Citizen Adam.

Adam Rose is the party animal, the master of getting plastered (I thought that was pretty funny!), and the guy to bring fun and excitement to the WWE.

Maybe I’m old or something but I don’t see it in that way necessarily, I want to like him but I’m having some reservations. Let’s start off with his entrance…

I will give him this, his music is fun and addicting. It’s poppy and the audience just eats it up like a greasy slice of pizza after a night of drinking. The thing that bothers me the most about his entrance is the horde of people that he has with him. I don’t care that superstars have other people with them at ringside or when they walk down the entrance but this guy is just out of his damn mind. Having the party crowd with him does fit in with his character quite nicely but it doesn’t really give him any time to shine on his own.

Where do all these people come from for god sakes? His entrance is so eccentric, it fits his character but it is WAY too chaotic for this girl.

Now let’s move on to his actual gimmick.

I like the fun-loving persona that he has. As much as I don’t like his promos and what I’ve seen so far, he does have a certain air of positivity and is a free spirit. I just don’t see the party boy gimmick panning out in the long run and that isn’t his fault. I haven’t seen much of what he can do in the ring as I (sadly) admit that I don’t watch very much NXT programming. What I have seen on Raw hasn’t really impressed me that much, he needed to come in and make more of a splash in my opinion. If he is supposed to have this big personality then his introduction to the main roster needed to be as big and bold as the character he portrays on television.

I love when they debut new superstars on the main roster because it deepens the talent pool. Fans have someone new to talk about and someone new to cheer for. They also decide very quickly if they like someone or not, if they’re over the gimmick or not. A prime example of this is Fandango. He was the hottest thing going for a while and now some fans could care less about what he does (not this girl!). Nobody wants to see any superstar fizzle out before their time or do badly in the ring. Sure, we jeer and boo but that’s all part of being a wrestling fan. It has nothing to do with the level of respect that the fans have to every person who steps through those ropes to entertain us.

And one more thing, that bunny is creepy as all hell. The things that nightmares are made of, that suit can’t be sanitary at all.

(bonus points to anyone who can figure out the reference made in the title of this post!)

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