A Wish And A Prayer.

The biggest show of the year is happening this coming Sunday and it’s one of the most talked about Mania’s in recent memory. Frank over at Ringside Ramblings and I have had some different and strikingly similar thoughts on the card, who should win, who will win, and why we’ll probably be pissed off the day after (HA!). Buckle up and grab a beer ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a long one!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. The winner of the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match

Frank: If it does not happen in the HHH match, Bryan will at some point get “hurt” by HHH (or Kane/Batista/Orton or some combination) during WM30. He’ll be going into the match at a disadvantage as it is since he’ll have already wrestled once that night – and you can bet the HHH match will be very physically grueling.

Now, if HHH decides to have that match just before the main event, guaranteeing an exhausted Bryan, I would see it being a short main event. If there is some time in between, say the HHH match is the second or third match, then it’ll go longer.
But I’m bucking the trend and thinking Bryan doesn’t win the belt at WM30. Either Orton will continue as champ, or Batista wins, drawing MASSIVE ire from the fans and despite the online griping about him, will only make them hungrier for payback. However, the rule is that WM always ends happy – which in this case might mean the title match isn’t the final one on the card. So it could well be a screwjob ending with Bryan laying some serious post-match payback on Batista and/or Orton, maybe with Hogan’s help as well.
My Ultimate Nightmare Scenario is Hogan involving himself after a Batista/Orton win, doing some crap allowing him to get the strap and aping to the crowd for 10 minutes.
Ashlee: The way that I see it, Daniel Bryan is the only acceptable choice to win this match, assuming that he wins his match against Triple H (which I think he will and we all have Punk to thank for that). Daniel Bryan is the only logical choice to win because he is the only one with nothing to lose. He is going into this match with absolutely nothing.
Randy Orton has the title to lose, and in a triple threat match he doesn’t even need to be pinned to have that happen. How incredibly funny would that be? He has grasped onto that title with his claws for so long, he didn’t do anything to earn it but he will fight like hell to keep it. As long as he has it, he was some power over the other superstars. Batista doesn’t really have an identity in this match seeing as he can’t make up his mind if he is a heel or a face. Sure, he won the Rumble but he gets booed so badly I would be surprised if he even showed up to the arena.
The fans need this win, they need it to feel like all of those cheers during the months of getting screwed over were actually worth it.
Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan:
F: Under normal circumstances, I would say HHH would win this one without issue – the man is not only a legendary wrestler, but he holds the book, so I think he naturally writes himself to win. However, with the added stipulation of a Bryan win getting him into the main event, I don’t see it going any other way than a Bryan win to get the crowd into a fever pitch for later that night.

A: I know a lot of people are thinking that Triple H will win simply because he will bury anyone who isn’t one of his buddies. However, the fact that Punk peaced out so abruptly after the Royal Rumble and hasn’t really been seen or heard from since may have pushed his hand. It really does suck that it had to come down to it happening this way but if Punk leaving is what gives Daniel Bryan his moment in the spotlight at Mania, then this wrestling fan is okay with it.
Awesome after thought by Frank: However, what could be interesting is this scenario: Suppose Triple H gets the win through some dirty work from Batista and/or Orton, sending him to the title match. The crowd would be INCENSED. Out strolls Vince to throw his weight around and say tough, Bryan is going too, making it a four-way match. Vince loves a good swerve and why wouldn’t he make an appearance at the 30th anniversary?

The Streak:

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

A: I really hope that Brock realizes how good he has it by having a Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker. The man can’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. He comes out, hops around like he shit himself, uses intimidation, and then bitches out when anyone stands up to him.

I don’t want to romanticize the situation but Taker’s matches alone make Mania worth the price. He is an institution for god sakes! There is not even one iota in my body that thinks Taker won’t win this match. For such an illustrious streak, he is the one who calls the shots and decides who he faces. Lesnar should feel lucky. I don’t agree with the sentiment that this is the last ride for the dead man. Kane should be the one who wrestles him in his final Mania match. When that day comes, this fan will be ready to stand up and say ‘Thank you.’.

F: Not sure if anyone thinks the Taker is going to let the streak end. At this point in his career, I think he actually gets to call the shots on this one, as this is usually his one match for the year. I think he’s probably nearing, if not already at, the end of the road. Part of me thinks this is the Taker’s last ride though, his final match. That being said, a couple of guys with BIG names and bigger egos (Flair and Michaels) retired after losing their last match. Could Taker be done and decide to lay down as they did? I’m inclined to think not, because if anyone deserves to go out with a win, it’s Taker. He can also work in that this match is for the recently deceased Paul Bearer, which would add just a little more significance to the whole spectacle.  Barring some accidental legit injury during the match, I expect nothing less than the usual breathtaking match with tons of high spots and killer shots.
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:
A: I really like this concept and I do hope that it stays on the Wrestlemania card for many, many years. Not only does it allow more of the mid-card talent to get a shining moment, it also lets the fans and superstars honour one of the biggest (literally) names that has ever competed in the squared circle.

As for who will win this match, I find that impossible to predict. I’d like to say Dolph Ziggler or maybe Damien Sandow. Even as I was typing this, I was changing my mind. Another idea I had been that Bad News Barrett would be an entrant and win the whole damn thing instead of just doing those ridiculously funny promos. The winner needs to be someone who is over, the fans are behind them, but NOBODY that is under Hunter’s thumb.

F: Hogan’s come up with this idea (or at least that’s how the storyline goes) – I’m not sure if this is going to become a new annual event at WM, or if this is merely there to advance a storyline. A number of good, solid midcarders (at the moment) are in it, so my guess is the winner is going to be getting a significant push leading up to SummerSlam. My favorite going in is either Damien Sandow or Dolph Ziggler. Both work hard. Ziggler is WAY over with the fans. I’m leaning against Sandow because he’s been relegated to a jobber it seems. Would I like to see another guy win it? Sure, there’s plenty of guys who deserve some time in the light, and anyone outside of the Kliq’s influence would be welcomed.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:
The Usos (c) vs. Real Americans vs. Los Matadores vs. Rybaxel
F: The tag title match is going to be fun to watch, pitting the reigning champs the Usos against the Real Americans,RybAxel, and theMatadores.

I don’t think anyone expects the Matadores to do much other than be the fourth team. I have heard very little crowd reaction in their matches, save when el Torito gets involved. Rybaxel has/had potential, but it seems Ryback isn’t getting any real push, unless you count “punching bag for the Shield” as a push. So I would essentially call this one the Real Americans’ match to win/lose. Swagger is death on the mic. Cesaro needs to learn a few things there as well. But they have Zeb as a mouthpiece, and no one can question their ring skills. Both are machines, and I won’t hide my fanboy love of Cesaro’s pure strength. But, since this a four-way, I expect all teams to have some real close calls. I’d like to see Swagger and Cesaro win the belts, but I think at this point the Usos hold on until a more coherent team comes along (and by that I’m assuming that the Real Americans will be splitting, and NXT’s Ascension will be getting called up soon).
A: Los Matadores don’t stand a chance. Rybaxel is too unstable of a tag team and Curtis Axel deserves a little more than to be saddled with such a dope. There is no way in hell that either of these teams stand a chance.

I also don’t see the Real Americans winning either. Not that they aren’t a great team but they got fans too excited with the possible split to have them win the titles. The Real Americans are the only team that will give Jimmy and Jey a run for their money. Usos will retain the belts for at least another few months and, after losing their #1 contender spot to the Rhodes bothers (for no reason), they should. I predict this match will have more than a few ‘steal the show’ moments in it.

The Shield vs. Kane/New Age Outlaws:
F: I know. The Shield is awesome. I was a skeptic about them, but I like the angle. But, as with most teams, they’re set to split. Roman Reigns got a MASSIVE pop being one of the final two guys in the Rumble, and the fans LOVE his intensity. This is no knock on Rollins and Ambrose. The fans love them too. But Reigns looks set for a serious singles run. If it doesn’t happen at Mania, it’s bound to happen in the next month. Rollins and Ambrose could really be a quality team for the tag belts, too. I think the dreaded split is coming at Mania though. I think Kane and the Outlaws win it through dissension in the Shield ranks.

Kane and the Outlaws are aging. I loved watching them back in the 90s, but it’s clear the glory days are over.
At least Kane has a libertarian blog I can enjoy.
A: I don’t think that Wrestlemania XXX will be the end of The Shield. Not by a long shot.
What I predict will happen is that they secure the victory and those little rifts that we have been privy to seeing will bubble up again. Roman scores the winning fall, and Dean loses his mind. Seth doesn’t really have a huge part to play in this, and before everyone freaks the hell out, let me explain. He’s the guy who holds the group together, he isn’t there to cause any sort of problem. Roman is the clear powerhouse star, and that bothers Dean to no end. They’ve been getting along but they can’t be one big happy family forever. A break-up is imminent but it won’t be until Summerslam at the absolute latest.The New Age Outlaws, I could take it or leave it. I don’t really think they can compete at the same level and you know they only got the tag titles and this spot because they are Hunter’s buddies. Kane is actually a really good wrestler and I feel kind of bad for him, he’s definitely going to be the one to carry that team.Divas Invitational:A: I want to keep this short and sweet. I don’t like AJ as champ. She’s annoys me to no end and her crazy act is wearing thin. I’d like to see someone who has actual in-ring ability get the belt, like Natalya, Naomi, or Tamina. In all honesty, the belt will probably go to a Bella or something. Because that’s SOOO much better….*note sarcasm*

F: AJ has been Divas champ for a very long time, the longest to hold the Divas title (we’re not referencing the WOMEN’S title which Moolah held longer than these girls have breathed air). Right now, I don’t know the format of this match, but 14 Divas in the ring at once smacks of a train wreck. I think given the past couple segments we’ve seen with AJ, Tamina Snuka is going to leave her in the cold. Either she’ll pin her for the strap, or not save her when she needs it. Personally, I’m good with Tamina winning. I’d also be glad if Natalya or Beth Phoenix won. Why? Because those ladies can WRESTLE.

If you think reading that was fun, wait until next week when we cover what happened at Wrestlemania, as well as the fallout on Monday Night Raw!

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