All Hail Cesaro.

There has been a lot of talk on television recently about who is the face of WWE and I think that we got our answer this past Monday.

That man is Antonio Cesaro, or as he is now known, Cesaro.

He is a living, breathing, Superman. Sure, he’s saddled with a partner like Swagger but that isn’t holding him back like we’ve seen with other superstars who have less than stellar partners. He proved on Monday Night Raw that he is a new face on the WWE landscape, a place that has become a bit stagnant in the last few months. I will have to admit, I didn’t really like him when he first debuted but there was something about him that just made me sit like a statue and watch his matches. He just has a wrestling style that is so unique and truly different from the majority of the superstars, he isn’t just a throwback to a different time. For the love of god the guy doesn’t wear knee pads in the ring!

Cesaro is in top physical condition and he is just an absolute powerhouse. He moves flawlessly in the ring and just radiates ‘champion’ to me. On Monday Night Raw he actually showed up John Cena. Antonio Cesaro showed up John Cena. ANTONIO CESARO SHOWED UP JOHN CENA. If any of you wonderful readers watched Raw on Monday, you know why I repeated that sentence twice and used capital letters. Cena looked like he couldn’t even keep up with the pace Cesaro was setting. I’m a huge Cena fan but he looked beat in that ring, he actually looked like he was tired. Heading into the Elimination Chamber this coming Sunday, something like this doesn’t bode very well for Cena or the other competition Cesaro will have to face. I’d still like to see Christian win the belt (I’ve always loved him and being a fellow Canadian, I can’t help but cheer for him), but Cesaro is the one that carries the greatest chance of stealing that victory from everybody else.

It’s not very often that I like to do a post about a single superstar, after his performance on Monday I just couldn’t help myself. The man is an absolute beast. With rumors of him breaking apart from Swagger and Zeb, I am excited to see what he is capable of.

And hey, I also can’t wait to see who he swings next!

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