing the title between Paige and AJ but they need to figure it out soon. They have a great roster of female wrestlers but nobody ever gets to see them have a title reign because they keep passing it back and forth between the same two people all the time. Okay, they’re frenimies, we get it.

I also HATED Cena messing up Seth’s cash in, mostly because it was such an exciting moment. Cena’s had so many great times in the spotlight and fantastic title runs, I just felt like he was trying to weasel his way into the main event of yet another (future) event. It was such a crushing moment when he did that. It didn’t do him any good with the audience by any means, especially when I felt like some of the fans were really starting to come around. Maybe they did it because Roman wasn’t there, or they have a champ who only shows up once every three months, either way I don’t care for it. I don’t have a choice but to live with it, at least there is no possible way that Cena will have a title match at they next pay-per view (I hope so anyways).

Monday Night Raw the following night was just as unpredictable as Night of Champions, my favorite part being the furthering of the story involving Seth. The seeds were planted for him to be seen as the golden child of the Authority. The most amusing thing to me about that is the fact that Randy Orton is getting so pissed off about it, he’s no longer the one and he HATES it. It’s really interesting to me that they are finally setting up someone other than Cena/Orton for the main event picture, usually it’s the same rotation of three or four people. I can;t wait to see where they go with this seeing as Roman Reigns is out until at least January and Batista is rumored to be returning for a final run leading to Wrestlemania 31. THey can do whatever they want, as long as they keep churning out this quality of television and wrestling, bring it on because I’m ready!



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