And Your NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion Is…


Yes. You heard me correct, Randy freaking Orton is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That was not the ending that the WWE Universe was hoping for and I was 110% shocked. I honestly didn’t think that Randy was capable of even beating Cena in a match like this. The one thing that I didn’t like from their match up was that he handcuffed Cena to the bottom rope and took advantage of his position. He should have just beat him clean, even in a match with a stipulation like a TLC match. With him handcuffing John to the ropes, it just proved that he can’t win without some kind of help. I feel like it sort of diminished the historic aspect of the match a little bit.

When he opened Monday Night Raw, he strutted past Cena like he was a king and Cena was a lowly peasant. It was beautiful.

He blabbed on about how he is the most powerful superstar and the best wrestler on the roster, the usual speech that he gives. Cena, ever so brilliantly, interrupted him and Daniel Bryan ended up with a main event match against Randy Orton. It wasn’t a title match but it was the match that fans wanted to see. Yet again, Orton proved that he can’t compete against someone with an advanced skill set like Daniel Bryan. Randy plays the heel brilliantly and has had some great matches but he couldn’t hold a candle to Daniel Bryan in terms of technical ability. That’s one of the beauties of being a wrestling fan though, you can go from cheering to booing someone in a span of ten seconds.

What we also got treated to was a bunch of great matches on Raw, some of which were rematches from TLC. They were so great that I didn’t even mind seeing them twice! I especially enjoyed the rematch that took place between Fandango and Dolph Ziggler, these two men are tremendous talents and I hope that the WWE keeps these two feuding with each other. There are two huge egos going against each other here and it could make for some fantastic television. We all know that Ziggler is a fantastic athlete and can sell a move like nobody else can in the ring.

The Rhodes Brothers took on Rey Mysterio and the Big Show, half of the teams that participated in the fatal four-way match the previous night. I liked it but I’ve never been a big Rey fan, the best moment of the match was the sportsmanship shown at the end. Seeing that wrestlers respect each other and their respective in-ring work is something that fans aren’t privy to, it makes the sport that much better (You don’t see that very often anywhere else!). We also got treated to a newer tag team, Big E. Langston and Mark Henry. Holy…

I just love these two guys and I love it even more when they are paired together in a tag team match. They took on the Real Americans, and when I say take on what I actually mean is completely destroyed! Another team that got decimated by their opponent was The Shield, who took on CM Punk and The Usos. I was so happy to see that Jimmy and Jey got a chance to showcase their talents after they got shut out of the tag team championship race. That doesn’t matter right now as they are using each and every opportunity they are given to showcase their talent and ability. They may not have been on the winning team but they certainly won over the fans. The Shield showed a stronger bond on Raw, especially after Roman accidentally spearing Dean at the TLC event. I still think that there will be an inevitable break up of The Shield that will probably coincide with a major pay-per-view, with Roman emerging as the budding star of the group. Like I’ve said before, they are all talented but Roman really wowed everyone with his performance at Survivor Series. The quality of wrestling that we got treated to on both the TLC pay-per-view and Monday Night Raw was like an early christmas present from the wrestling gods.

I hope that trend continues heading into the Royal Rumble at the end of January, and EVERYONE knows what that means! The road to Wrestlemania will have officially begun and this wrestling fan couldn’t be more happy about it.

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