Following The Buzzards.

Daniel Bryan, the flying goat who could do no wrong, has crossed over to the dark side.

He joined the Wyatt Family on this week’s Monday Night Raw.

When Bryan was finally ready to get his hands on Bray, Erick and Luke stepped in to make quick work of him. The match ended in a disqualification and then the weirdness started. It was probably one of the most confusing segments I’ve ever seen, and the fans in attendance shared those sentiments. After fighting against the eerily intriguing Wyatt’s, Daniel just seemed to give up. He had ignored the nonsensical babble of Bray for so long, Daniel Bryan was the complete opposite of Bray in every single way. The crowd sat in astonishment and total shock as Daniel Bryan confessed that Bray was right, that he was right all along and there was no point in fighting it anymore.

The most shocking action of this whole thing was that Bryan just waltzed right out of the ring with them.

HE JUST LEFT! And he upset a lot of people in the process.

There was a quick moment where I thought that he would reconsider and go back to the fans that were so valiantly cheering him on. He was a man torn, not knowing if he should continue on his path or just give up and face what he thought was his reality. I thought that it was brilliant and a really good job by the creative team. A sore spot between fans and what happened is that this may cause Daniel Bryan to lose any opportunity that he may have had at being a top guy or getting a chance to compete at Wrestlemania. If anything, this increases his chances. Any person he has teamed with, specifically Punk, can say how Daniel has abandoned everything that he stood for. They can say that Daniel turned his back on his fans and he just gave up. I really hate to sound cheesy and cliché but the possibilities are endless with this angle that is being pursued. Is Daniel actually associating with these outcasts or is he just working to bring them down from the inside?

All I know is that this isn’t the end for Bryan and it doesn’t mean that they will stick in him some sort of purgatory like others seem to be. Deferring to the Wyatt’s gives Bryan an edge, it adds another dimension to his character other than the flying goat that we know and love. On Facebook, someone has already posted a photo of him at a live event in full Wyatt regalia. It was a little sad to see but I think in the long run, it will be more beneficial to Bryan’s career.

There is more to this than meets the eye people. Bryan isn’t just following the buzzards, he’s looking for something great.


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