The Icon.

It finally happened.

A couple of weeks ago, the WWE Universe finally got what they wanted. They got to see Sting on WWE programming, not quite in the way they wanted but it was good enough for me.

What I’m talking about is the appearance of Sting in a vignette that announced him as a character in the upcoming WWE 2K15. I have to say that the WWE games are among some of the best games I have ever played in my history of being a gamer. (Yes, you can add gamer to my long list of awesome qualities!). It was always thought that there would be no chance in hell that Sting would ever be seen, in any capacity, in the WWE. Many fans, including myself, had believed that to be true. It wasn’t just us being skeptical and cynical, but it had been dangled in front of us like a cupcake on a stick. Knowing that you could reach it but it was always just out of reach.

There have been rumours that Sting was defecting to the one company that he had never been in for about, I don’t know, almost a decade. What made them start was that TNA would take him off the roster page and the internet would blow up. Speculation would start flying around and people would find Sting references in anything that they could. Even those famous 2/21/11 videos had people analyzing everything, right down to the smoke puffs in the very last seconds of the video. I was also guilty of that, not because I was a smart ass fan, but because I’d like to see him get the finish to his career that he deserves. The WWE is the top of the wrestling mountain (in my opinion) and that’s where someone the caliber of Sting should be. I still get crazy when I’m watching things on YouTube or the WWE Network and he locks on that scorpion death lock. I damn near lose my mind. That’s one of my favourite parts of being a wrestling fan.

And to see that he appeared at San Diego Comi-con made the reality that Sting is in WWE all the more real. There’s no denying it when he makes an appearance at an event of that grandeur. Think of it as Wrestlemania for the nerd set, I have yet to go but it is definitely on my list.

While I’m happy he’s here, you can’t stop thinking about what kind of deal he has signed with Vince. Sure, he’s a character in their upcoming game and has some merchandise being released but does it stop there? I sure hope not. What I’m thinking is that he signed some sort of deal that is similar to what Warrior signed before he sadly passed away. He’s been doing an increasing amount of work for the company, he’s getting more exposure, merchandise is coming out, so that leads me to believe that we are so close to seeing him in the ring again. That is the one thing on every wrestling fan’s bucket list. I’d ideally like to see him take on the Undertaker but that may not happen. My only hope is that they put him with someone who can match his status in the wrestling business and someone who has the balls to take on someone like him (and for the love of god it better not be John Cena).

They don’t call him the Icon for nothing…



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