John Cena: Undercover Badass?

Since Seth Rollins deflected from his brothers, Dean and Roman, everyone has had one question on their mind. Can anyone take his place?

The answer is yes.

They could push anyone that they want to into that vacant slot. I’m all for a mid-card push but a lot of those guys need to establish themselves and create a bit of identity more they can take on such a task. Not that none of them are capable of doing it, but a lot of them don’t necessarily fit into that group mold either. A perfect example of that would be Dolph Ziggler, he is simply fantastic on his own. My personal pick would be Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. That’s right, I choose John Cena. Shocking, I know!

It would be so perfect if you think about it. The golden boy of the company in a partnership with one of the most ruthless (and popular) factions ever, it’s brilliant! John Cena is a very recognizable brand and I don’t think that he would be harming that in any way whatsoever. Aligning himself with Dean and Roman would allow John to shed some of his goody two shoes image that he has with a lot of the adult audience. The Shield fit the description of a hell very well but they are so over with the fans.

I’m a realist and know that Cena will probably never turn one hundred percent heel. As awesome as the thought of that is, it will more than likely never happen. However, joining the Hounds of Justice will allow him to do heelish things but still be seen as a good guy. It could be played out as a group of guys rallying against the machine, which is pretty much what is happening on television now.

John Cena is so established that the union doesn’t need to last forever. I would love to see it last about a year or so. He needs it to last long enough to shed some of that Super Cena image. That is what is hurting him with the adult audience. Kids love him and adults boo the bejesus out of him. Joining The Shield would allow him to walk such a fine line that he could probably get through a promo without deafening boos.

Most importantly, John Cena needs this for himself. He’s had the same persona and look for more than ten years. He has had so many memorable moments in his career but something like this could be the biggest.

Hey, a wrestling fan can dream can’t she?

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