Daniel Bryan: Corporate Punching Bag?

The title of this post refers to what many are seeing Daniel Bryan as after both Raw and Summerslam.

A lot of what I’ve been reading on social media is of the opinion that Daniel Bryan has become the entertainment (and I do not mean that in a good way) for those who sit in the head office of WWE. They bully him. They beat him down. They keep him from succeeding.


I was so happy when Daniel Bryan hoisted that belt above his head. He is a fantastic wrestler and a great entertainer. Daniel Bryan also did the seemingly impossible, he dethroned the king of the castle. Triple H raised his hand in victory and then BOOM! A pedigree occurred, Orton cashed in his MITB briefcase and we had a new WWE champion. I had heard rumors that Orton was going to cash in his title shot but I wanted Bryan to be able to bask in the glory of being champion for a few months, maybe lose around Rumble time and then gain it back a few months after. I was initially very mad that it all went down like this, that someone who is constantly in the spotlight got it again. However, that anger very quickly faded.

Upon thinking about it, this is probably one of the best ways this entire situation could have gone.

Daniel Bryan is incredibly over with the WWE crowd for several reasons, the main reason is that he is the polar opposite of John. If there is one thing that I have learned from wrestling, it’s that fans love the underdog. They love the story of a guy getting beaten down just to rise back up and triumph. It’s my hope that Daniel just goes right after Orton, continuing his fight for the title and seeking some kind of retribution. I think that this feud will be a little more story driven because he will be up against a real heel. The things that he did with Cena were brilliant, the things that he will do with Orton will be even better.

They could have had Daniel win, enjoy his victory, and have that be it. Instead, they put a huge roadblock in front of him and we get to watch him overcome it. We got a little taste of that on Raw this past week when he was unceremoniously thrown out of the building (Stone Cold style, might I add). A lot of people freaked out over this little skirmish but all it did was make Daniel Bryan look more badass and more awesome in the eyes of the audience. It makes the McMahon’s and Triple H more hated, which is exactly what they want to happen. The people in charge know what they are doing with this, even though (sometimes) it doesn’t look that way.

For example, when Bryan got beat by The Shield while the roster watched from the ramp, that left a feeling of fear. The new Corporation demonstrated their power through the entire roster just standing and watching what was happening in front of the ring. It was beautiful. A lot of fans didn’t like that and took offense to it. The balance of power needs to be established in order for this feud to be engaging and interesting. The addition of more than just Vince, Stephanie, and Hunter as the opposition makes me want to skip around like AJ Lee.

There is so much potential here from everyone involved. So many hours of great television is coming our way and we should consider ourselves lucky that we get to witness it.

Forget the best versus the beast, it’s the beard versus the boss. (I couldn’t resist!)

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