And The Champion Is…

At the TLC pay-per-view this month, the WWE is going to unify the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. There’s been a lot of opinions floating around on social media and it’s really something that has been splitting the WWE Universe down the middle. Do I like it? Not really, I’ve summarized the pros and cons that I have come up with in a neat little chart. (It may seem odd but if you knew me, you wouldn’t be surprised that I’ve made a chart!)



  • more focus on other titles

  • more competition for the title

  • a new belt (wishful thinking)

  • a whole new history can be created

  • more tv time for champions

  • smaller pool of champions

  • both titles had so much history and importance behind them

  • stuck with the newer belt

  • the new name for the title just sounds weird

  • doesn’t really seem fitting to undertake such a large task at an event like TLC, should be done at Wrestlemania (or another of the big four events)

  • it just seems like a really, REALLY poor idea

Mainly, I just don’t feel like TLC is the venue for it and I don’t feel like one of the men involved deserves to be there.

Unless they have MAJOR plans for Wrestlemania XXX this year, TLC isn’t the event for something as huge as a unification. Not to sound condescending or anything but it isn’t one of the big four events that they put on every year. I also feel like Randy Orton should not be involved because you just know that something is going to go wrong. There will be something that happens, something that will cause this match and event to not have a clean ending.

I am getting so sick of that. Is the Authority lacking that much confidence in the abilities of Orton that they have to help in win every title match?

I don’t even mind that much that John Cena is the other person involved because he’s such a company guy, so his participation is to be expected. I understand why they would want to unify the titles, it’s not like I’m just being one of those people who can’t accept change or anything like that. My post may seem like non-sensical babble but this is a real situation that will affect the history of the company. The WWE Championship has so much history surrounding it and it is the cornerstone of the company, it is the ultimate prize for any WWE superstar and something that every wrestler should strive to attain. To just change it seems wrong in some way, maybe it’s the incredibly awful name that was chosen but it just doesn’t feel right.

However they decide to handle the pending unification, I just hope they do it properly. No messing around, no games, no distractions. Give the titles the respect that they deserve.

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